The Boondock Shanks

PDGA logoThursday, March 17, 2022 at Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort in Stanwood, Washington
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Join us this St. Patrick's Day for "The Boondock Shanks", a 1-day, 1 round tournament on either the Gold or Green course depending on your division. In addition to celebrating St Patty's Day, this tournament is a fundraiser for our blue course which we are hard at work to open soon.

Registration through is required.

The event is sanctioned by the PDGA as a C-Tier. Entry fee of $40 includes a discounted day pass ($6), CTP buy-in ($2), ace pot buy-in ($2), payouts in the form of scrip to the Kayak Point DGR Pro Shop for Ams and cash via PayPal for Pros ($20), and fundraising for the blue course ($10).


The Gold course will be played by all Pro Divisions, MA1, FA1 and MA40.

The Green course (Red/Green layout on the red course) will be played by all other amateur divisions (MA2, MA3, MA4, MA50, MA60, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA40, FA50, FA60, MJ15, FJ15)


If Ace pot is not hit, it will roll over to our next PDGA sanctioned tournament in our 2022 lineup (Weekend at Benny's is scheduled next in April).


Golf carts will not be available to players during tournament rounds, though they will be available for rent to spectators or for rounds following tournament rounds.


Scoring will be handled using PDGA Live Scoring at


Players should check-in at the Pro Shop at least 10 minutes before their scheduled tee time to get the PDGA Live Scoring passcode.


A little about the Blues: The Blue course will be the harder of the two wooded courses at Kayak Point and features tight lines through towering trees with a lot of elevation change. It will offer a great contrast to our existing courses and we can't wait to get everyone out there to play it! Thanks so much for your support.

Annual Pass holders receive early bird registration opportunities for all DGR tournaments.

Join the Facebook event for updates and teasers!

Send questions to [email redacted].

Refund policy

Disc Golf Resort LLC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Kirby Snyder6060$50
2Noah P6666$30
3Travis Britt6767
4Adam Alexander7171
Pro 40+
1Jamie Coble7575$20
1Tim Donahue7575$20
Pro 50+
1Eddie Wren Jr7171$20
Pro 60+
1Tad Deshler7171$48
2Eric Edgerton7676$12
3Gordy Kirkpatrick7979
1Zachery Laycock6262$86
2Quinn Edgerton6464$66
3Nathan Brock6565$56
4Jarod Paul6666$47
5Patrick Taylor6767$40
6Daniel Erkkinen6868$27
6Eddie Hill6868$27
6Jesse Krause6868$27
6Robert Orlick6868$27
10Tristian Kellar6969$19
11Captain Clark7070$9
11Jayson Gregory7070$9
13Coleby Loveness7171
13Jack Stewart7171
15Carson Lindell7272
15Corban Phillips7272
17Joey Suyat7373
17Kevin Duplechin7373
19Michael Kirby7474
20Jesse Anderson7676
21Everett Powers7777
22Charles Stelling7878
Amateur 40+
1Rob Duffy7979$20
Amateur 50+
1Scot Ranney5353$54
2Jeff Rich5858$39
3Matthew Hubbard6161$27
4Jimbo Shokes6868
5Lawrence Poulin6969
6John Taft7373
Amateur 60+
1Douglas Hamar5555$57
2Brian Anderson5656$32
2Paul Kauf5656$32
4Jeffrey Arnold5959$20
5Don Anderson6060
6Bertrand Webster6161
7Steve Rolling6767
1Steven Verver4949$87
2Brent Dubendorff5050$70
3Anthony Brocato5151$53
3Drew Oetgen5151$53
3Jacob Baker5151$53
6Nicholas Budinger5252$40
7Bryan Heald5353$29
7Daniel Evoy5353$29
7David Suyat5353$29
7John Crawford5353$29
7Steven "Cajun" Kent5353$29
12Alan Lin5454$16
12Derek Gibbon5454$16
12Eric Sherman5454$16
12Krieg Anthony Schultz5454$16
12Matthew Mulkins5454$16
17Brian Le5555
17Finley Graham5555
17Nathan Freeman5555
20Jade Dudoward5656
20Jordan Parker5656
20Nick Tew5656
23Charlie Couch5757
23Matthew Gegner5757
23Michael Warriner5757
26Brian Witter5858
26David R Laxson5858
26Kevin Villaruz5858
29Dennis Evan Wiebe6161
1Adam Desimone5353$77
1Mo Morrison5353$77
3Jeff Hamm5454$55
3Zack Johns5454$55
5Jonathan Suyat5555$41
5Ryan Kristoffersen5555$41
7Brady Shope5656$27
7Chance Clapper5656$27
7Jay Doran5656$27
7Kevin Kennedy5656$27
7Mark Watson5656$27
12Chris Packard5757$20
12Dillon Green5757$20
12Elliott M Guthrie5757$20
15Cody Calibuso5858
15Nathan Hamm5858
17Alex Logsdon5959
17Michael Rahn5959
19Austin Shope6060
19Evan Wright6060
21Owen Rich6161
21Travis Schuermann6161
21Trevor Osburn6161
24Robb Hamm6262
25Peter V. Umstead6464
26Michael Kahlig6666
27Matthew Kahlig7575
1John Bradley5757$53
1Sean MacGugan5757$53
3Mark Hansen5858$33
4Kenneth Caruso5959$24
5Eric Miller6363$18
6Richard Buquing6565
7Kyle Bartlett6666
8Mike Ensor6868
9Gabe Hicks7373
Advanced Women
1Corey Gerberdolan8080$40
2Laurin Poe8585
Amateur Women 40+
1Shayna Schuermann6161$20
Recreational Women
1Anna Marie McGuire6363$50
2Hannah Kellar6464$30
3Carissa Erickson6767
3Jenn Erickson6767
Novice Women
1Valerie Schorr7373$20
Junior 15
1A.J. Guthrie5959$20
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