Sparkle Open 2019 presented by Ladies First Disc Golf

PDGA logoSaturday, October 19, 2019 at Estabrook Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Women-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Women's disc golf tournament at Estabrook Park! We will play 2 rounds of 20 holes from short tees. Basket settings will be a mix of short, medium and long. This fun event encourages costumes to be worn by players! Player pack items will include a hand made winter head apparel item and long sleeve shirt/hoodie in unisex sizes for all amateur players. Pro players may choose to purchase a players pack. 1st place trophies awarded to divisions with 3 or more players. Tournament central TBD but will be at a local pub/bar within 5 minutes of the course.

Refund policy

Jenny San Filippo is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
Open Women
1Barrett White5058108
2Erin Oakley5956115
3Lori Locke6059119
4Lauren Braaksma6063123
5Lisa Warner5965124
6Kallie Howell6858126
6Sonja Bolchen6363126
8Michelle Handzel6466130
8Tracey Lopez5971130
10Jennifer San Filippo6567132
11Laura Bialek6469133
12Jen Thatcher6868136
13Katrina Kozar7067137
Pro Women 50+
1Jill Pickett7069139
2Nadine Malm7173144
Advanced Women
1Erika M'Erika Foo6158119
2Jenna Trittin6657123
3Elizabeth Emmenegger6266128
4Taija Lehtinen6465129
5Laura Feldt6864132
Amateur Women 40+
1Melanie SanFilippo7468142
2Shawn Ramsey7474148
3Ragine Hanson7576151
4Margarette Allen7876154
Amateur Women 50+
1Kat Pisaro6766133
2Becci Aschenbach6875143
3Tracie Mullen8082162
4Alanna Turner8482166
Amateur Women 70+
1Nancy Wright8689175
2Janny Darling8791178
Intermediate Women
1Angel Brown6960129
2Janet Hershey6766133
3Nora Balayti7163134
Recreational Women
1Jenny Belken6762129
2Denise Carpenter7168139
3Donna Norman7271143
3Jenny Reck7073143
5Lisa Palet7273145
6Kayla Lowrey7472146
7Valerie Wilbourn7375148
8Mao Xiong7475149
9Jennifer Vandewater7478152
10Amy King7479153
11Christina Asetamy7685161
12Phaedra Allen8280162
Novice Women
1Alyssa Martinez7772149
2Lynn Nelson7680156
3Dana Brewbaker7879157
4Melissa Anhalt8179160
5Elizabeth Strand8282164
5Sabrina Copen8579164
7Tori Rivet8887175