SpAce Race 2014! Round #4: SpAce Donuts

Sunday, June 22, 2014 at Horning's Hideout in North Plains, Oregon
Ace Race


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About this tournament

SpAce Race 2014! Round 4: SpAce Donuts

SpAce Race 2014! Round 4 is an ace run tournament held at Horning's Hideout Highlands course. All courses at Horning's will be open for play on the day of the tournament (including the Highlands course, depending on the number of tournament players).

For an ace run you throw from the tee trying to make a hole in one with no further throws to complete the hole. 2 rounds played consecutively, 3 throws from the tee per hole per player.

Bring your own discs to throw, with holes ranging from 100 feet to 250 feet. Holes #5 and #6 have alternate shorter tee pads, making the longest throw around 220 feet if you wish to play those pads. Double points for scoring from the regular #5 and #6 tee pads.

You may use one of the SpAce Race 2014 custom stamped discs on each hole (available for purchase at event). If you make an ace with that disc you win another disc!

There are two divisions: Men's and Women's with separate winners and pay outs.

9-10 AM registration/warm-up, 10 AM player meeting, 11:20 AM tee off. 3ish PM awards.

25$, which includes 1$ for the Double Ace pot, 1$ for the series prize pool, 10$ for cash payouts and prizes, and 13$ for scrip prize payouts. Cash only, pay at event.

The main scoring category (for cash prizes) will be 5 points for an ace, 2 points for metal, 2 points for hitting the bucket on top of the basket, whether it falls off or not.

Play with your own group of up to 4 players (groups of 5 with one player playing as the "Fifth Wheel Fleet" -- playing for the double ace pot by themselves, is also allowed). Registered groups smaller than 4 players and individuals will be put into groups to at the start of the playing meeting.

18 groups of 5 for a maximum of 90 players. If the waitlist happens to rise to 40+ players I'll look into adding another round to start as the regularly scheduled round is finishing up.

Horning's Hideout has a 4$ per person day use fee. You can also buy annual passes, which are a great value even if you play there even just a couple of times per month.


To pre-register, go to the Portland Mobile Disc lab page here:
Please "like" the page if you haven't done so yet, then under "Events" click the "Join" button for the "SpAce Race 2014 @ Horning's Hideout: Round #2" event. Once you know the names of everyone who will be in your group (2 to 4 players) and they have joined the event, send me a message with that information. If you have a non-internet using member of your group who is planning on playing send me a message with their name. If you do not Facebook but are on you can message me there as well

Pay day of event, cash only.

SpAce Race 2014! consists of 7 monthly ace run tournaments held at Horning's Hideout Highlands course, from March through September. There will be 9 total rounds (36 holes per round), as July and August will feature two 36 hole round days. The Highlands course is great for ace runs as most holes are less than 200 feet.

There will be an overall series winner for the individual with the highest point total counting their 6 best event scores (allowing for three missed rounds or throw out your worst three scores if you've played all 9 rounds). Top 10 series finishers will also receive prizes according to their 6 max best scores. We will also have Women's top 3 series finishers this year.

This year there will also be Quadrant Champions -- the top 3 series finishers from the following quadrants: The Northern Hemisphere (Washington State), Center of the Universe (Portland/Washington County, and The Southern Contingency (anything south of Portland). More bragging rights to bag!

Feel free to attend just one or as many rounds of SpAce Race 2014! as you wish.


The round 4 twist is this -- if you fail to hit metal or an ace on your first 18 holes (Tractor Beam points are okay), you win a donut for your scoring donut! Okay, maybe there shouldn't be an exclamation mark there, as so far your round is not going well, lol.

Instead of the usual muffins, we will have donuts from Every Day is a Donut Day, the best damn donut shop in Oregon, located at 184th and TV Highway in Aloha.

Cash payouts go to the top 40% of finishers, using the PDGA payout scale.

We will do one SpAce Station hole in round 4 (explained in player meeting).

Constellation, Space Invader and Area 51 points earn you prizes for finishing on top, as well as electronic raffle tickets for a raffle held during the awards ceremony on the same day. Only full shots thrown in an attempt to make an ace count toward Constellation and SpAce Invader points.

New in 2014 is the "Area 51" -- a flagged off rectangle behind each basket. Any disc that lands in Area 51 gets you an Area 51 point, good for an electronic raffle ticket. Any Constellation and SpAce Invader points made inside of an Area 51 are worth double points. Constellation and SpAce Invader points will be explained in the player meeting.

On top of each basket there is a 5 gallon bucket. If you knock the bucket off with your disc you win a drink and a large muffin! Bucket hits of any kind also count as a metal hit of 2 points for scoring.

The Double Ace pot is won when 2+ aces are made by a group on the same hole, both rounds of 18 included. If only one group hits the Double Ace pot once in a series round, 10% of the pot will go to each non-acing member of the group, with the rest divided evenly among the acers or to the individual who alone made 2+ aces on the same hole. If the Double Ace pot is not won in a monthly round it will carry over to the next monthly round. If there are no Double Ace pot winners in the final round, the pot will be divided equally according to aces in the final round.


Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR   Get Directions


Final Results


Barron MHole 7 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Brian HausotterHole 14 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Kenny Hall$22.00 for Hole 6 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Nick AlmondHole 14 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
jaycen cHole 6 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Kevin RiveraHole 14 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Barron MHole 12 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Mr CLEANHole 6 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Mr CLEANHole 11 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Aaron SturgeonHole 2 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Aaron SturgeonHole 8 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Andrew ShowenHole 8 on The Highlands, Regular tees 2x
Women Cash
Round 1: Horning's Hideout - The Highlands Regular tees 2x, 36 holes, par 108
1Carlson, Kailey9797$58
2Miller, JoLeigh102102$36
2Milliman, Stacy102102$36
5Gurske, Heidi105105$10
6Monahan, Kenna106106$6
6Quinton, Heather106106$6
6Williams, Keshia106106$6
9Johnson, Dona108108
Round 1: Horning's Hideout - The Highlands Regular tees 2x, 36 holes, par 108
1Hartman, Lee7979$85
2Hausotter, Brian8989$68
3Miller, Barron9090$58
4Sturgeon, Aaron9292$51
5Sines, Jeremy9393$48
6Hall, Kenny9595$41
7Showen, Andy9595$39
8Walker, Jesse9696
9Almond, Nick9797$32
10Chapman, Sean9898$31
11Hylton, Matt9999$26
11Ness, Jaycen9999$26
11Ramsey, Josh9999$26
14Burns, Doug100100$23
14Butcher, Scott100100$23
16Quinton, Daniel101101$15
16Strangebrew, Kevin101101$15
18Haynes, Ricky102102$12
18Kenney, Terry102102$12
18McClurg, Rob102102$12
21Stratton, Tim103103$12
22Johansen, Mark104104$12
22Olsen, Tyler104104$12
24Jones, Duncan105105
25Ainsworth, Chris106106
25Banks, Ryan106106
25Roggiero, Sean106106
28Alexander, Ian108108
28Compton, Jesse108108
28Gyllenskog, Erik108108
28Miller, Jay108108