Southwest Michigan Trilogy Challenge 2018: Powered by Savage

Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Meyer Broadway Park in Three Rivers, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


Southwest Michigan Trilogy Challenge 2018: Powered by Savage graphic

About this tournament

Always wanted to try out disc golf but not sure how? Want to try 3 brand new discs from Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Latitude 64? Here is your chance! Come out for a fun day of friends and disc golf. Bring a friend, a neighbor or a relative to try out disc golf. Lets grow the sport!

You are only allowed to use the discs from the players pack for this tournament.

Players Pack
Latitude 64 Opto Musket | Speed: 10 Glide: 5 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 2
Dynamic Discs Lucid Patrol | Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -3 Fade: 1
Westside Discs Origio Burst Maiden | Speed: 3 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

- A sweet t-shirt featuring all three companies
- A BURST mini disc used for marking your disc

This will be a 1 round tournament that will be held on the north course, we will be playing the short tee pads. There will be different divisions this year, with different prizes available. Typically we give out prizes to the top 3 competitors, it should stay the same this year.

AM1- This division is for the AM1 or AM2 divisions. A better prize will be available as the top prize. This is for the players that play competitively.

AM3- This division is for those that are typically in the AM3 or AM4 divisions. This is for the beginners and casual players.

Women's Division- This is a division for the women disc golfers.

An Ace pot and 50/50 CTP will also be available for $5 total ($2 to ace pot $3 to 50/50) The 50/50 will go to the club.

Only those who register before May 18th will be guaranteed their shirt size. So REGISTER EARLY.

No cashless preregistration.

If you have any questions please ask and begin to invite friends!

If you attended last year, you know there were plenty of prizes to go around. This year will be no different! If and WHEN we get over 100 registrants, we will be given a marksman basket to give away somehow! I have every intention of hitting 100+ people, please invite everyone you know and we will begin to grow numbers!

I have a HUUUUUGE mobile vender coming this year, Chubb Disc golf has a very large mobile setup and will be coming in with a great selection and great prices. He runs a top notch business and we are excited to host him. Even if you don't come to play, come and check out his selection!

If you have prizes to donate, please talk to me and let me know asap! We had a prize for every single hole last year, and we are looking to do that again! Maybe 2 prizes on a few holes???? We will see!

Spread the word! Hope to see you there!

Refund policy

Rocky River DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results


Eric Dingman$61.00 for Hole 11 on North course, Short tees
Adam Altoft$61.00 for Hole 5 on North course, Short tees
Round 1: Meyer Broadway Park - North course Short tees, 18 holes, par 56
1Jordan Parks4646$200
2Courtney Feister4646$100
3Jack Bungart4646$50
4Eric Dingman4646
5Jonathon Freese4747
6Aaron Smithberger4848
6Michael Lee Cook4848
6Ryan Shirley4848
6Tyler JAckson4848
10Adam Altoft4949
11Adam Wood5050
11Dustin Morton5050
11Jonathon Eddy5050
11Josh VanderVries5050
11Justin Slosser5050
11Kaleb Schoolman5050
11Travis Brackett5050
11Travis Hodgemire5050
11Zach Hufford5050
20Chad Eash5151
20Travis Jones5151
22Cameron Majka5252
22Jamie Hartman5252
22Robert Spataro5252
22Zax Knight5252
26Tim Sylvain5656
27Brian Jones5757
28Rich McVey5858
29Justin Smithberger6060
Round 1: Meyer Broadway Park - North course Short tees, 18 holes, par 56
1William Timm4646$70
2Chris Edwards4848$50
3Calvin Oke5050$35
4Kyle Baker5050
5Miles Webber5252
6Bobby Jaseph5353
7Jacob Mikel5454
7Joseph Dulak5454
9Bryan Canen5555
9Charles McClelland5555
11Nathan Hostetter5656
12Christopher McIntosh5757
12Josh Breneman5757
12Randall Moore5757
12Ryan Maniwczak5757
16Bart Davis5858
16Dustin Courneya5858
16Jason Mancilla5858
19James Steinberger5959
19Nick Fletcher5959
21Brandon Monroe6060
21Eric Aidinovich6060
21Jeremiah Johnson6060
21Nathan Fletcher6060
25Cody Michniewicz6161
25Luke Hochstetler6161
25Michael Blanchard6161
25Nate Sassaman6161
29Donnie Tarver6262
29Mark Montcalm6262
31Brandon Smith6363
31Josh Allard6363
31Zach Slosser6363
34Curtis Mengel6565
35Calvin Burkett6767
35Jordan Armstrong6767
37John McVey6868
37Kyle Kelley6868
39Cody Sprague6969
39Lynn Kozik6969
39Matthew Kozik6969
42Jeshua Campos7070
42Zach Hawkins7070
44Brody Fletcher7171
44Donnie Nichols7171
46Eric Stezowski7272
46Tyler Kent7272
48Stephen Kunka7575
49Joel Bartram8181
50Aaron Fletcher8484
Players pack only
1Brian Jones-0
1Canaan Stowe-0
1Charles Raiff-0
1Chris Von Wahlde-0
1Cooper Stowe-0
1Dylan Sonnevil-0
1Jaron Mallo-0
1Thompson Hunter-0
Round 1: Meyer Broadway Park - North course Short tees, 18 holes, par 56
1Rose Nichols5959$70
2Leigh Fields6666$50
2Phyllis Fields6666$50
4Joy Kozik7070
5Elise Smith7272
6Cortney Massa7575
6Rachel Mallo7575
6Shannon Kunka7575
9Chelsea Aidinovich7777
10Megan Fletcher7979
11Alison Fletcher8080
12Katie Breneman101101