The Cubbanator

Saturday, December 29, 2018 at Rutgers, Douglass College in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Disc golf singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorJohn Birkrem
Tournament DirectorJohn McGinley

About this tournament

It is with the sincerest, warmest and best memories that Mac and JB present a tribute to Carl Cubbedge in the only way we know how, running a tournament. We present you The Cubbanator. The fourth event on December 29th there just a few simple criteria:
1) This tournament is 100% free.
2) This event will start 15 minutes after awards of the Unbridled Chaos.tournament.
3) Anyone is invited and welcome to play this 1 round Cubby style event.
4) To play for the grand prize, you must compete in all 3 tournaments held at Rutgers on the 30th in addition to this tournament. 4 round, just like Cubby.
5) The player with the lowest score after 4 rounds at the end of this tournament will receive a special trophy.
6) Online registration is set up to give a sense of how many people will be showing up to the event.

Refund policy

Two Johns Productions is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

Round 1: Rutgers, Douglass College - Short tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Tom Murray4242
2Cody Hudzik4343
2Ronnie Roots4343
4Cory Winant4444
5Dave Cox4646
5James Kulinski4646
5Josh Gladden4646
8Brian Cox4747
9Joe Geitner4848
10Hard Ward4949
10Scott Breeman4949
12Jevin Torres5050
13Mike Healy5151
14Dan Lyons5252
14Dina Napolitano5252
14Geoff Morris5252
17Chris Costleigh5353
17Luis Rivera5353
19Chris Burch5454
20Brian Bochantin5555
21Arlene Gurka5757
22Bill Ganley5858
22John Birkrem5858