South Side Skills Competition

Friday, September 22, 2017 at Roseland Park in Roseland, Indiana
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

South Side Disc Golf Club is excited to bring another event to Michiana in 2017. South Side Skills is a Skills based challenge composed of four stages: Putting, Approach, Accuracy and Driving. Each stage will give the player a possibility of scoring 225pts for a total of 1000 possible points. All stages will be played in order and the total points will be added together for a final score. If the player would like to "re-buy in" for a chance at scoring higher, they must do so before last call at 8pm and the fee is $5.

In the putting competition the player MUST have 3 discs and will shoot from 8 different distances (5',10',15',20',25',30',35' and 40ft). As the distance increases so does the value of the putt. (Picture posted)

In the approach competition the player MUST have 3 discs and will shoot from 5 different grass tee pads to one basket. The distances will be 100',150',200',250' and 300ft. The basket will have 3 circles drawn around it, one at 30ft, one at 20ft and one at 10ft. Discs within the 10ft circle are worth 15pts, within the 20ft circle are worth 10pts and within the 30ft circle are worth 5pts. (Picture posted)

In the accuracy competition the player will get 10 throws from a grass tee pad at 4 hovering hoops that are varying sizes and varying distances. Each hoop is worth a different amount of points (10pts, 15pts, 20pts, 25pts) with the higher amounts being a further distance from the tee pad. (Picture posted)

In the driving competition each player will get 5 drives from 3 different tee pads. The tee pads will be left-angled, centered and right-angled. The angled tee pads will assist in a dogleg effect and will make the shot more complicated. The "landing area" will be sectioned off by distance (250-300ft is worth 5pts, 300ft-350ft is worth 10pts and 350+ worth 15pts). The players discs must thread the double mando and land in the painted area in order to count towards total points. (Picture posted)

Once all four stations have been completed the scores for each station will be added and places will be awarded by highest score first.

Payouts will be cash. Depending on interest there may be trophies as well. This is a specialty event we would like to incorporate monthly so hopefully this inaugural event will be a big hit!

Refund policy

South Side Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.