Stomped By The Hippo

PDGA logoSaturday, June 19, 2021 at Hippo Ridge DGC in Athens, Ohio
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament



The course is located at 9888 East Copeland Road, Stewart OH, 45778.

There will be no on-site registration.

There will be 2 rounds of 18 holes on the Hippo Ridge Tricolour Course using a shotgun start. Purple and green divisions will play from the red tees. Red and white divisions will play from the white tees. Blue division will play from the blue tees.

Gates open at 8:30. When you arrive, drive to the top of the hill and check in with Marvelous Margaret or her designee. You will be directed on where to park.

There will be no on-site players meeting. There are no practice baskets. Proceed to your starting hole after you arrive. Group and hole assignments will be announced via the PDGA event page for this tournament.

Score reporting will use the PDGA Digital Scorecard. Each group (card) should maintain a second scorecard using a different technology such as U-Disc. Physical score cards will also be available. At the end of each round of play, the two scorecards must be reconciled.

The Hippo Ridge LAF bell will be rung twice at the 2-minute warning and several times at the start.

Lunch is on your own. Hot food is available 10 minutes from Hippo Ridge.

The start time for round two will be one hour after round one is completed by all players.

The start time for round two will be emailed to all players and physically posted near the residence. Group and hole assignments will again be announced via the PDGA event page.

EVERY PLAYER MUST CONFIRM THEIR SCORE on the PDGA Digital Scorecard before leaving Hippo Ridge.

There will be no awards ceremony. Other than the CTP contest, there will be no prizes or trophies that you can take home. Instead, the winner of each division will have their name painted on a hippo and displayed on hole 1.

After the tournament, there will be a socially-distant CTP contest from the top of the hill to various targets on the front nine. Purple and Green division players will play to the basket on hole 5. Red and White division players will play to the basket on hole 6. Blue and division will play to the basket on hole 3. The winner of each of the three contests will receive a prize of a concrete hippo and/or disc of their choice from whatever selection is available.


This is a true amateur event. There are no prizes or trophies. This is not a fundraising event either. That’s why the entry fee is only two dollars.


In case of a weather emergency, the LAF bell will be rung continuously for one minute. Proceed to your vehicle and remain inside until the emergency is over. Both winds over 20 mph and lightning constitute an emergency.


Along with the general hazards of being in the woods in Ohio in June, please anticipate the following tripping hazards: stumps, holes, and tee markers.

With a par of 65, there are 11 fairway drives on the course, making 29 total drives. That’s plenty of space for 18 groups to spread out on the course. Please yield to the group in front of you.

Hole number 16 will have special safety signage and may be assisted by a marshal.


A water station and porta john will be located at the junction of holes 9 and 18.

The off-road parking is limited. Prime parking spaces will be reserved for vehicles with two or more golfers. Please get vaccinated so that this is safe to do.


Mandatory routes are marked on holes 1, 11, 17, and 18. A throw that passes the mandatory marker on the wrong side receives one penalty throw. The lie for the next throw is the previous lie.


East Copeland Road is out of bounds. If any part of a player’s disc lies above grass, the disc is not out of bounds. This out-of-bounds line affects hole number 7 primarily; but can also come into play on holes 11, 6, and 10.

If a disc is determined to be out of bounds, the new lie should be marked on a line that is perpendicular to the out-of-bounds line at the point where the disc entered the out-of-bounds area and up to FIVE METERS away from the out-of-bounds line. This amount will allow the lie to be placed at the top of the bank near the road and on the inside of the tree line at the road. A player whose disc is out of bounds receives one penalty throw.

If the position of the thrown disc is not out of bounds but within one meter of an out-of-bounds line, the lie may be relocated to a new lie at any point on a one-meter line that extends perpendicularly from the nearest point on the out-of-bounds line and passes through the center of the thrown disc. Note that this adjustment extends only one meter, and not five meters, since there is no penalty throw.

The Hippo Ridge gravel driveway is not out of bounds. A line defining the boundary between the driveway and East Copeland Road is painted on the gravel. If your disc lies above any unpainted gravel on the driveway side of the painted boundary line, it is not out of bounds.


Players must take relief from brush piles that are located throughout the course. If a player’s disc has come to rest on or in a brush pile and the player is unable to take a stance with all supporting points in contact with the ground, the player MUST establish a lie that is on the line of play (to the basket), farther from the target, and at the nearest point that provides relief. Because safety. There is no penalty for this adjustment.


Players may take optional relief from standing or flowing water anywhere on the course. To obtain relief, the player may mark a new lie that is on the line of play, farther from the target, and at the nearest point that provides relief. There is no penalty for this adjustment.

Refund policy

Hippo Ridge Disc Golf Course is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.