Team Just Disc Golf 9 course challenge

Sunday, June 19, 2011 at Arboretum-Spiker Park in Canton, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament


Director Jay Kovach

About this tournament

Cost is $5 (1 ace 4 to payout) pair up with people you like or car pool.

Divisions are same as PDGA
starts at 7am ends when last card comes in (Cards collected at Canton)

payout for locals happens the next day usually due to openness of the event unless you want to wait around at canton for the TD.

its a casual event more for fun and to see if you can handle all the courses. Please feel free to ask any questions i will try to answer them the best i can. Ask others who played last year it was a blast.

Courses can be played in any order, goal is to finish them all.

The idea is to gather up a group of people you like to play all day with divisions don't matter you can play with whomever is in your group, plan your route out and get it done the funnest and quickest way possible. plan to have breakfast with your peeps maybe lunch and dinner (this tavern that tavern) lol a whole day of Disc Golf.

100% cash payout ALL DIVISION...
please no sandbagging TD has option to move you up or down in divisions

If you want to play but may need a ride please post so we can get traveling arrangements for you

Final Results

Round 1: Boettler Park - Regular tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 2: Arboretum-Spiker Park - Short tees, 24 holes, par 72
Round 3: Lincoln Park (Oak Ledges) - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 4: Sabo Park - Regular tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 5: Malone University - Red tees (short), 9 holes, par 27
Round 6: Tanks Run - Regular tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 7: Minerva DGC - Regular tees, 9 holes, par 28
Round 8: The Wayfarer's Roost - Short tees, 9 holes, par 27
Round 9: Wildwood Park - Short tees, 10 holes, par 30
1Andre hooks286954232521272632305 / -14$20
2bz327855232323292630319 / E$10
3John stutz327356272620322532323 / +4
4Jay kovach327557262523282438328 / +9
5Eric wernet337859262623302332330 / +11
6Tommy randau307764242620302734332 / +13