The 2022 Amateur Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open - Driven by INNOVA

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 11-12, 2022 at Deer Lakes Park in Tarentum, Pennsylvania
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorMatt Rosier
Assistant Tournament DirectorEric Nichols
Assistant Tournament DirectorLori Merriman

About this tournament

PDGA B-Tier presented by Pittsburgh Flying Disc

All players will play three rounds over two days with two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday. For course and tee assignments, see the picture section on this page.

The event will be trophy only with no payouts. Each participant will receive an XXL InZone Kwik Stik and tournament logoed shirt for a total value of over $80! Last day for exact shirt size is May 31st.

Awards will be handed out at your Sunday course so no need to travel back to main headquarters to receive your awards.

Refund policy

Pittsburgh Flying Disc is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

In association with the PDGA competition manual, any withdrawals after registration closes on Thursday, 6/9 at 8PM will forfeit their entry fee and will not receive a refund or player’s pack.


Knob Hill Park
Warrendale, PA   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Mitchell Short635958180
2Carson Smith646162187
3Brendan Reed636858189
3Hunter Robbins636363189
5B Hanahan666262190
5Shane Fallen676261190
7Billy Herman636959191
7David Lachendro636662191
9Kyle Johnson656463192
10Aidan Domencic636863194
10Josh Gibbons626765194
10Matt Strand696560194
13Marshall Eippert656367195
13Matt Muir626667195
15Elias Fochler636766196
15Jacob Johnston666664196
15Julian Rau636667196
15Kyle Miller686365196
15Lawson Fisher647062196
15Zach Trdinich646567196
21Ethan Shearer656765197
22Jeremiah Libby666568199
22Manny Fakkas626968199
24Ben Hoolahan696863200
25Gerald Haynes667065201
25Ryan Szoldatits706566201
27Eden Gonano656869202
27Matt Hardaway756760202
29Andrew Heltsley726962203
29Jonathan Brand706667203
29Tyler Presloid686768203
32Adam Couture687166205
32Alex Williamson686968205
32Sam Court677266205
35Caleb Carrow687365206
36Sam Spees726768207
37Cory Byknish647471209
38Andrew Hypes747667217
39Dave Glasser737572220
39John Buss746977220
41William Black767275223
42Braden Ray807868226
43Josh Wertkin767584235
44Joseph Zachary Guiciardi7774-151
1David Sileo596157177
2Mike Vasey605958177
3Andy Fenlock575863178
4Ryan P Flanagan646358185
5Patrick Wenzel606463187
6Matthew Burdy646363190
7Justin Brentzel636464191
8Devon Reynolds626763192
8Tim Wright666858192
10Jesse Holeczy627062194
11Ray Heltsley686463195
12Randy Bolen646568197
13Dan Ziober676963199
13Kurt Poole666469199
15Jason Stoner656868201
16Andy Flemm687065203
16Jon Norlin697064203
18Adam Eisaman747066210
19Greg Belles736871212
20Jonathan Lovette767772225
21William Jeffery Seals787873229
1Michael Speaker666459189
2Bryan Schultz696463196
3Raymond Lechner686965202
1Tom Moeller475558160
2Kevin Mueller555762174
3Michael Prokay585466178
4Kevin Dale595963181
5Dan Mitchell575970186
1Justus Mcgrath645758179
2Jeff Coull626356181
3Pasquale Coppola636554182
4Ryan Protzman577354184
5Arron Moore666855189
5Jared Fechter686160189
7Matt Domiano686557190
8Brenton Cakebread646563192
8James Penrose686856192
8Jonathan Olshock686757192
8Simon Lantinga636861192
12Dane OBrien696856193
12Ryan Birchard646465193
14Sean Adamski686066194
15Benjamin Zebrasky696660195
15Maxwell R Godfrey676761195
17Brandon Hoy696760196
17Kevin Sulia667258196
19Casey Mours706661197
19Mike Sutherland726857197
21Jared Potts706860198
21Nicklaus Pfeil706662198
23Chris Hardaway696565199
23Patrick Williams696961199
25Alec Simko737059202
25Lane Burk687262202
27Daniel Ruby726962203
28Jonathan Reboton687561204
29Dustin Schrock697165205
29Ryan Phelps707065205
31Brad Prinkey707561206
32Zachary Ecola667467207
33Austin Eshenbaugh717265208
33Colter Ritsch687070208
35Eric Ford776866211
36Cory Fields806666212
37Joshua Hollenbaugh747169214
38Jared Labowski756973217
38Shawn Macas797266217
40Ryan Lairdieson787665219
41Ben Batell827767226
42Clay Noyes74768881038
43Sam Wilson69--69
1Hank Lilienthal596359181
2Evan Brown605865183
2Matthew McFadden596163183
4Lucas Hawk626161184
4Luke Layton676156184
4Pete Paredes626458184
4Steve Harrison596065184
8Adam Hudock646459187
8Alex McMullen646459187
8Robin Eng636262187
11Brandon Smith626066188
11David Gibson636263188
13Eric Lachendro626463189
13Noah Paszkowski656361189
13Robert Regan656361189
16Brandon King646365192
17Aaron Tighe626962193
17Drew Geiger666760193
19Doug Cloutier646466194
19Hank Lancet646565194
19Jack Lachendro666662194
22Adam Morgan636864195
22Clayton Homa686166195
22Greg Becker646962195
25Greggory Ganoe616867196
26Benjamin Rettig686465197
27Ethan Barnhart666864198
28Bradley Mulaski627067199
28Devin Sauers676765199
28Michael Burch696961199
28Michael Dalsass726265199
32Luke Gallagher636968200
32Stephen Filander687062200
34Adam Bell686964201
34Corbin Harkins687063201
36Hannah Campbell716962202
36Rob Mitchell666967202
38Ryan McBride657068203
39Aubin Kotewicz656971205
40Randy Schur717758206
41Seth McCarson766966211
42Jeremy Tischuk747774225
43Scott Mulvihill72--72
1Steve DiPasquale565665177
2Chris Barron536264179
3Reid Morsi555966180
4Jason Bischoff545869181
5Ian Petardi576462183
6Steven Maker586069187
7Josh Linton635967189
8Bryan Wright626069191
9KEITH SINES596469192
10Alex McRandal576374194
11Brandon Oakes636276201
12Logan Buzzard867992257
1Baleigh Hopkins757067212
2Angela Siegel727371216
1Jane Adams Sileo625967188
2Yukako Furusawa645970193
3Lea Vasey656374202
4Tera Blair626877207
5Susan L Guiciardi6769-136
1Mary Ellen Moeller646975208
2Tonya Ganoe706971210
3Savannah Filander697279220
1Zephyn McCarson616273196
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