Cherryland Disc Golf Festival and Tournament Sponsored by Latitude 64 - A GDG $5K/$10K Event

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 4-5, 2019 at Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State Park in Gervais, Oregon
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Cherryland Disc Golf Festival and Tournament Sponsored by Latitude 64 - A GDG $5K/$10K Event graphic
Added cash $250

About this tournament

Plans are in motion to have a PDGA B-Tier in the Mid-Willamette Valley in early May!

There will be three rounds of at least 18 holes over two days. All Divisions will be offered.
Saturday each Pool will have a Shortgun Start at their respective course in the morning and afternoon. Both Pools will play Wheatland DGC on Sunday. Tee Times wil be posted Saturday Night.

Both Recreation, and All Junior Divisions, will have shorter tee pads where needed.

All Players Pack Contain:
One Lucky Disc Golf Online Certificate

In Addition All Amateur Players Pack will also contain:
One Disc
One Flightowel Mini
One Event Branded USUL - Disc Golf Knee Pad
One Event/Latitude 64Branded T-Shirt

Open Players can order an event T-Shirt for $10.

On Sunay ever player will have an attempt at the Dynamic Discs Grow Disc Golf $5k/$10k Ace Challenge! Hole 10 or 12 at Wheatland will be the only eligible hole for this payout! Details still be finalized.

Refund policy

Willamette Valley Chain Gang is responsible for all refunds/cancellations
PDGA Guidelines will be used

Final Results

PDGA results at


$167.00 for Hole 15 @ Camp Taloali on Jerry Miller DGC, 5 &11 IN LONG par 4's
$167.00 for Hole 15 @ Camp Taloali on Jerry Miller DGC, 5 &11 IN LONG par 4's
Round 1: Keizer Rapids - Long layout, 18 holes, par 56
1Scott Withers474349139$376
2Justin Anderson465556157$262
3Jeff Hoyer504762159$176
4Robert Lockwood485359160$123
4Shaun Kirk514960160$123
6Bryan Van Fleet525059161$40
6Eric Wilson524960161$40
8Reed Key495561165
9Lincoln Thomas535264169
10B.J. Rodriguez565461171
11Cody Jones575860175
12John Snyder545963176
13Gerald Lanig III595466179
14Roger Vega575569181
Pro 40+
1Rick Manley545565174$130
2Marx Ramirez546064178$77
3John Diestelow636166190
Open Women
1Amy Lewis595567181$81
1Cole Redalen494855152
2T.J. Mills554760162
3Jordan Collmann515558164
4Kenneth Chassie515362166
5Daniel Nonne565662174
5Steven Dobrinski545763174
7Scott West545962175
8Zachary Fisher565962177
9Jessy Hanson575962178
9Rafael Lopez575665178
11Travis Oakley526167180
12Brian Heater595567181
13Aaron Simpson615863182
14Jakeb Hammond575769183
14Jesus Cruz585966183
16Andy Redalen605767184
17Jimmy Moore595670185
17Sean Martin615371185
19Michael Babcock655271188
20Jory Mitchell615870189
20Zach Palmquist625869189
22Doug Waddell656263190
23Daniel Dougherty626172195
Amateur 40+
1Jeffrey Ballard555464173
2Buck Rich535466173
2Jason Demeter555464173
4Matthew Coll565762175
5John Lewis605566181
6Mike Palermo605568183
7Ira Burgess575572184
8Benny Bond605868186
8Roger Norton615669186
10Adam Rud635767187
11Michael Nonne575774188
12Russ Brown615674191
13Kevin Korman596076195
14Daniel Handyside615880199
15Roy Elliott616277200
16Scott Bresee59--59
Amateur 50+
1Gary Fitzgerald535969181
2Riotch Jacoby545869181
3Brian Pond556077192
4Doug Morgan586372193
Amateur 60+
1Terry Houck555966180
2Robert Jones626771200
3Dayna Reed636277202
3Gary Erwin596578202
1Laurence Anderson525859169
2Elijah Andrus535268173
2Joshua Shoemake525467173
4Ted Tracy III576065182
5Brandon Soto575869184
5Ken Bierman585868184
7Josh Russell565575186
8Austin Whitesell596266187
9Charles Celestine586268188
9Zachary Wertz596168188
11Caleb Russell576372192
12Tim Widmer536278193
13Dennis Mauroni616172194
13Kyle Warren576473194
15Adam Pope556575195
15Dizze Denzell Johnson596175195
15Tyler Rogers625875195
18Dan Green616375199
19Mike Maryanov606581206
20Nick Foy63618881012
21Brian Hamilton5964-123
1Steve Boveri616676203
2Rob Hershinow656882215
Advanced Women
1Holly Dewit656374202
2Karen Redalen646779210
Intermediate Women
1Maggie Cedillo676985221
2Shawna Pond697579223
3Mercedes Miller707482226
4Brittany Morris737679228
5Amanda Bresee727986237
Junior 18
1Niko Smith555469178
Junior Girls 15
1Allison Bresee8292104278