Team Figgins Open 3.0

PDGA logoSaturday, January 28, 2023 at North Watertower Park in Sarasota, Florida
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Team Figgins Open 3.0 graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorTyler Parker
Asst. Tournament DirectorJacob Figgins
Asst. Tournament DirectorEthan Sak

About this tournament

Registration opens November 13th at 8pm for hole sponsors who want to secure a spot.

November 20th at 8pm the registration will open for everyone.

We will be playing two rounds of the 20 hole layout at North Water Tower Park. The event is capped at 100 people and we are doing 5 person cards, so please keep this in mind.

No refunds will be given after the budget is finalized at 5PM on Thursday 1/27.

If the ace pot is not hit, the money will be donated to the Paul McBeth Foundation.


$67 to players pack ($110 value players pack!)
$5 Facilities Fee
$3 PDGA Fees
$10 to payouts


$77 to pay out
$5 Facilities Fee
$3 PDGA Fees

Details subject to change without notice.

Tee Assignments

Pads Division

Blue MA1
Blue MA2
Blue MA40
Blue MA50
Blue MP40
Blue MP50
Blue MP60
Blue MP70
Blue MPO
Red MA3
Red MA60
Red MA70
White MA75
White MJ18
White FA2
White FA3
White FA70

N. Water Tower only White Holes are 1, 2, 6, 10, 12
N. Water Tower Park - Only Holes 1, 6, 9, 10, 12 & 18 have a Red Tee.


Hole 1 - Over fence on Right. Sidewalk to the left. In the playground area.
Hole 2 - Over sidewalk left side and behind.
Hole 3 - Sidewalk left side.
Hole 4 - Side walk left side & behind.
Hole 5 - Road right side. Sidewalk on the right side is not OB.
Hole 5A – Must be right of mando. Must re-tee if mando, if missed. Road OB long. Fence OB right.
Hola 5B – Must be right of mando. Move to the drop zone, if missed. Creek right OB (must be fully surrounded by water)
Hole 6 - Sidewalk left side. Creek right side (must be completely surrounded by water or on the other side of creek)
Hole 7 - Right of mando on oak tree (must re-tee if missed). Sidewalk left and behind the basket. Creek to the right. (must be fully surrounded by water)
Hole 8 - Over fence on right side. Sidewalk not OB. Pavilion left is OB.
Hole 9 - Any fenced area by water tower. All concrete in the pavilion area. Sidewalk left. Parking lot. Over the fence on the right side by the basket area. Completed surrounded by water in a pond by basket.
Hole 10 - Sidewalks left and right side. Pavilion is also OB.
Hole 11 - Sidewalk left and behind basket
Hole 12 - Sidewalk left and behind basket
Hole 13 - Sidewalk right and behind basket
Hole 14 - Sidewalks left, right and behind basket
Hole 15 - Sidewalk behind basket
Hole 16 – No OB
Hole 17 - Sidewalks surrounding basket area.
Hole 18 - Sidewalk left side and behind basket. Any concrete in pavilion area. Parking lot. Player must be completely past the sidewalks to be Out of Bounds.

Refund policy

Team Figgins Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Benjamin Stemen5551106$608
2Clay Edwards5355108$419
3Kevin Kiefer5456110$302
4Kris Smith5358111$211
4Tyler Horne5655111$211
6Matthew Alexander6053113$142
6Randon Latta6152113$142
8Jared Stoll5957116$73
8Justin Rosak5957116$73
8Lance Brown5858116$73
8Matthew Henderson5957116$73
12Woody Hass5958117
13Connor Strickland5959118
14Dw Hass5960119
15Trey Munn6259121
16Jeffrey Davies6260122
16Kelly Bodell6755122
18Grayson Whipp6659125
18Michael Mccurry6065125
20Matthew Brown6663129
21Matt Henson6367130
21Sean Harrison6466130
23Trevon Crowe63-63
1Rick Mitchell6164125$320
2Mick Barber Sr.6364127$185
3Damon Clark6762129
4Ken Grady6967136
1Stacie Hass5864122$190
2Chelsea Bazley6361124$55
2Nid Ovathanasin6262124$55
1Charlie Tilford6061121$43
2James Jurden6260122$31
3Nick May6360123$25
4Chris Stoddard6759126$19
4Sawyer Meacham6660126$19
6Nicholas J Ribera6364127$12
6Stephen Ierardi6760127$12
8Jeff Miles6563128$9
9Matthew Parker6666132
10Lorenzo Rivera6766133
11Steven Andrews7163134
12Jeremy Briddon7164135
13Andrew Smith6869137
14Christopher Farrow7068138
15Chaz Matthews7465139
16Blake Vinyard7368141
17ZACHARIAH Stone7370143
1Nathan Deledda6261123$29
2Kevin Shermer6667133$18
3Vincent Pacinelli6371134$13
4Chris Pauling6974143$5
4Mike Hanrahan7172143$5
6Jason Mong7672148
6Paul Croteau7474148
1Billy Schlacks6766133$19
2Travis Andrews7271143$11
3Andres Martinez7580155
1Danny McDonnell6461125$30
2Bethel Barrett6562127$15
2Jack Morris6364127$15
4Rick Kennedy6762129
5John Koda6569134
6Doug Westfall94-94
1Keith Brightbill7376149$19
2Jim Saracino7979158$11
3Terry Smith8790177
1Tyler Labonte6361124$29
2Jeremy DeFoor6263125$27
3Jorge Padilla6759126$24
4Locke Meriwether6765132$19
4Zac Camp6963132$19
6Justin Goubeaux6671137$11
6Matthew Battaglia6968137$11
8Parker Melech6870138
9Matthew Grabowski7664140
10Andrew McAuliffe7171142
10Austin Michael Palmer7171142
12Brent McClenathen7570145
12Ryan Strutzel6877145
14Brandon Barbre7773150
1Greyson Schneider6661127$30
2Bart Downs6665131$26
3Patrick Russell6666132$22
4Albert Avin6469133$18
5Sutton Stringfellow6867135$14
6Jeff Ruberg7167138$10
7William Kagel7071141
8Douglas Collins Jr7171142
8Steven Mersinger7369142
10Brantley Chappell7174145
11George Oldja8983172
12Cody Bell76-76
1Judy Gipson8692178$10
1Lynda L Stevens6667133$20
2Jacalyn Barbre6570135
1Alexa Henning7479153$20
2Marguerite Martinez8176157
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