The AW YEAH at Owens Field

PDGA logoSaturday, July 20, 2019 at Owens Field Park in Columbia, South Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorBradley Follett
Tournament DirectorSnappy Fingers

About this tournament

Sponsors for our event:
Lucky Disc Golf

Players Packs:
All Ams will receive a voucher to Lucky Disc Golf and a Towch Kneezie.

Payout will be through Lucky Disc Golf

Tentative Basket Locations:

All Divisions (Except Juniors, FA2, FA1, and MA60) will play LONG TEES (Excluding Hole 12 and Hole 15). Juniors, FA2, FA1, and MA60 will play SHORT TEES.

Round 1:

Hole 1: Right Basket Location
Hole 3: Long Basket Location
Hole 8: Long Basket Location
Hole 9: Long Basket Location
Hole 10: Long Basket Location
Hole 11: Long Basket Location
Hole 14: Medium Basket Location (AKA Original Basket Location)
Hole 15: Long Basket Location
Hole 17: Long Basket Location

Round 2:

Hole 1: Left Basket Location
Hole 3: Short Basket Location
Hole 8: Short Basket Location
Hole 9 Left Basket Location
Hole 10: Short Basket Location
Hole 11: Short Basket Location
Hole 14: Elevated Basket Location
Hole 15: Short Basket Location
Hole 17: Long Basket Location

What Holes Have Short Tees?
Hole 3
Hole 5
Hole 6
Hole 8
Hole 9
Hole 10
Hole 12
Hole 13
Hole 14
Hole 16
Hole 18


General rules for the course. All asphalt roads and beyond are OB (Roads inside the park, refer to the rules for the specific hole).

Hole 1: Left side OB line and beyond.

Hole 2: OB fence and beyond. Water in creek in front of pad is not OB.

Hole 3: OB baseball fence and beyond.

Hole 4: OB line and beyond behind basket.

Hole 5: OB flags/paint and beyond by road and long of fairway. Mando is in play. If the Mando is missed, play from the drop zone right of the Mando with a one stroke penalty.

Hole 6: Gravel road is not OB.

Hole 7: Asphalt road and beyond is OB. Gravel road is not OB.

Hole 8: Asphalt road and beyond is OB.

Hole 9: Asphalt road and beyond is OB.

Hole 10: Gravel road is not OB.

Hole 11: No OB.

Hole 12: No OB.

Hole 13: No OB.

Hole 14: Asphalt road and beyond is OB. Creek is lateral or standard casual relief. Take relief from behind your lie or take relief left or right of the painted or flagged line no closer to the basket (Whichever you wish).

Hole 15: No OB.

Hole 16: No OB.

Hole 17: Baseball fence and beyond is OB. Asphalt road is OB.

Hole 18: Baseball fence and beyond is OB. Pond fence and beyond is OB. (Creek behind basket is standard casual relief). Take relief behind your lie no closer to the basket.

Refund policy

Columbia Disc Golf Club (South Carolina) is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Jesse Merritt5350103$155
2Ben Stiles5353106$85
2Cody Taplin5254106$85
4Robert Sparks5654110$30
4Tyler Wozniak5654110$30
6Ish Ulmer5458112
7Alex Durham5558113
8Matt Whitlock5957116
9Scott Wallace52-52
10Ryan Jones64-64
1Yuliya Pastovenska6662128$40
1David Floyd5249101
2Joe Wallace5255107
3Matthew Hagman5854112
4Aaron Marshall6251113
4Brandon Carpenter6053113
4Brandon Rollins5855113
4Gary Collier5954113
4Gavin Simpson5657113
4TomMac Garrett5756113
10Logan Korman6253115
11Lee Hodges6056116
11Travis Sauls6155116
13Kermit Applegate6158119
14Kevin Allison6159120
15Chris "Ginger Ninja" Harrison5962121
15Nick Maynard6259121
17Kelly Melton6062122
18Jeremy Lockwood6459123
19Justin Swanson6559124
19Matthew Coccaro6757124
1Vern Weygandt5760117
2Danny Marks6256118
3Peter Georges6260122
3Ronald Barr6359122
5David Ross6562127
5Matt Flynn6364127
7Charles E. Toney6464128
1Tim Blackwell5550105
2Don Wall5657113
3Steven Shepherd6060120
4Tom Dalziel6360123
1Laren Fleeman5961120
2Carter Stiglbauer6161122
3Nicholas Enriquez6162123
4Dean Shaffer-Johnson6262124
5Tory Morton6362125
6John Leighty6561126
7Alexander Thierry6465129
7David Hardwicke6564129
7Derek Faile6663129
10Allen Ross6566131
11Noah Navarre6964133
12Lillian Pais7263135
1Christian Davidson6457121
2Jared Hendrickson6656122
3Sammy Navarre6361124
4Harrison Nichols6565130
4Mike Lilla6565130
4Nick Rodriguez7060130
7Josiah Barham6768135
8Ethan Melton6868136
9Kenny Peeks7364137
9Scott Albert6968137
11Johnathan Hurst7563138
12Ron Cunningham7267139
13Dylan Berry7272144
1Lucy Hughes6055115
2Jessica Kohl6057117
2Nadia Coccaro5859117
4Lindsey Blackwell6157118
1Dawn Weygandt6768135
2Lexi Melton7768145
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