SpAce Race 2013 @ Horning's Hideout: Round #8 Galaxy's End

Saturday, November 9, 2013 at Horning's Hideout in North Plains, Oregon
Ace Race


SpAce Race 2013 @ Horning's Hideout:  Round #8 Galaxy's End graphic
Added cash $29


Club DirectorPaul A Compton

About this tournament

SpAce Race 2013! Round 8: Galaxy's End

SpAce Race 2013! Round 8 is an ace run tournament held at Horning's Hideout Highlands course. All courses at Horning's will be open for play on the day of the tournament, including the Highlands course. Horning's Hideout has a 4$ per person day use fee.

For an ace run you throw from the tee trying to make a hole in one with no further throws to complete the hole. 2 rounds played consecutively, 3 throws from the tee per hole per player.

Bring your own discs to throw, with holes ranging from 100 feet to 250 feet. Holes #5 and #6 have alternate shorter tee pads, making the longest throw around 220 feet if you wish to play those pads. Double points for scoring from the regular #5 and #6 tee pads.

There are two divisions, an open and a women's with separate winners and pay outs. About half of the holes have slightly closer women's tees.

With fading daylight registration is moving up to 10 AM, with 10:45 AM Constellation and SpAce Invader CTP throw offs for points earned in round #7. 11 AM player meeting, 11:15 AM tee off. 20$1$ for the Double Ace pot, 5% for the series final winners, with the rest going to scrip and cash payouts. Cash only, pay at event. 72 players max for the event (18 groups of 4).

Scoring will be 5 points for an ace, 2 points for metal.

Play with your own group of up to 4 players . Registered groups smaller than 4 players and individuals will be assigned to foursomes.

As usual there will be Muffin Buckets, plus the spaced out scoring system unique to the SpAce Race!

On half of the holes there will be a 5 gallon bucket on top of the basket. If you knock the bucket off with your disc you win a drink and a large muffin! Bucket hits of any kind also count as a metal hit of 2 points for scoring.

In this final round, instead of muffins, we're going to upgrade (in my opinion!) to the best donuts around -- fritters from Every Day is a Donut Day. I'm planning on bringing up some hot coffee as well.


To pre-register, go to the Portland Mobile Disc lab page here:
Please "like" the page if you haven't done so yet, then under "Events" click the "Join" button for the "SpAce Race 2013 @ Horning's Hideout: Round #8" event. Once you know the names of everyone who will be in your group (2 to 4 players) and they have joined the event, send me a message with that information. If you have a non-internet using member of your group who is planning on playing send me a message with their name. If you do not Facebook but are on you can message me there as well

Pay day of event, cash only.


SpAce Race 2013! consists of 8 monthly ace run tournaments held at Horning's Hideout Highlands course. The Highlands course is great for ace runs as most holes are less than 200 feet.

There will be an overall series winner for the individual with the highest point total counting their 6 best rounds (allowing for two missed events or throw out your worst two scores if you've attended all 8 rounds). Top 10 series finishers will also receive prizes according to their 6 max best scores. 5% of each round's prize pool is saved for the series' winners.

Feel free to attend just one or as many rounds of SpAce Race 2013! as you wish.

Beginning in round 4 we've had two divisions: Open and Women's. Women are free to play in either division. The Women's division has shorter temporary tees on most of the longer holes.


Top 3 point-scorers in each division get the highest payouts, and after that there are payout tiers for the SpAce Cadet Cashers. The number of cashers and tiers is dependent on the number of entries. A 20$ no player pack entry fee this time means that there will be a combination of both scrip and cash payouts -- the biggest payouts per entry fee we've had this year.

Constellation and Space Invader scoring earns you throws for closest to the pin throw offs prior to the following SpAce Race round. Only full shots thrown in an attempt to make an ace count toward Constellation and Space Invader points. Being the final round of the season, all CTP points earned from these categories earn raffle tickets for a post round raffle.

The Double Ace pot is won when 2+ aces are made by a group on the same hole, both rounds of 18 included. If only one group hits the Double Ace pot once in a series round, 10% of the pot will go to each non-acing member of the group, with the rest divided evenly among the acers or to the individual who alone made 2+ aces. If the Double Ace pot is not hit in this final round then the money in it will be divided equally for all aces thrown in the final round. There is 29$ from the last round already in the pot.


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