Summer Slayer

PDGA logoSaturday, June 29, 2019 at Knob Hill Park in Warrendale, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

This will be a 3 round event at Knob Hill all in one day.

Lunch will be provided

Rec/FA1/MJ18/ - Red/White/white
Intermediate - Red/White/White
MA40 - Red/Blue/White
Advanced/MPO - White/Blue/White

Amateur players will have a disc in their players pack at minimum

Schedule will play rounds 1 and 2 together with your same card with a rolling break at tournament central in between the two rounds. Each group will be given a round 1 card and round 2 card. After the second round we will break for lunch and then a regroup for round 3

Lunch will be provided by Jimi's Sunnyside Up Diner located on Route 8 by 228. Jimi is also a local disc golfer in the area who makes some killer food. Be sure to stop out to his restaurant for some good home cooking!

$1 dollar will be taken out of every players entry fee and go towards a points series, for more details follow the link below to the points series page

In addition to support the local clubs that have dedicated the time to implementing the courses, $1 from every entry fee will go towards the associated club that the tournament will be hosted at.

PIN locations:
1) B, 2) C, 3) B, 4) A, 5)C, 6) A, 7) B, 8) C, 9) B, 10)B, 11)A, 12) C, 13) C, 14) C, 15) C, 16) B, 17)B, 18)A

Refund policy

Steel City Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Knob Hill Park
Warrendale, PA   Get Directions

Current Standings

PDGA results at
1Adam Woodward535455
2Matt Rosier546054
3Vinny Montanari576157
4Jeremiah Libby576752
5Casey DeSmith586260
6Cody Winget576462
7Dan Horwat626460
7Evan Cole586464
9Eden Gonano5565-
10David Sileo5766-
1Jacob Johnston586153
2Mitchell Short516461
3Will Holland566358
4Zach Trdinich566361
5Nate Langer586659
5Thomas Snake Sears576561
7Amadeo Cano III596461
8Andrew Greenslade576662
9Jarrett Johnston586863
10Macky D606971
11Craig Rodgers III617967
1Luke Smith496462
2Christopher Beatty526261
3Evan Kovacs546062
3Joe Hags575861
3Trey Shrewsbury566357
6Luke Turkovich536165
7Cameron Weber546364
8Zechariah Dahm535971
9Cody Echtler526468
10Liam Russell586270
11Max Harleman566972
12Greg Hamilton597172
13William Jeffery Seals587784
14David Lachendro5863-
1Mike Ewan556264
2Julian Rau516468
3Howie Kocher586068
4Samuel Karas566666
5Cody Calvin576666
6Kevin Sines556669
7Jason Stoner547069
8Brent Mayes576968
9Kevin Sulia616569
10Clint Sines567372
10Dan Ziober597270
12Hayden Crow696775
13Jacob Hamberger627384
14Dennis McCollough608380
15Tim Rastetter5372-
16Cameron Collier6072-
17Dave Wolfrey6669-
1Zach Kurta71--