Tall Firs Trilogy Challenge 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017 at Tall Firs DGC in Monroe, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament


Tall Firs Trilogy Challenge 2017 graphic

About this tournament

2017 Trilogy Challenge at Tall Firs

Last year we had 104 players and started 'mostly' at once. This year - Flex Start. You can have a leisurely breakfast, come strolling into the course at oh, say, 11:15, pick out your player pack discs and other player pack goodies, maybe catch a pro clinic, then gather a group together and head on out to the First Tee and off you go.

Trilogy Challenge is ALWAYS a great time! Come on out to Tall Firs on Trilogy Challenge Opening Day.


If you are the kind of person for whom "loose schedules" is not so appealing, or you are a person who wants to schedule your day with friends and wants to have a "Time and Place" associated... WE CAN ACCOMODATE...

Tee Times?!?

Yes, Tee Times are available... Certainly not required, but definitely available...

Just post a note under the "Tee Times" section in comments and let us know when you'd like to start...

Refund policy

Tall Firs TC Committee is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

Blue Tees
Round 1: Tall Firs DGC - Blue tees, 18 holes, par 63
1Wayne Whitney5858
2Joe Hellickson6464
3Greg Knapp6565
4Tyler Downing6767
5Jarrett Jusko7474
6Daelyn Bergsman8585
7Noah Buetler8989
Round 1: Tall Firs DGC - Red Tees, 18 holes, par 63
1Brian Jacobs5858
2Chris Waugh-0
2Cory Jones-0
2Kenny Emery-0
Red Tees
Round 1: Tall Firs DGC - Red Tees, 18 holes, par 63
1Brad Quatsoe5252
1Eric Hughes5252
3James Huestis5353
3Jeremy Mulder5353
3Mike Werth5353
3Rob diggy dawg Murdock5353
7Joseph Schmidt5454
8Alex Glasgow5555
8Kenny Brown5555
8Steve Russell5555
8Zac Price5555
12Chameron Lackey5656
12Douglas Hamar5656
12Jason Ames5656
12Jason Raden5656
12Jason Waite5656
12Kyle Anderson5656
18Bhrahsten Waugh5757
18Dave Manzo5757
18Lucas Gillmore5757
21Jerad Hufferd5858
22Clay Layton5959
22Peter Spicer5959
25Eric L Shandrow6060
25Erikk Teschlog6060
25Faith Batrack6060
25Jay Tilley6060
25Jonathan Fleig6060
25PJ Klienert6060
25Thad Thurman6060
25Trevor Loftin6060
34Blake Montoya6161
34Darle Towne6161
36Blake Rust6262
36Dennis Hall6262
36Greg Bowers6262
36Ned Taylor6262
36Trevor Diehl6262
36Wade Manke6262
42Johnny DeArman6363
42Zack Collins6363
44Darren Towne6464
44Don Jackson6464
44Jonathan Mollerup6464
44Nathan Wenstad6464
44Seth Powell6464
49Daniel Berens6565
49Tommy Skaggs6565
51Antonio Santiago6666
51Chris Sims6666
51Dustin Douthit6666
51Paul Kauf6666
51Stephen Webb6666
51Tyler Hughes6666
57Kyle foster6767
57Nikos Vulgares6767
59Kaelee Bergsman6868
60James clark6969
61Chris Lagerstedt7171
61michael carpenter7171
63Christine Huestis7272
64Dale Sutton7474
64Glen Bowers7474
66Brenden White7676
66Nick Marshall7676
68Grant Bowers7777
69Jeremy Beals7878
70Laura Bowers8181
71Paula Tardiff8282
72Andres Othon8383
73Lacie foster8787
73Spencer Taylor8787
75Alex Falkowski8888
76John DeArman9090
77Lamu Bowers9595
78Bastian Tilley9696
79Sonoko Watanabe9898
80Adam Avery-0
80Amanda Fleig-0
80Casey Postelwait-0
80Chris Carpenter-0
80Curtis Mattson-0
80Daniel Ewing-0
80Dave Coleman-0
80Doug Whitney-0
80Drew massey-0
80Jason Martin-0
80Jonathan bruner-0
80Marco Reyes-0
80Mike Carpenter-0
80Neil Enns-0
80Nik Dalbeck-0
80Sam Mollerup-0
80Saul Waugh-0
80Shannon Vincent-0
80Suzana Glasgow-0
80Tim Mollerup-0
80Zach Giltner-0