Southwest Michigan Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Meyer Broadway Park in Three Rivers, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


Southwest Michigan Trilogy Challenge graphic

About this tournament

Always wanted to try out disc golf but not sure how? Want to try 3 brand new discs from Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Latitude 64? Here is your chance! Come out for a fun day of friends and disc golf. Bring a friend, a neighbor or a relative to try out disc golf. Lets grow the sport!

You are only allowed to use the discs from the players pack for this tournament.

Players Pack
- 3 unreleased discs. A driver from Latitude 64, a midrange from Westside Discs and a putter from Dynamic Discs.
- A sweet t-shirt featuring all three companies
- A mini disc used for marking your disc
- A reusable scorecard

This will be a 1 round tournament that will be held on the north course, we will be playing the short tee pads. There will be 1 general division with prizes to the top 3 scores. An Ace pot and 50/50 CTP will also be available for $5 total ($2 to ace pot $3 to 50/50) The 50/50 will go to a local club or to help the Park.

Only those who register before May 18th will be guaranteed their shirt size. So REGISTER EARLY.

No cashless preregistration.

If you have any questions please ask and begin to invite friends!

Refund policy

Jaron Mallo is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

1Jordan Parks4646$50
2Ryan Shoner4646$45
3Michael Kettwich4747$30
4Josh Winfrey5050$15
5Jaron Mallo5050
6Ben Ribarchek5151
6Chad Eash5151
6Jonathon Freese5151
6Justin Slosser5151
6Nathan Hostetter5151
6Shane Leech5151
12Aaron Smithberger5252
12Doug Krugh5252
12Mike Anastor5252
12Wes Taylor5252
16Adam Altoft5353
16Drew Britton5353
16Jonathon Eddy5353
16Miles Webber5353
20Andrew Rhuland5454
20Christopher McIntosh5454
20Daniel Kuster5454
20Jacob Lopez5454
20Michael Diecchio5454
20Nicholas Oeming5454
20Spencer Barnett5454
27Arden Major jr.5555
27David Jennings5555
27Dustin Morton5555
27Jason Mancilla5555
27Michael Zylstra5555
27Ryan Kiewiet5555
27Tim Sylvain5555
34Ed Sonnevil5656
34Eric Aidinovich5656
34Luke Hochstetler5656
37Donnie Tarver5757
37Jason Candelaria5757
37Zach Slosser5757
40Andrew Schneider5858
40Austin Thurow5858
40Dylan Sonnevil5858
43Nathan Fletcher5858
44Ryan Maniwczak5959
44adam wood5959
46David Wethington6060
46Jake DeKoning6060
46James Steinberger6060
46Kaleb Schoolman6060
50Brandon Rouse6161
50Jeremiah Johnson6161
50Josh Brenemen6161
50Mike Predosa6161
54Matthew Dodge6262
55Travis Cain6363
56Niles Harding6464
57Josh Allard6565
58Nick Fletcher6868
59Lynn Kozik7070
60Matt Kozik7272
60Tanner Aumiller7272
62Christopher McIntosh-0
Intermediate Women
1Elizabeth Szubinski5959
2Phyllis Fields6363
3Lisa Fields6464
4Joy kozik6868
5Kennedy Bainter6969
6Rachel Mallo7575
7Pam Nelson8080
8Megan Fletcher8888
9April Castle-0