2020 Inside the Circle Championship

PDGA logoSaturday, September 26, 2020 at Socastee Rec Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2020 Inside the Circle Championship graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of tournament auction hosted by TTP Disc Golf Artistry & Events: The 2020 Inside The Circle Championship is set to take place on September 26th! This tournament is event 5/5 of "The 2020 Inside The Circle Tournaments Point Series." Welcome to The Main Event!!

Tee times starting at 7:00 Am

Registration is now open!

Players Gift, Trophies, and Modified Payouts.
Under Armour Polos

Refund policy

Christopher Chapman & TTP events are responsible for all refunds and cancellations.

See 1.03 in the competition manual for withdrawal and refund information.

Waitlist Fees are non refundable.


Socastee Rec Park
Myrtle Beach, SC   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/46832
1Aaron Stevens6157118$165
2Don Bruner5962121$105
3Gregory Carr6261123$75
4David Patrick6766133$50
5Joe Crisco6965134
6Jeff Maimone7263135
7Chad Sullivan6869137
8William Hill8888881776
1Dillon Blunier6362125
2Derrick Maestas6462126
3Kevin Truett6562127
4Sean Monahan6959128
5Derek Hopper6169130
6Christopher Atkinson6964133
7Robert Scribner6668134
8David Stackhouse6968137
8Robby Hayner6473137
10Ethan Settlemyer7070140
11Graham Garcia6972141
12Jeff Murray7469143
13Heath Summerlin76888964
Amateur 40+
1Charlie Johnson6466130
2Robert Herzog6469133
3Ben Hopwood6768135
4Bryan DJ HEK YEH Short6870138
5Darell Matthews7169140
6Matt Robinson7270142
7Sean Hodge7572147
8Randy Vargason7975154
9Christopher Priest7976155
Amateur 50+
1James Evans6469133
2Craig Wrenn6670136
3Ken McCullough7067137
4Bill Stackhouse7071141
4Christopher Santos7665141
6Walter Black7271143
7Gerald Risinger7476150
8Bart Altman7974153
8Kenny Peace7875153
10Gregg Bashor9495189
1Ryan Flynn6062122
2Seth Stetson6065125
3Ethan Gardner6264126
4Richard Michalek6564129
4Roy Nixon6564129
6Bryce Jonason6763130
6Stephen Rullo6268130
6Tyler Brown6565130
9Reggie Rhoades6665131
10Barry Halpern6567132
10Dane Jonason6666132
12Alex Corrado6964133
12Mike Mountain6568133
14Adam Bell6965134
14Bone Beaupre6470134
16Goose Duncan6768135
17Derrick Young6573138
17Greg Hill6771138
19Brian Hough6772139
19Justin Perritt6871139
19Ryan Lile7168139
22Tyler Baird7268140
22Wade Sahmel7169140
22Will Pollack7268140
25Charlie Tinsley7566141
26Kyle Hendren7173144
27Robert McIntyre7575150
28Chris Smith7576151
1Patrick Rupert6463127
2Logan McHale6664130
3Stephen Capalbo6863131
4Danny Hernandez6570135
5Zach Hall7365138
6John Tarlton7168139
7Tim Range7272144
8Chad Heacock7174145
9Eric Sepich7373146
10Gerald Gregory7572147
11Kristopher Fox7872150
12Bryant Voss7477151
13Chase Cline7778155
14Brad Adkerson7878156
15Blake Young7979158
15Jake Wastler8078158
17Donald Bohanon8081161
18Wesley Gardner8781168
19Alexander Delorme7694170
Amateur Women 50+
1Sheila Crider9689185
Intermediate Women
1Ashley Sullivan7579154
2Jasmine Pollack8181162
3Amber Matthews8281163
4Casey Sullivan8891179
Recreational Women
1Minnie Beaupre8485169
2Kimbriel Haman9282174