Team Event

Sunday, November 10, 2019 at Wickes Woods in Saginaw, Michigan
Disc golf teams tournament

About this tournament

Welcome to the third team event. This one will be at Wickes because of added $$$ to the Club Prize pool.

We will be playing 20 hole layout, including 4 holes around the pond and a combined 9/10. We will not be playing hole 6 or practice basket.

Cost is $60 and a new disc for CTP for the field.

Payouts are to be split between the club and the players as this is a club fund raiser. How much to the club and players is up to each team, however any added cash is for club purposes only so that will not be added to player purse.

To participate

-Your club must collect funds, for something more then just the players present(weekly CTPs, club party, etc)

-Must include at least 2 AM3(or less) caliber players on your team. This is a fund raiser but getting this to grow involves more then just the elite.

-Club heads/guru's are not included in team. We will be competing for pride, 50/50, there as a potential sub for your team in case someone doesn't show up. The idea is we don't want 4 people screwed because of an action by 1. Auburn is the exception this event.

Any questions please ask. Club guru's are listed on participants page. Thanks


Final Results

Round 1: Wickes Woods - Wickes 20, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Wickes Woods - Wickes 20, 20 holes, par 60
1Wickes Blue168164332
4Wickes Green179179358
6Freeland Green181188369
8Freeland White180203383
9Mt P202190392
Round 1: Wickes Woods - Wickes 20, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Wickes Woods - Wickes 20, 20 holes, par 60
1Brandon Jurasek5351104
1Oscar Gutierrez5351104
3Josh Hayes5853111
3Paul Tribble5655111
3Sean Grew5655111
7Ryan Anderson5656112
8Scott Kuechle5855113
8Zach Dillinger5855113
10Adam Papiak5559114
10Jeff DeMoville5559114
12Ian Granger5461115
12Kevin Benjamin5461115
16Brandon Benner5561116
16Chris Santino5561116
18Caleb Federspiel5859117
18Todd Lewis5958117
18Tony Riopelle5859117
21Sam Truslow5761118
23Brett Federspiel5861119
23Jeremiah Clennan6257119
23Jeremiah's partner6257119
23Jonathan Haller5861119
23Kenton Lewis5861119
23Rob Meyer5861119
29Andrew Garza6357120
29Brian Campbell5961120
29Jacob McDowell6357120
29Jordan Walters5961120
33Alex Wilk5764121
33John Forshee5764121
35Cody Sears6359122
36Dakota Nolph6262124
36Mike Martin6262124
38Rob Zukatis6362125
39Barry Gelp6562127
40Blake Warren5972131
41Robby Boyes6867135
41Sean Mannooch7065135
43Jason LeClair7068138
43Jay Shively7068138
45Tony Mapes6678144
Junior Girls 6
Round 1: Wickes Woods - Wickes 20, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Wickes Woods - Wickes 20, 20 holes, par 60
1Chris DeRosier5865123
1Mike Schiller5964123
3Brent Faubert6364127
4Craig Cligan6868136
5Nick Marchbanks7573148