SunDog Tournament Series Week #3 - Airborn Preserve

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at Airborn Disc Golf Preserve in Clearwater, Minnesota
Disc golf singles tournament

SunDog Tournament Series Week #3 - Airborn Preserve graphic


Tournament DirectorJason Wilder
Asst Tournament DirectorNate Thannum

About this tournament

This information is subject to change at any time and without notice.

Quite possibly the most popular league in Minnesota Disc Golf history is BACK. For those who don't know, SunDog is a league that travels to a different course each week in and around the Twin Cities Metro. During its hayday and before the emergence of social media or other registration sites, weekly attendance averaged anywhere between 90-180 players.

The sense of community with players, especially those who played the Shotgun starts are fond memories for all who played. We want to carry that tradition forward and revive the SunDog events.

Here is how it will work:

SunDog will run on Tuesdays from May 4 - Aug 31

Registration for each week/event, will open on the previous Wednesday at 7:30PM on Disc Golf Scene. When you register through the site, you are simply reserving your spot. You will pay cash for your entry when you arrive at the course.

Entry Fees

Pro - $15
Advanced - $12
Intermediate/Novice/Rec/Women $10

$1 of every entry will go into the general ACE pot.
$1 of every entry will go towards the Twin Town Throwdown B Tier Event
$1 of every entry will go towards event expenses and course rental fees

General ACE pool will carry over if not hit.
BONUS ACE pool will carry over if not hit

Entry Fees will be CASH ONLY. (It doesn't make sense for everyone to have to pay the $1.95 PayPal fee every time when using Disc Golf Scene. If you register/reserve a spot, it is expected you show up. If you don't, you will be moved the back of the line in subsequent weeks.

You can choose a FLEX start Tee Time from 8:00 AM - 3 PM. You must have at least 3 players in your group. OR, you can choose the SHOTGUN start at 6PM. Spots for the shotgun start will be limited to 5 players/hole. The total number will vary from course to course as there are some courses with more than 18 holes or locations with more than one course.

We will be using UDisc Scoring as the official record.

Twin Town Events will be set up each week with a full assortment of discs, bags and accessories for purchase as well as AM Payouts.

Refund policy

TWIN TOWN EVENTS is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Tuesday, May 18, 2021
- 3:00pm
Tee Time Rounds (Every 10 minutes). Must have at least 3 players to play.
- 5:30pm
Check In For 6PM Shotgun Round
5:45pmPlayer Meeting/Announcements
6:00pmShotgun Start (Fivesomes max on every hole)

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

-FPOOpen Women
-MP40Pro 40+
-FP40Pro Women 40+
-MP50Pro 50+
-FP50Pro Women 50+
-MP55Pro 55+
-MP60Pro 60+
-MP65Pro 65+
-FA1Advanced Women
-MA40Amateur 40+
-FA40Amateur Women 40+
-MA50Amateur 50+
-FA50Amateur Women 50+
-MA55Amateur 55+
-FA55Amateur Women 55+
-MA60Amateur 60+
-FA60Amateur Women 60+
-MA65Amateur 65+
-FA65Amateur Women 65+
-MA70Amateur 70+
-FA70Amateur Women 70+
-FA2Intermediate Women
-FA3Recreational Women
-FA4Novice Women
-MJ18Junior 18
-FJ18Junior Girls 18
-MJ15Junior 15
-FJ15Junior Girls 15
-MJ12Junior 12
-FJ12Junior Girls 12
-MJ10Junior 10
-FJ10Junior Girls 10
-MJ08Junior 8
-FJ08Junior Girls 8