The Battle of Alamance

Sat-Sun, July 24-25, 2021 at Deep Creek Dreams in Burlington, North Carolina
Disc golf teams tournament

The Battle of Alamance graphic

About this tournament

A 4 man Team Challenge Tournament, at Deep Creek Dreams. Some info subject to change.

Team Requirements & Important Details

- Teams consist of 4 players.
$55 per player/$220 per team ($10 per player/$40 per team to the course)($2 per player, $8 per team to club)(Rest to Payout)
- Teams may not have a combined player rating higher than 3,800. This is an average player rating of 950 or below. Any player without a rating will be given an assumed rating of 950.
- All teams must compete in a “team jersey”. Team shirts should be the same color, and preferably the same style & design. Teams are responsible for providing their own team jerseys.
- Teams will compete for a payout provided to top finishers. All cash payout.
- Initial invites sent Now, Second wave of invites 4/13/21, 5/1 Open to all.
- The Ace Pool is optional, $5 per player. The Ace Pool is available on an individual basis, so all players on the team don't have to enter the Ace Pool, but are highly encouraged to do so. If no aces are hit during competition, the Ace Pool will be thrown off for with ctp getting it.

Ratings Cap

The team ratings cap is set at 3,800 or an average of 950 rating points per player. We realize that player ratings are changing monthly, so please read each item below for the rating policy specific to this event. We will be checking the total team player rating as teams register.
- Player ratings will be determined based on their current ratings. Updates occur on 4/13/21, 5/11/21 and 6/08/21. Depending on when you sign your team up the most recent ratings update will be used.
If your team goes over the rating cap, you will be contacted.
- Once your team is registered, your team's total player rating will be locked in. This means that if a team's total player rating rises above the cap following a recent update, your team is still eligible.
- If a player does not have a PDGA rating during the time of registration due to being a new or non-PDGA member, they will assume a player rating of 950. If the player gains a PDGA rating prior to the event, the new player rating will be used, regardless of whether the team has already locked in their total team rating. (This only applies to people who have never had a PDGA rating before.)
- If you are not a current PDGA member, and have a previously established rating, but do not know what it is, contact the event staff, and we can look it up for you.

Course Schedule & Format

Round 1
- Team Doubles Nightmares (Stroke Play)
- Captain's Choice Pairings (Teams decide who pairs with who)
Pairings may not change during the round.
Round 2
- Singles (Stroke Play)
- Two players with higher rating play Nightmares
- Two players with lower rating play Dreams
Round 3
- Doubles Dreams (Best Score)
- Doubles teams will be determined based on Saturday's singles round.(The Best round will be paired with the worst, and the other two are paired)
Round 4
- Team Doubles Nightmares (Stroke Play, 7/7/7 format, Holes 1-7 Alternate Shot, Holes 8-14 Worst Shot, Holes 15-21 Best shot)
- Captain's Choice Pairings (Teams decide who pairs with who)
Pairings may not change during the round.

Refund policy

Burlington Area Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.