The Eleventh Annual LoCo Ice Bowl and Chili Cook-Off

Saturday, January 22, 2022 at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

The Eleventh Annual LoCo Ice Bowl and Chili Cook-Off graphic


Tournament DirectorJacob Baker
Ass't Tournament DirectorMike Sullivan

About this tournament


Come play one of two temporary courses at Morven Park, both designed by John Biscoe, and raise money to feed food-insecure families in Loudoun County. Bronze and Emerald will play the Lower Course, roughly 6,000 feet, par 58-59, and Gold and Silver will play the Upper Course, roughly 7,500 feet, par 62-63. These courses wind through scenic fields and woodlots, and are the first organized disc golf event ever played at Morven! After the chili cookoff, you can play casually on these layouts until 4:45pm.

This event has two goals: (1) massive fun; and (2) raising as much money as is possible for Loudoun Hunger Relief, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to stamping out hunger and food insecurity in Loudoun County. Last year, we, working together, raised $24,355 for LHR and were the #1 fundraising Ice Bowl in the world in 2021.

In addition to playing, sign up to be a sponsor (all funds go to LHR) or enter a chili in the chili cookoff ($10)! If you aren't playing, but want to sponsor or bring chili and hang out, sign up for the SPON or CHLI divisions!

Refund policy

LoCo Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Morven Park
Leesburg, VA   Get Directions


Final Results

Bronze <870
Round 1: Morven Park - Morley's Maze, 18 holes, par 60
1Miles Kimbrough5656
2Stephen Mondschein6060
2Will Debesis6060
4Charlie Tupitza6161
4Joshua Winn6161
4William Hoffer6161
7Hayden Mosher6262
7Jared Arkin6262
7Jeff Ludtke6262
7Thomas Adams6262
11Jason Kenawell6363
12Andrew Robinson6464
12Benjamin Burnett6464
12Keith Bohnenberger6464
15Jared McCrory6565
15Joel Harrop6565
15Josh Turney6565
15Kin Ho Ling6565
15Mike Foxwell6565
20Chase Fernandez6666
20Gunnar Olgren6666
22Matthew Bolden6767
22Robert Michaud6767
22Tim Hoffer6767
22Trevor Naughton6767
22Wesley Hoffer6767
27George Michael LaChance6868
28Glenn M Rife6969
28Gregory Baker6969
28Jimmy Strayhorne6969
28Steve Duncan6969
32Duston Grubbs7070
33Aaron Quinn7171
33Brennan Wight7171
33Kenneth Durgin7171
36Chet Butler7272
36Christopher Stahl7272
36Patrick Showalter7272
39Nathan Grant7373
40Jeffrey Sharrard7474
41David Sigafoo7676
41Mark Smiley7676
41Scott Webb7676
44Chris Bleiler-0
1Brian Junkins-0
1Mike "Sully" Sullivan-0
Drop, no refund
1Bennie Tiner-0
1Chris Hunckler-0
1Cody Bradshaw-0
1Corey Doering-0
1Doug Marinovich-0
1Dustin Allen-0
1John Gibney-0
1John Hassan-0
1Konrad Pawlosky-0
1Kyle Gordon-0
1Lindsay S Sullivan-0
1Rob Frank-0
1Ryan Hutton-0
Emerald (women-only)
Round 1: Morven Park - Morley's Maze, 18 holes, par 60
1Samantha Merritts6868
2Debbie Yoo6969
3Amy Shaw7070
4Jennifer Smiley7171
5Alexandra Urban7373
6Alicia McFall7474
7Kim Adams7575
8Megan Stull7676
9Chelsea Thompson7979
10Gabi Sigafoo8282
11Alice Matthiesen8383
12Emily Gauthier8484
13Deborah Rice8787
Gold 935+
Round 1: Morven Park - Marguerite's Meander, 18 holes, par 64
1Matt Hammersten5858
2Taylor Brooks5959
3Bob Cannon6161
3Danny Cherlow6161
3Justin Duncan6161
3Mike Evans6161
3Stephan Evers6161
8Erik Smith6262
8Naved Hasnain6262
8Robert Marr6262
11Andrew Endicott6363
11Matt Verbisk6363
13Austin Jackson6464
13Tommy Donelson II6464
15Grady Iliff6565
15Tony Ellis6565
17Brian LaChance6666
17Thomas Alderman6666
17Todd Mazzie6666
17Tommy Sheridan6666
21Troy Weber6767
22Kristopher Kozosky6969
23Christopher Griffin7676
Silver <935
Round 1: Morven Park - Marguerite's Meander, 18 holes, par 64
1Brandon Vorgang6363
2Steve Ganz6565
2Todd Broadhurst6565
4Daniel Hatfield6666
4David Henrickson6666
4Steve Pierce6666
4Tim Coffman6666
8Jim Mayehem Mayes6767
8Ryan Bailey6767
10Andrew Reich6868
10Graeme V Henderson6868
10Michael Tomlin6868
13MacKinley Eckert6969
14Brad Hoke7070
14Graeme S Henderson7070
16Chris Capell7171
16James Allen7171
16Travis King7171
19Cameron Street7272
19Chris Ziemnick7272
19Dave Hartzell7272
19Jorge "George" Menjivar7272
19Steve McFall7272
24Cory Abrahams7373
24David Huff7373
26Keegan Bohnenberger7474
27Blake Bennett7575
27Matt Lamberski7575
27Rob Stark7575
27Scott Rodden7575
31John Normand7676
31Mike Henrickson7676
33John Iliff7777
1NOVA Women's Disc Golf Club-0
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