The Discraft Michigan Amateur State Championships

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 5-6, 2020 at Mason County Park in Ludington, Michigan
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

The Discraft Michigan Amateur State Championships graphic


Tournament DirectorAdam Geise
Tournament DirectorJeff Schwass
Berthmaster General Nacho
Retail SponsorJacob Stahl
Tournament DirectorAdam Hillsamer

About this tournament

Welcome again to the 25th annual tournament at Ludington and
the 1st Discraft Michigan Amateur State Championships presented by!

PLAYER GUIDE(online only):

Tournament Directors– Adam Geise, Jeff Schwass and Adam Hillsamer

Course Directors: Nacho, Chris Leo, Mark Stephens, Marc Hamlin, Caleb Peters, Todd White, Jacob Stahl, Dave Lonteen.

Registration closes Monday Aug 31st at 8pm. At that point all berths will be void. No exceptions.

3 rounds of 24 holes.
2 rounds Saturday. 1 round Sunday.

Course Assignments:
MA1: Rd 1 Wscc Am, Rd 2 Wscc Pro, Rd 3 Flip City
MA2 a pool: Rd 1 Beast, Rd 2 Beauty, Rd 3 Whiskey Creek
MA2 b pool: Rd 1 Beauty, Rd 2 Whiskey Creek, Rd 3 Beast
MA3: Rd 1 Whiskey Creek, Rd 2 Scottville, Rd 3 Wscc am
MA40+/MA60+: Rd 1 Flip City, Rd 2 Beast, Rd 3 Scottville
All FA/ MA50+: Scottville, Rd 2 Flip City, Rd 3 Beauty

MA2 pools are assigned and published

MA2 pools will be divided by rating per PDGA rules, Competition Manual 1.06 Grouping and sectioning: In the case of a division that is large enough to be in multiple pools or sections, the players should be split by rating (example: 72 highest ratings in Pool A and 72 lowest ratings in Pool B) and then randomized within each pool for the first round.

Higher rated MA2 in MA2 pool Ba, lower rated in MA2 pool Bb.

The MA2 pools number of players per pool will be split evenly if they do not fill.

Pool A: MA1 Max 96
Pool B: MA2 Max 192 (a and b Pools)
Pool C: MA3 Max 96
Pool D: MA40+/ MA60+ Max 96
Pool E: All FA/ MA50+ Max 96

PDGA Covid-19 info:

Wolf Pack Discs Am only C Tier Flex Start at West Shore Community College, 830am-230pm

Last Chance Qualifier at Mason County Park, 11am Tee
LCQ is online registration only. I will not be accepting walk up registration. Reg closes Sept 2 at 8pm.

Monday: Hangover Dubs at Flip City hosted by Northern Waters Series

Player Packs will be distributed Saturday morning at your 1st round course.


Pool A- MA1- Max of 96
Round 1- WSCC AM - 930 am
Round 2– WSCC Pro – 1 hour after 1st round
SUNDAY Round 3- Flip City - TEES 9:30 am
Board ready at 845 am

Pool B– MA 2 a Pool – Division Max 192, Pool Max 96
Round 1- Beast - 930 am
Round 2- Beauty - 1 hour after 1st round (or cleared)
SUNDAY Round 3- Whiskey Creek - TEES at 9:30 am
Board ready at 845am

Pool B– MA 2 b Pool Division Max of 192, Pool Max 96
Round 1- Beauty- 930 am
Round 2- Whiskey Creek- 1 1/2 hours after 1st round (or cleared)
SUNDAY Round 3– Beast- TEES at 9:30 am
Board will be ready by 845am

Pool C– MA 3 Division Max of 96
Round 1– Whiskey Creek- 930 am
Round 2– Scottville- 1 ½ hours after 1st round (or cleared)
SUNDAY Round 3– WSCC Am- TEES at 9:30 am
Board will be ready by 845 am

Pool D- MA40+/MA60+ - Max 96
Round 1– Flip City- 930 am
Round 2– Beast – 1 1/2 hours after 1st round (or cleared)
SUNDAY Round 3- Scottville- TEES at 9:30 am
Board will be ready by 845am

Pool E- All Am Women and MA50+ - Max 96
Round 1– Scottville- 930 am
Round 2– Flip City- 1 ½ hours after 1st round (or cleared)
SUNDAY Round 3– Beauty- TEES at 9:30 am
Board will be ready by 845am

No caddies or spectators will be allowed on the courses. If you have a disability or medical necessity for a caddy please contact Adam Geise (TD) by pm or email before the event. I will not be issuing exceptions on site.

Each competitor will receive:
Discraft disc
Discraft Draw string disc golf bag
Discraft Wrist band
Discraft Water bottle
Discraft Towel
Discraft Neck gaiter

The winners of MA1 and FA1 will receive free entry into the Michigan Professional State Championships thanks to TD Brent Faubert and organizers!

All payouts will be in the form of a redeemable code sent to your email for There will be no merchandise on site.

All 50/50 and Ace Pool will be paid via PayPal. (as noted in registration)

Trophies will be presented at the course the divisions finish at, with the exception of MA2. MA2 trophies can be picked up at MCP.

Refund policy

Mason County Disc Golf Org. is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Benjamin Zorn646762$213
2Luke Taylor616769$204
3Sean McCoy606971$204
4Brandon Johnson617070$197
5Brandon Bennitt617368$191
5Bryan Birdsell606973$191
5Josh Yates607765$191
8Curtis Smith637268$183
8Chris Stone657365$183
10Nick Bosovich597768$176
10Kolby Kempker647367$176
12Tyler Alfano647170$171
13Chris Schuchaskie597572$166
13Zac Sherman637469$166
15Matthew Murdock617274$157
15Brendan Schuppe647271$157
15Trevor Wander637569$157
18James Cameron627868$145
18Don Cantwell657469$145
18Matt Clark607573$145
18Sam Vandergraaf637273$145
22Corbyn Blackwell637175$130
22Jerry Chilson597773$130
22Ben Mast607475$130
22Jeff Vanderploeg637373$130
22Caine Wiechmann627572$130
27Woody Hass657768$120
28Pete Crist647572$112
28Joe Deur647374$112
28Mark Kish617377$112
28James Laur607675$112
32Dale Dotson647474$100
32Andrew Jackson657572$100
32Kolt Slater647672$100
35Jacob Arvidson627774$90
35Robert Duff617577$90
35Travis Tol667374$90
38Kelsey Brakel687373$63
38Benjamin Merkle647575$63
38Kyle Newman607876$63
38Brian Oliverio647872$63
38Dalton Puckhaber677473$63
38David Sepulvedo667771$63
38Tyler Skar667771$63
38Jake Stafford657772$63
46Austen Bates667574
46Eric Davis667673
46Brad Feagans657872
46Steve Hultquist648071
46James McIntyre657476
46Evan McIntyre627380
46Eric Shimmel657575
53Jeff Miller677080
53Todd Tracy648073
53Josh Wiesenauer657775
56Travis Lowe647876
56Bryan Milewski687476
56Andrew Rusinek638174
59Anthony Wasyl677973
60James Kim648175
60Jared Shillinger648076
60Nick Wasyl657976
60Rob Zukatis657283
64Thomas Barrett678668
64Dave Chansler658175
64Jared Clemens668075
64Andrew DeBruin678074
64Ferrel Mejeur658670
64Zeke Richmond677777
64Tyler VanDerWeide647978
71Jimmy Collis638178
71Chris Kerns697776
73Conrad Budzynski688075
73Jared Saucedo698173
73Jacob Spencer727477
76TJ Blatt698471
76Peter Boucher668078
76Stephen Franchi697976
76Mike Shields648377
80Bryce Harrell658773
80Lane Kaufmann717975
80Zach Nyp668178
80Scott Spear Jr638181
84Brendan Diamond698077
84Jared Glover648973
84Greg Ross668476
87Brad Brinker728076
88Andy Samoray678478
89Thomas McCoy698180
89JayBird Snyder668678
91Dan Roz668580
91Ryan Ullmer678678
91Mike Visger698082
94David Napier738773
95Michael Fisher768382
96Richard Thelen7085888
Amateur 40+
1Dennis DeBoer706366$346
2Tom Swarthout736669$290
3Jason Brower707168$264
4Eric Gottleber746967$231
4Pov Underhill747264$231
6Rob Brower657472$190
6Kris woody737167$190
8Bill Chapman687668$154
8Brian Murray767165$154
8Mike Schiller727367$154
8Andy Steiner766868$154
12Jason Church737367$127
12Simon Porritt717270$127
14Dennis Luce826864$108
14Jason McCary767068$108
16Scott Sprow767465$100
17Bryan Earvin757467$91
17Tim Glass747765$91
19Nick Carpenter777269$84
19Bentasi Forgwe757370$84
21Dirk Kuipers737571$73
21Adam Reuss787170$73
23Brian Evans747176$63
23Seth Hopkins797468$63
23Charlie Mullins767768$63
26Jeremy Horton797370$56
27Josh Cook748169$51
28Myles Nakamura758070
29Adam Dahlgren807274
29Nick Letts737974
29Marty Ruthruff797770
32Jeremy Johnson777578
32Jeffery Madejek798566
34Scott Nalewajk727980
34Jeremy Wilkinson738078
36Marty McKibbin828170
37Mike Mccarty748774
38Chad Cole768874
38Jonathon Newman788575
38Mark Trochelman798574
41Kevin Napier828475
42Dave Brunsting808577
42Jason Glover848474
42Jeff Louwsma789074
42Josh Minard828179
46Lucas Lundberg898274
47Jacob Belmas838282
48Kevin Benjamin818483
48Mark Drum788783
48Nick Fooch Fucinari WPD888773
51Steve Hedstrom879075
52Michael Kirby898881
53David Bible859679
53Michael Cristodero878786
55Patricio Gonzalez928785
56Nate Esch968787
57Jeremy Ballard7677999
57Jason Cooper8487999
57Trevor Murphy7979999
60Mark Hopkins999--
Amateur 50+
1Brad Sweet617170$322
2Tony Rohrer677366$260
3Ron Simpson647867$228
4Mike Michalak677172$192
4John Stroud657273$192
6Rob Buit707467$159
7Mike Siuda687474$134
7Jim Stack667674$134
9Ranger Dave707573$111
9Paul Holstein687575$111
11Corey Fisher658274$93
11Steve Klasen697973$93
11Brian Ostrander717377$93
14Tim Burrill727873$78
14Mark Leonard697876$78
16Derek Bonner698274$70
16Don Warfield727974$70
18William Fuller728371$62
19Skip Jensen707681
19Chad Sweet728075
21Josh Cantor697980
22Stan Duggins748273
23Wayne VanTuinen757976
24William Gilbert727881
25Tom VanTrease Sr787977
26Timothy Wolcott728281
27Steve Leathers748676
28Dane Racicot728481
28Tim St. Aubin758775
30Damon Evans808278
30Jim Jean728880
32Robert Meyer778876
33Jeff Moellering729279
34Don Bush808284
35Dave McCabe769182
36Rex Roscoe849079
37Andy Ward819085
38Steve Swart839183
39James Hurst869691
40Donald Tarver89108999
Amateur 60+
1Mike Anderson747669$214
2Dj Stoos787670$149
3Craig Clingan807968$112
4Jeff Hill767973$84
5Mike Stump - OldStump827575$61
6John Minicuci848367
6Wes Steer807876
8Tim Sylvain828371
9Jim Carden898673
10Chris Niendorf1009584
1Paul Tribble676277$191
2Marty Gray706275$181
2Gene Harris666675$181
2Tommy Mullin676773$181
5Robert Boyes726769$178
5Brennan Pietrowski696970$178
7Derek Ballou697169$175
7Zac Cauchy686972$175
9Logan Bush677172$172
9Rob Dahmen706674$172
11Christopher Dunkel746077$168
11Curtis Rose725980$168
11Eli Szumera686875$168
14Alex Moser706181$164
14Steve Zaborowski716774$164
16Samuel Duckworth736674$160
16Nick Kucher696777$160
16Jacob Maddox687174$160
16Ben Tejchma716775$160
20Dallas Downing776275$155
20Jacob Klingelsmith766276$155
22Hudson Brewster697076$152
22Anthony Wash697076$152
24Joel Bowser716976$148
24Zane Pittman726876$148
24Adam Raphael736578$148
27Zach Bemben667576$142
27Corey Caldwell707374$142
27Noah Dietrich747073$142
27Seth Garthe726778$142
27Edwin Teeple697177$142
32Jack Bungart697178$133
32Jack Dickman717176$133
32Tyler Gilbert717176$133
32Timothy Hole Jr.736976$133
32Nate Kalowick726977$133
32Eric Kent736481$133
32Tad Reiner687278$133
32Dustin Turner727076$133
40Drake Chittenden717276$123
40Mitch Cross757074$123
40Aaron DeWeerd687576$123
40Cameron Lange707277$123
40Kory Ruddick696981$123
45Preston Fawcett736780$115
45Levi Fisher776578$115
45Matthew Humphreys667975$115
45Kelly Meadows766876$115
45Kevin Morgan766381$115
45Robert Najar Jr746779$115
51Andrew Benardo796874$105
51Chris Chavalia737375$105
51Sean Morgan776777$105
51Luke Predum657779$105
51Nick Sweet766877$105
51Andrew Tschirhart747176$105
51Nathaniel Younkin737474$105
58Robert Deroeck708171$96
58Cam Eigenauer707775$96
58Josh Eisengruber747078$96
58Benjamin Haines677877$96
58Jack Haren717873$96
63Brian Kent687778$90
63Nathan Lindley766879$90
63Doug Smith777175$90
66Sarah DeMar766979$83
66Jason Green806876$83
66Kyle Roberson746981$83
66Carlos Villalobos776681$83
66Jordan Walters697679$83
66Carter Whitney677978$83
72Will Cetnarowski747477$74
72Neil Cox707976$74
72Christopher DeRosier727380$74
72Josh Smith677781$74
72Dub Stacey716886$74
72William Ryan Stephan717678$74
78Wesley Bird697780$65
78Dane Holmberg736687$65
78Ryan Kenny756784$65
78Aaron O'Dea746884$65
78Murdock Proctor757180$65
78Travis Wible737479$65
84Zachary Ferrier717482$53
84Lee Ireland737381$53
84Kenny Miller796682$53
84Jake Waxer807077$53
88Michael Johnson777477
88Adam Kielpinski797376
88Jeff McMullin777081
88Jerimiah Smith738174
92Ryan Dirheimer787180
92Austin Fuller697783
92Chad Jones717979
92Mike Kowalczyk727780
92Nick Potgeter707980
92Tad Weaver737284
92Andrew White727978
99Alex Johnson717980
99Jason Kaliszewski797378
99Mario Ramirez737879
99Alexander Wilk728474
103Branden Anderson718179
103Cody Duggins787281
103Keith Hanes707883
103Troy Meadows708378
103John Page797181
103Cam Varner767184
109Gregory Butterfield757483
109Kris Paul727585
109Nicholas Robertson708379
112Jonathan Haller807380
112David J787778
112Jonathan Robinson738278
115Joshua Bliss698085
115Vinnie Griffith747783
115Jeff Hepler747882
115Zebadiah Jones767979
115Mason Templeton796986
115Adam Wood717885
121Brandon Banner768376
121Cassidy Brigham708283
121Matthew Buckhout757585
121Andre Emond748279
121Nick Mcphee797482
121Ryon Michalak737785
121Seth Rockey777682
128Eric Golembiewski788078
128Shawn Herbert728183
128Lucas Schamaun827282
128Henry Wolfe IV728282
132Jay B827283
132Jason Storm658488
134Taylor Auby777982
134Brian Frawley778081
134Kevin Harris678091
134Hayden White728383
138Shane Degriselles748085
138Ron Howard757787
138Richard Pease738284
138Nate Steer748580
142Gary Chalice767886
142Alex Chase768480
142Brandon Dub847185
145Staffan Boettcher788578
145Chad Faust857185
147Ryan Derry758483
147Chris Evans798083
147Joshua Seaver778085
147Nate Singer708092
151Kiralyn Brakel718587
151Nick Burch698787
151Jason Jones758385
151Tyler Morton748386
155John Forshee758387
155Mackenzie Marek768584
157Eric Best758290
157Sean Powell788386
157Brion St. Clair798385
160Kenneth Eckhoff857885
160Patrick Hissong738689
162Travis Gentry788586
162Jake McDonald768390
162Brian Poling738789
165Scott Potter778489
165Mark W. Ritchey738691
167John Connor728794
168Michael Bailey738893
169Nick Perysian788889
170Paul Grasso769486
170Ray Lammens858487
172Patrick Michael828393
173Jonathan Pleva778795
174Teran Hutchens808497
175Casey Hofman8592101
176Steele Boonstra8877888
176Richard Fuller7472888
176Jason Grabinski6882888
176David Kleiman7172888
176Cameron Massimino7285888
176Pete Mcinnis7985888
176Matt Neal8277888
176Damon Noteboom7585888
176Justin Price74119888
176Nicholas Randall9398888
186Eric Heaslip888--
186Jacob Olivarez888--
186Russell Seaver888--
186Danny Spencer888--
190Travis Adams999--
190Noah Carroll999--
190Anthony Hudson999--
190Casey Maloney999--
1Nolan Johnson726762$149
2Kyle Foster786562$145
3Austin Hawks747064$143
4Monty Wonnacott796665$139
4Kedree Young757065$139
6Phil Cox776668$133
6Jay Frankina786964$133
6Kylar Mikkelson746968$133
9Christian Axelgard786767$125
9Brian Guo816566$125
9Mario Martinez747068$125
12Tony Lewis697569$120
13Travis Holpuch717469$115
13Jerald Schriber777265$115
13Michael Schultz736972$115
16Mike O'Hearn727370$110
17Taylor Arehart816669$107
17James Preston816669$107
19Drew Bartley767170$102
19Larry Dalimonte797068$102
21Chase Lamere856469$95
21Trevor Staples777170$95
21Kurt Ziroll807068$95
24Elijah Arnold776973$84
24Tracy A. Cole Jr796872$84
24Andrew Garza827166$84
24Michael Hyde757272$84
24Cam Marshall797268$84
24Adrian Sigala707574$84
30Justin Erway797368$75
31David Baker797468$71
31Zach Fish817466$71
33Rusty Carey847068$65
33Jeff Kennedy787272$65
33Andrew Young797667$65
36Aaron Anderson787768$56
36Dick Engelmann807667$56
36Cody Holtrust827071$56
36Phil Turner786976$56
40Parker Fleming856970$47
40Brent Guest757673$47
40Foster Hayes876968$47
43Scott Adkins787770
44Bo Buss827173
44Worden Cuyler817867
44Benjamin GeBott817372
47Nate Krumm827570
47Allan Mayle887267
49Luke Bennett797574
49Tyler Martinsen827868
49Aren Payne827175
49Jeremy Tindall857073
53Noah Rae797872
53Trevor Varner807178
55Lukas Gallup857669
55Jay Moran847571
55Zinoviy Pelekh797675
58Tung Do817377
58Ben Kosmalski847176
60Allen Hoxie847672
61Dakota DeGroot797777
61Matthew Peacock857276
63Roger Bennett797679
63Fred Birkam817776
63Derek Cornell847278
63Andrew Courtright837477
63Zachary Kunkel867375
68Bobby Oakes837676
69Michael Mertz877574
70David Curtis847974
70Denton Dietz867576
70Henry Fisher867675
73Stacy Carson887377
73Ted Patchel867775
73Curtis Skeels847975
73Jeremy Tauchus858172
73Timothy VanSteenburg867280
78Matthew Boldt897773
79Kelsen Bluhm877975
80Jason Riberas877580
81Evan Allen907679
81Rocky Garcia858080
83Jacob Crawford878081
83Stanton Hoig878081
85Michael McElhoes868380
86Richard Roe887785
87Ian Horning878184
88Andrew Mulder918586
89Dustin Maher1009185
90Stan Hernandez8572888
90Mike Rockey8174888
92Bret Adams89888-
Advanced Women
1Stacie Hass728276$199
2Amy Church767877$146
3Claribel Martinez708478$115
4Meg Fittro758177$92
5Lauren St. Clair778279$73
6Sarah Jones769076$58
7Ashley Tusler809078$45
8Katie Longoria809277
9Shelby Stremus779084
10Katie Bramble808984
11Rachel Terryn849287
12Christie Weishaar878988
13Lindsey Watts869691
14Diana Mohre7991888
Amateur Women 40+
1Tara St. Aubin838883$52
Amateur Women 50+
1Diana Brakel869488$98
2Deborah Fischer9610491$58
3Shelley Carden9111799
Intermediate Women
1Maggie Dekker758677$136
2Alicia Cochran798576$121
3Emma Tourchette818278$107
4Jill Mullins789375$93
5Taylor Wilhoit788685$86
6Tanaya Martinez768985$71
7Stephanie Lafferty789381$57
8Erin Faulkner779186$43
9Felicia Calhoun848487
10Vikki Greenfield829683
11Diane Racicot899083
12Megan Dophal879581
12Chelsey Murdock819092
14Stormie Morris849288
15Jen Trombley889681
16Rachel Dupre909195
17Theresa Benesh879596
Recreational Women
1Amanda Mathis809486$107
2Caryn Ballou859680$96
2Nicole Johnson799587$96
4Nicole Loetz819791$84
5Caitlyn Pair809794$77
6Becca Brown919787$63
7Emily Seeling9110285$56
8Katie Wells8710389$49
9Heidi Matheson889993$42
10Jamie Amatucci929693$17
10AMY GENTRY909893$17
12Cara Loftus939696
13Mandy Marin10010788
14Gabrielle Marlow9910694
15Erin Hass95101105
16Jennifer Lynn Sylvester9910699
17Angela Nichols94111104
18Gina Fillo104107103
19Paige Fuller95113111
20Tracy L Titler104112108
21Chelsea Faust106112107
22Erin Shaffer999888-