TNDG Presents The DOUBLES TRITON Series Grand Finale | CASH ONLY Payouts

Sunday, June 20, 2021 at *Private Course* Winter Farms Disc Golf Course in Brantford, Ontario
Disc golf doubles tournament

TNDG Presents The DOUBLES TRITON Series Grand Finale | CASH ONLY Payouts graphic
Added cash $700

About this tournament

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Players may view the address on Udisc, by searching "Winter Farms". EACH PLAYER WILL RECEIVE THE ADDRESS OF THE VENUE IN THEIR PROTOCOLS & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EMAIL ON June 18th.

Venue Location: Brantford, ON

Thank you to all of those who participated in our Early Access day of play. We've made the following improvements:

V 2.0 DroneFlight:

V 1.0 Hype Video:


For every 10 Teams, $100 CASH will be added to the prize pool.

UP TO a total of $700 for 140 Players.


This day will use PDGA players ratings to determine which division you play in. In order to determine what division your team belongs in, there are two methods we will use:

1. Both players must have a rating falling under the required spread of the division.

Example Team #1:

Player 1 - Rating of 901
Player 2 - Rating of 924

Example Team #1 will register under the WHITE (935-901) Division.

2. If you have an unrated player and a rated player, we will default to the rating of the rated player.

Example Team #2:

Player 1 - Rating of 830
Player 2 - UNRATED

Example Team #2 will register under the GREEN/PURPLE (850 and Below) Division.

The format for this day will be as follows:

1.) Player will choose their teams Best Shot.
2.) Teams of TWO.
3.) One Round of 36 Holes.
4.) Players will have a 15 minute break at Hole 12's TD Tent
5.) OB will be in effect on the day of play.


All PLAYERS, regardless of status will receive their WINNINGS in Cash via E-Transfer.

$700 Cash Added will be divided amongst the Division as follows:

GOLD/BLUE (35%) = $245
WHITE (25%) = $175
RED (20%) = $140
GREEN/PURPLE (20%) = $140

Total = $700

True North will deduct a $20 Green Fee per player. The remainder of a player's buy-in will go directly to the prize pool.

Please bring extra snacks and drinks!

Each group has been allotted 5 hours to finish their round.


Tyler will be available throughout the day to ensure a smooth and professional tournament experience. Please direct any inquiries to Tyler.

Please note, if receiving a refund the money will be deposited to you minus the pay pal fee transaction fee of approx $1.34.

Refund policy

Tyler Turcotte is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Current Standings

Green/Purple (Rating of <850)
Round 1: *Private Course* Winter Farms Disc Golf Course - Main course TRITON Series | 36 Hole Layout, 36 holes, par 123
1Aydan Schat
Kalan Schat
2David Dankowski
Jeremy Dankowski
2Josh McMullin
Spencer Kerssies
4Eric Conlon
Tom Raper
5Doug Michaud
Dylan Michaud
6Allison Radich
Nick Moore
7Mike Marinaro
Tobin Izatt