SuperFly SunDAZE 2

PDGA logoSunday, April 10, 2022 at Mountain Crest in Las Vegas, Nevada
League · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Flex start at Crest!!!

Keep score using PDGA - - use code SFS

Register online or at the shop!

How does a flex start work???
You show up to the course with people or meet people there to make a card of 3-5 players, then play keeping score on PDGA live, and then of course you shoot super hot. BOOM! You get a rating and paid out the next day!

All PDGA rules apply. Layout/Hole rules will change week to week. Please make sure you check the hole description before teeing off each hole. Each misplayed hole will result in a two stroke penalty. See something, say something - make sure all PDGA rules are followed. Use a mini, no practice throws/putts once the round has started, foot faults/falling putts need to be called, etc. Zero tolerance for intentional cheating - it will be reported to PDGA.

— SFS 2 Layout —
All roads, walking paths and parking lots OB
Hole 1 - Double Mandatory through first two trees. If mandatory is missed re-tee with a one stroke penalty. OB path and beyond.
Hole 2 - 5 - OB path and beyond
Hole 6 - Alternate tee pad Tee off from marked concrete near gazebo to the right of the normal pad. OB path and beyond. If your drive never crosses inbounds re-tee from regular tee pad 6 with a one stroke penalty.
Hole 7 - Mandatory left of pole. OB path and beyond
Hole 8 - OB path and beyond
Hole 9 - OB Xeriscape + path and beyond
Hole 10 - OB path and beyond
Hole 11 - 16 - OB Xeriscape + path and beyond
Hole 17 - Alternate tee pad Tee from “Medium” position at light pole by volleyball court. OB right of path and grass beyond Xeriscape (curbing just past basket is in)
Hole 18 - OB path and beyond

Keep score using PDGA - - *use code SFS

Ace Pot #1 - $0
Ace Pot #2 - $130

- Payouts weekly for top 25% of each division (ams in SF scrip)
- Trophy for 1st at the end of 10 weeks
- $1 goes to PDGA

You must have a card or 3 - 5 players signed up for rounds to count.

Refund policy

Disc Golf Vegas is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Thomas Hodge4955104
2Andrew Reese5855113
3Zach Von Bulin5558113
4Andy Moering-4949
4Craig Fick-4949
6Noah Kersenbrock49-49
7Andy Hunter-5050
8Forrest Hucke51-51
9Dusty Nadeau52-52
9Julian Sevilla52-52
11Steven Licon-5353
12Trace Grant-5454
1Laurie Cloyes-Chupa-6767
1Laurie Cloyes-Chupa58-58
1Julian Sevilla-5454
2Logan Waite-5656
1Brandon Matice5151102
2Craig Smith5460114
3Michael Bischoff52-52
4Brett Byrns59-59
5Jamie Knoblock-7171
6Michael Gould-7474
1Aaron Morris5252104
2Charles Warden Ellison Jr.5655111
3Quentin Oglevee5065115
4Daryl Benton5461115
5Vincent Okuniewski5466120
6Eddie Gomez6260122
7Giovanni Rivera5671127
8Steven Wayne Rode-4949
9Joshua Lee52-52
10Spencer M Dickensheets-5252
11Julian Cutolo53-53
11Robert Howard53-53
13Christopher Manning54-54
14Javier Godinez55-55
15Justin Allen-5656
16Steven Dickensheets-5858
17David Rivera-5959
18Nick Gant61-61
18Tyson Tauma’oe61-61
20Beau Hassey--0
20Jonathan Conedy--0
1Rusty Morgan5453107
2Gabe Grant5461115
2Melvin French5758115
4Ethan McGuire6264126
5Nicholas Thomas5968127
6Cherokee Dofa6566131
7Chris Redenius5581136
8Jared Miller53-53
9Jaime Miranda54-54
10James Castruita-5757
11David Huffaker-5858
12Brandon Wojciechowski-5959
13Gabriel Enrile59-59
14Matthew Drury-6060
15Brian Moore62-62
16Austin Schrimpf-6464
16Chris Hymon-6464
16Geoff Bergman-6464
19Derrik Samson-6767
21James L Woodall-7070
22Jacob Landry-7575
23Daniel H Choi-7777
24Ben (Caffidget)--0
1Justin Stephens5867125
2Aaron Garcia-6161
3Doctor Pizza-6464
3Timothy King-6464
5Michael Gorum-7070
6Mike Howard-7575
7Danny Digital-7777
8Cherokee Dofa--0
8Joshua Tillman--0
8Randy Bobandy--0
8Scott Stafford--0
1Renae Gliddon5657113
2Valerie Steinbaum5658114
3Angelina Tauma’oe5661117
1Kate Green7368141
2Kimberly Discoe7682158
3Cadence Dickensheets-8989
1Jordan Monasmith97-97
1Bryson Morgan7276148
2Leo Green92101193
3Kyler Morris-9898
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