The 4th Annual Burning Chair Music Festival

Saturday, October 6, 2012 at The Farm House in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


Director Tim Gacioch

About this tournament

The leaves are changing into their finest evening wear, the autumn air is crisp and refreshing, and Chili is not yet perched aloft in the trees with his trusty bow at his side. It can only mean one thing: it's disc golf season at the Farm House again! This Saturday we invite our bretheren (and sistas) near and far to join us in a raucus celebration of music, friendship and joie de vivre: the 4th annual Burning Chair Music Festival! The madness shall commence upon the crack of noon with a two round disc golf tournament. This will be the first event in a series of tournaments I will be running this winter in Washtenaw County; details and a full schedule will follow shortly (BRATS, Lakeshore, and Bandemer are set destinations; I'm working on Hudson Mills and/or Rolling Hills. Also, if you have a private course and are interested in hosting a pack of sobriety-challenged golfers on your poor, unsuspecting property, get a hold of me!) . As always, the good folks at The Throw Shop will be my partners in crime and will be providing gift certificates (and/or a limited selection of plastic on-site) to amateur players fortunate to be among the cashing elect. Series points and standings will be maintained on The Scene as a "league", and I am planning on each round played earning cooperative points when the winter season is upon us; if we hold one tournament per month, the "league" will score two rounds per month. But wowzers, I digress! After the competition ends, there will be grilling, lawn games, and drinking as we prepare for the day's main events: music, fire, and good, old-fashioned, OUT OF YOUR MIND PARTYING!!! Beginning at 10:00 p.m., seven (or more) of Washtenaw County's finest acts will be playing their musical guts out for us until three o'clock on the wrong side of the witching hour, including Annie Palmer, Abby Stauffer, Wire In The Wood, Blackjack On Pluto, Inkflo, Kolorblind, and Tell Them We're Doctors! Trees, chairs, couches, witches, cigarettes, medicine, and anything else we can think of shall be ceremonially incinerated in a grand, clamorous conflagration. In short, you don't wanna miss this one. See y'all on Saturday!

p.s. Register by clicking on "talk". You know the drill. Also, a note on the divisions: Cash is self explanatory; anyone who plays pro or am1 should join this division. No cash will be split into two divisions. Anyone with a rating better than 900-910 should play in the top half. Anyone with a rating below 900-910 should play in the bottom. Women who cash can accept money or plastic. Anyone who does not want to gamble $20 can play for $5 instead. You will get cooperative points (when the season starts) and will get your $5 cash back (no more, no less) if you finish in the money. Cooperative points for the series' later events will be split among the four divisions. Each division will be playing for the same range of points, regardless of the number of players in the division. The winners of each division will receive the same number of points. Others will be allotted points according to ratio.