SuperFly SunDAZE at Sunset 1

PDGA logoSunday, May 15, 2022 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, Nevada
League · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

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How does a flex start work???
You show up to the course with people or meet people there to make a card of 3-5 players, then play keeping score on PDGA live, and then of course you shoot super hot. BOOM! You get a rating and paid out the next day!

- Payouts weekly for top 25% of each division (ams in SF scrip)
- Trophy for 1st at the end of 10 weeks
- $1 goes to PDGA

You must have a card or 3 - 5 players signed up for rounds to count.

Scoring will be done using PDGA Live Scoring. The code is SFSUN

All PDGA rules apply. Layout/Hole rules will change week to week. Please make sure you check the hole description before teeing off each hole. Each misplayed hole will result in a two stroke penalty. See something, say something - make sure all PDGA rules are followed. Use a mini, no practice throws/putts once the round has started, foot faults/falling putts need to be called, etc. Zero tolerance for intentional cheating - it will be reported to PDGA.

Holes 1-10 will play normal SS rules (Jr’s tees will be marked with flags.)
Hole 11 will be teeing off from the short pad(jr tee will be marked with flags
-12-14 will play normal SS rules (Jr’s tees will be marked with flags.)
15 no Mando
-16 will play normal SS rules (Jr’s tees will be marked with flags.)
17 Gully is inbounds normal OB to the right(Jr’s tee will be marked with flags near the gully.)
-18-20 will play normal SS rules (Jr’s tees will be marked with flags.)
21 will play the tunnel alt tee pad (Jr’s tees will be marked with flags.)
-22-24 will play normal SS rules (Jr’s tees will be marked with flags.)

Refund policy

SuperFly Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Sunset Park
Las Vegas, NV   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Trace Grant62---------62
2Thomas Hodge66---------66
3Jacob Rombouts69---------69
4Ryan Coiner72---------72
4Andrew Scrivo72---------72
6Dusty Nadeau73---------73
Pro 40+
1Christopher Melon Russell65---------65
Amateur 40+
1Brett Byrns69---------69
2Erik Haenel70---------70
3Randy Isgriggs72---------72
4Michael Bischoff73---------73
4Romeo Robinson73---------73
6Richard Miller75---------75
7Rob Allingham80---------80
7Donald McCormick80---------80
9Aaron Haenel82---------82
Amateur 50+
1Jeff Bonesteel79---------79
1Trevor Roberts68---------68
1Steven Rode68---------68
3David Rivera74---------74
4Nicholas Gant79---------79
5Daniel Humphrey92---------92
5Casey Newberry92---------92
0Marco Farrarons----------0
0Mark Lonzame----------0
1James Castruita71---------71
2Beau Hassey74---------74
2Sean Malone74---------74
4Brandon Delargy79---------79
5Jacob Landry81---------81
6Ben (Caffidget)82---------82
7Nicolas Theodore86---------86
8David Huffaker89---------89
9Cherokee Dofa90---------90
10Anthony Cochran93---------93
0Tim King----------0
1Timothy King84---------84
2Matthew Siteman91---------91
3Michael Howard110---------110
Advanced Women
1Renae Gliddon77---------77
2Valerie T80---------80
Recreational Women
1Melissa Malone105---------105
Junior 10
1Jared Castruita70---------70
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