Summit DGA 2021 Club Bag Tag Tournament

Sunday, April 11, 2021 at Hudson Springs Park in Hudson, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

Summit DGA 2021 Club Bag Tag Tournament graphic

About this tournament

Entry Fee - $25
Each participant will receive a SUMMIT DGA dry fit shirt and a 2021 club bag tag.

There will be a round of singles followed by a round of doubles.

9:00am "Shotgun Start" Singles - 1 division for all competitors
- Final scores for round 1 will determine tag distribution order
- Tags will be awarded after round 1

~1:30pm "Shotgun Start" Doubles Round
- Doubles pairing will be determined by a players round 1 finish score. The lowest recorded score will partner with the highest recorded score and so on throughout the field.
- There will be cash prizes for the top few doubles teams after round 2

After this event and your entry into Summit DGA Club Membership you can play other members for tags in casual, league or tournament rounds. Bragging rights and a running list of top 10 tag holders will be kept on the Summit DGA facebook and Disc Golf Scene pages. Feel free to challenge anyone in the top 10 to a "tag battle" throughout the year. Let's get 2021 started right here in Summit Disc Golf Association. We will see you all out there!!!

The proceeds from this event will go to the Summit DGA course/event fund. Taking care of courses is both labor intensive and costly. It is through club membership and league funds that we are able to keep our courses in shape. Thanks to our members for supporting the Summit DGA!!!

Refund policy

Summit DGA is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

Round 1: Hudson Springs Park - Bag Tag 19, 19 holes, par 59
1Benjamin Rahe5555
2Jacob Weidokal5656
2Matt Mazur5656
4David Michl5858
4Gabe Lopez5858
4Mike Hill5858
4Nathan Horovitz5858
8Carl Peterson5959
8Dustin Alcorn5959
8Michael Knepp5959
8Steven Gandee5959
12Jonny Flower6060
12Michael Haney6060
14Jonathan Owens6161
14Stephen Mihaly6161
16Aaron Lutton6262
16Andrew Bruck6262
16Blake Favalon6262
16Daniel Murphy6262
20Carl J Kostal6363
20Chris Mcguinness6363
20Matt Baylor6363
20Ryan Bahr6363
24Bryon Szabo6464
24Cameron Binkley6464
26Abe Mcguinness6565
27Bryan Queen6666
27Mike Naymik6666
27Sam Rath6666
30Drew A6767
30Samuel Herzog6767
30Steve "Reno" Haney6767
33James A. Sheets6868
33Mike Krosse6868
33Troy Horne6868
36Brandon Woolverton6969
36Treasure Tvaroch6969
38Dave Ernst7171
38Josh Grenig7171
38Micah Carey7171
41Jeffrey Price7272
41Matt Provchy7272
41Patrick Conway7272
44Chris Jett7373
44Donald Paulat7373
44P.J. Dennis7373
44Tera Townsend7373
48Kevin Kovach7474
49Doug Robinson7676
49Eric Horne7676
49Mike Coe7676
52Rob Tandy7777
53B.C. Wehman7878
54Shawn OConnor7979
54Tim Rath7979
56Taylor Rahe8080
57Jack DiPronio-0
57Jennifer Fechheimer-0
57Jill Rafferty-0
57Michael Davidson-0