The Bro Tour 2017 Series @ Coldbrook

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Cold Brook Park in Climax, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


The Bro Tour 2017 Series @ Coldbrook graphic


Tournament Directorjason adkins

About this tournament

There will be two rounds with LUNCH INCLUDED.

All AM 2-4 players will receive a players pack and AM1 will be paid in cash.

Please register here or in person in advance to lessen no shows and open spots for those able to make it out. Thank you!

Please remember Coldbrook does charge for an entry fee if you don't have their sticker.



Final Results

1Seth Badger646412865.00
2Mike Leifeld656513063.00
3William Themm646713161.00
4Kevin Baldwin647513959.00
5DJ Baldwin726814057.00
6Zach Hardham677414155.00
7Evan Wanamaker717214353.00
8Steve Hultquist727214451.00
9Jared Dow727314549.00
10Marty McKibbin707614647.00
11Noah Lantinga757515045.00
1Ralph Matrau716513645.00
2Mitch Roach697414343.00
3jonathan weber707514539.00
4kc carlson727314535.00
5Travis Tuttle747314731.00
6Adam Person727614827.00
7Ivan Larson777515223.00
8Chase Tyre738015319.00
9Cory Vincent838216515.00
Advanced Master
1Jason Hauck767815445.00
2Ritchie Walterhouse738315639.00
3John O'Neall859417933.00
1Erik Beatty657914445.00
2Bill Rook747214643.00
3Nick King777214939.00
4Jacob yates757815335.00
5Mike Field767915531.00
6Frank vega777915627.00
7Wordy Bradley Cuyler778015723.00
8Markk Green798316219.00
9Nate Lawson808916915.00
Round 1: Cold Brook Park - Regular tees, 24 holes, par 72
Round 2: Cold Brook Park - Regular tees, 24 holes, par 72
1John Keeler777014735.00
2Eric Davis767615233.00
3Freddy Flores757715231.00
4Brian Canning797715629.00
5Mike Brown808016027.00
6Cam Williams837816125.00
7Travis Gambee818016123.00
8TJ Boice838016321.00
9Derek Duke848216619.00
10Joseph Shemberger838316617.00
11Don Haist808816815.00
12Patrick Monroe848416813.00
13Enrique Vega838616911.00
14Jonathan Heichel85871729.00
15Daniel Duke991022017.00
16Ryan O' Neall1021062085.00
Recreational Women
1Heather Duff899017935.00
2Leigh Fields1019920029.00
3Melissa Vettes9710620323.00
1Dave Jennings808016025.00
2Christopher McIntosh838216519.00
3Donnie Nichols10810421213.00
Novice Women
1Lisa Walterhouse898917825.00
2Phyllis Field989719519.00
3Rosie Nichols10110320413.00