SuperFly SunDAZE 7

Sunday, May 15, 2022 at Mountain Crest in Las Vegas, Nevada
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Flex start at Crest!!!

Keep score using PDGA - - use code SFS

Register online or at the shop!

How does a flex start work???
You show up to the course with people or meet people there to make a card of 3-5 players, then play keeping score on PDGA live, and then of course you shoot super hot. BOOM! You get a rating and paid out the next day!

All PDGA rules apply. Layout/Hole rules will change week to week. Please make sure you check the hole description before teeing off each hole. Each misplayed hole will result in a two stroke penalty. See something, say something - make sure all PDGA rules are followed. Use a mini, no practice throws/putts once the round has started, foot faults/falling putts need to be called, etc. Zero tolerance for intentional cheating - it will be reported to PDGA.

— SFS 7 Layout —
All roads and parking lots OB
Hole 1 - 6 - OB path and beyond
Hole 7 - Mando Must be left of light pole. If mandatory is missed play from unmarked drop zone left of light pole with a one stroke penalty.
OB path and beyond.
Hole 8 - OB path and beyond
Hole 9 - OB Xeriscape + path and beyond. Gazebo OB
Hole 10 - Alternate basket 247 ft - play from normal tee 10 to temp basket. OB Xeriscape + path and beyond.
Normal 10 basket not in play.
Hole 10A - 153 ft. Temp tee pad to basket on old 10 “island” - will be approximately 150 ft - your tee shot must come to rest on the island. If not, re-tee with a one stroke penalty.
Hole 11 - 12 - OB Xeriscape + path and beyond
Hole 13 - Double Up - 489 ft Par 4 - play from tee pad 13 to basket 14. OB Xeriscape + gazebo + volleyball pit. All grass and paths are IN
Skip hole 14
Hole 15 - 16 - OB Xeriscape + path and beyond
Hole 17 - Alternate tee pad Tee from “Medium” position at light pole by volleyball court. OB right of path and grass beyond. Xeriscape (curbing just past basket is in)
Hole 18 - OB xeriscape + path and beyond

Keep score using PDGA - - *use code SFS

Ace Pot #1 - 184
Ace Pot #2 - 185

- Payouts weekly for top 25% of each division (ams in SF scrip)
- Trophy for 1st at the end of 10 weeks
- $1 goes to PDGA

You must have a card or 3 - 5 players signed up for rounds to count.

Refund policy

Disc Golf Vegas is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


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