Thaw Out, Throw Down: Am Day Presented by Bang A Chain

PDGA logoSaturday, March 25, 2023 at Ryan's Course at Red Orchard Park in Shelbyville, Kentucky
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Thaw Out, Throw Down: Am Day Presented by Bang A Chain graphic
Added merchandise $500


Tournament DirectorGerik Tatarzycki
Tournament DirectorTommy Bronson Jr

About this tournament

This is a 1 day, 36 hole B-Tier PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament. We will play two rounds of 18 holes at Ryans Course at Shelbyville Red Orchard Park.

This event is a PDGA Split Day event.

Saturday will host 72 Am players
Sunday will host 72 Pros

Players can only play 1 day due to the event being under the same sanctioning agreement.

Divisions must have 4 or more players. If not players will be asked to join another division. This excludes Women and jrs.

Additional divisions may be added, please notify a TD to make a request.

Pro side link:

Added Cash: $500 Divided among all Am divisions.

An Email will be sent 48 hours prior to the event. This will serve the virtual players meeting with rules.

Early Bird Registration Opens at 7pm on Dec 2nd. It will be $20.

General Registration Opens Jan 6th at 7pm.

Registration will end March 22nd at 7pm.

Sponsorship tiers:
Tee sign $20 (24)
Name on shirt $25 (6 Max)
Logo and tee sign $50 (10 Max)

They are available by contacting a TD.

Volunteers Will receive a custom event players pack

Ace Pool $5.00 (Optional): If no ace is hit during either round a 50/50 CTP on hole 12 will determine the ace pool winner. 50% to the player and 50% to the 2024 TOTD.

$5 50/50 CTP (Optional)

Waitlist: $5 that will be none refundable. If a player comes off the waitlist it will go to their event balance.

AM Players Pack:
All Ams will receive 2 premium custom from RPM and Lone Star discs, glass mug.

Free water and snacks will be included

Custom Trophies for 1st place in each division.

PDGA Live scoring will be used for this event. Instructions for accessing and using PDGA Live will be in the players email.

Go To

<PDGA Live Scoring Code> TOTD01

A second scoring method will be needed in additional to PDGA live scoring. PDGA Live/UDisc is the preferred scoring method, but paper scorecards will be available upon request.

1st place ties: A sudden death playoff will occur using holes 1-6,18 loop at Ryans.

All Amateur payouts will be handled by Bang A Chain. 45% from each AM division will receive payout. They will be at the Barrel Room (5min drive) for immediate payout or vouchers will be available for their online store.

Ryans Course Walk Through Videos:


Course info:
Hole # / Par 63/ Distance 8,563 (ft) / OB Rules &Hole Notes:

Hole 1: Par 3. 490. OB in River Long, OB on or over white lines left and right.
Hole 2: Par 4. 688. OB River Left. OB on or over white line on the right. OB on or over white line beyond basket.
Hole 3: Par 4. 472.Peninsula shaped OB: OB on or over white lines Left, Right, and Beyond basket.
Hole 4: Par 3: 445. OB on or over white line Left and Beyond basket.
Hole 5: Par 3. 420. OB on or over white line left. OB in River Right.
Hole 6: Par 4. 543. OB River Left.
Hole 7: Par 3. 313. No OB. Mando Right of tree, proceed to the DZ with a stroke penalty if missed.
Hole 8: Par 3. 371. No OB
Hole 9: Par 3. 304. No OB
Hole 10: Par 3. 362. No OB
Hole 11: Par 4. 538. No OB
Hole 12: Par 3. 279. No OB
Hole 13: Par 4. 648. No OB
Hole 14: Par 3. 334. No OB
Hole 15: Par 3. 338. OB River Right.
Hole 16: Par 4. 554. Mando Right if tree. Proceed to DZ if missed. OB dog park past basket. Small hole about 40 feet right of basket will play as casual relief.
Hole 17: Par 4. 498. OB on or over white line left. OB in Dry Pond: Marked by white line at the pond's edge. OB Beyond basket.
Hole 18: Par 5. 1,006. Proceed to drop zone with one penalty stroke after your drive if you do not cross in bounds or if the disc is surrounded by the dry pond from the tee. OB on or over white lines right and left of fairway. Play regular OB rules if you cross in bounds at anytime, OB if disc lands in dog park. Mando #1 Right of first corner of dog park. Mando #2 Right of second corner of dog park.

Refund policy

Derby City Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Andrew Gowan7066136
2Jonathan Reynolds7368141
2Luke Hupp7269141
4Adam Johnson7072142
4Joshua Phelps7171142
6Nick Welby Jones7667143
7Chheany Mok7371144
8Alexander Hoelle6877145
8Jason McCleery7372145
10Dylan Trenum7869147
11Tim Faiken7575150
12Cory Thomas7983162
1Robert Ball7079149
2Scott Bourne7478152
3Gordon Waldspuhl7777154
4Cham Nan Oeun8277159
5Phillip Harmon7684160
5Steve Clark8179160
7Wes Barber8184165
8Mike Dwyer8289171
9Stacy Borden9386179
10Ken Atkins8793180
11John Gullett94888982
12Eric Hardesty888-888
1Jonathan Mason7671147
2Preston Farley7674150
3Josh Thomas7479153
4Josh Probus7679155
4Shane Hughes7481155
6Conor King7583158
7Michael Miller8278160
8Tommy Hollon7883161
9Robert Miller8481165
10Ben Sands8185166
11Adam Hofmeister8582167
12Joseph Awrey8188169
13Coty Flannery9689185
14Hayden Thomas Hauke88888976
15Joe Rauch85-85
1Charles Allen7977156
1Josh Passmore8175156
3Spencer Conner8078158
3Tyler Hawks8078158
5Tyler Hon7980159
6Isaac Ralph7984163
7Tyler Wilcox8381164
8Wes Umbower8383166
9Tony Young8582167
10Jie Li8886174
11Alexander Schaefer9088178
12Braden Dickerson9090180
13Nick Campbell10084184
14Ben Downing73-73
15Stephen Adams74-74
16Brady Jahns75-75
16Ross Ward75-75
18Thomas Gallagher76-76
19Scott Corbin--0
1Jason Ralph7678154
2Michael Farney8574159
3Thobias Berg7981160
4Billy Taylor II8379162
6Jeremy D Emmerling8687173
7Brandon Nelson8494178
7Joel Anderson8890178
9Zachary Kelsey8794181
10Chris Campbell8696182
11Randy McKinsey9093183
12Sean Edwards9294186
12Wes Green9195186
14Joshua Anderson9196187
15Adam Daulton9296188
16Chadwick Morris9896194
17John Billingsley93102195
18Jacob Kern9898196
19Matthew Saefkow99103202
20Tommy Tomlins101105206
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