Smoke On The Water #7 Presented By Hyzer Dyes!

Saturday, April 20, 2019 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

Smoke On The Water #7 Presented By Hyzer Dyes! graphic


Tournament DirectorMr. Snap

About this tournament

Smoke On The Water #7 Presented By Hyzer Dyes!

Come join the Loo Crew to celebrate the holiday once again with some chain smashing fun in the sun!

Buy In:
$30 gets you in, plus...
1 Event Stamp / Custom Dye Junior Disc. (Judge or Sheriff)
1 Custom Event Patch.
1 Raffle ticket for the usual awesome raffle and the Hyzer Dyes Grand Prize!

Breakdown per player:
$13 to Cash Payouts.
$12 to Player Pack.
$2 to Ace Pot.
$2 to Cash and Prize CTP's
$1 to event fees.

Two 20 hole rounds on the "Oolretaw" Layout (waterloo's mini course)
Singles standard stroke play All Metal Event!! (any metal hit on the basket will count as a make)

Only "Legit Aces" that stay in the basket will be awarded the ace pot and will also count as a '0' stroke for that hole!

There will also be some "Stroke Erasers" available on the walk outs from 6 of the holes (these will be hula hoops that if shot through with a disc will result in 1 stroke being subtracted from your overall score)

This is a short ace run course so there will be some tricky OB's and fun Mandos to navigate.

$$ Cash $$ Payouts for top finishing players in both Mens and Women's division.

Top 1/4 of the field from both men's and women's divisions will win a berth to the Championship Round on Sunday 4/21/19 to compete for the the "Grand Trophy" as well as CTP's and any unclaimed Ace Pot from Saturday.

Championship Event:
(Only berth qualifying players will be eligible for the "Grand Trophy" but all are welcome to come enjoy the layout)
Event Info here...

The Dye Master Herself, Amy Lewis will be onsite giving dye demonstrations and FREE dyes to all you lucky players so don't forget to bring something you want dyed!

Each player will receive 1 raffle ticket for a chance to win the HYZER DYES GRAND PRIZE!! well as some other Disc Golf Goodies!

Additional Raffle Tickets will be available to earn during play, none will be sold!

Beerster Eggs Will Be Hidden For All 21+ Players To Find During Both Rounds!

Cash and Prize CTP's on Both Days!

Ring of Fire on Saturday!

To Register or if you have any questions:
Use the "comments" tab for this page, send me a PM or just shoot me a text with your Profile Name and Email and Division....SEE YA ON THE GREEN!!!!


Lebanon, OR   Get Directions

Final Results

Cash Mens
Round 1: Waterloo - Oolretaw Bliss, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Waterloo - Oolretaw Bliss, 20 holes, par 60
1Tyler Blias413879$100
2Grant Nixon414283$67
2Moe Lockwood443983$67
4Laurence Anderson394584$45
4Zach Mathis404484$45
6Derek Daniels414485$37
7Kalib Anglin424486$31
7Mark Acevedo414586$31
7Mark Parsons424486$31
7Waterloo B.394786$31
11Jake Smith424587$26
12Alan Ullibari484088$20
12John Lewis454388$20
12Kale Brown454388$20
12Mark Martin464288$20
12Scott West503888$20
17Adam Rud474289$17
17David Jackson444589$17
17James Medley444589$17
17Jeff Martin414889$17
21Brad Hale454590$15
21Kyle Hite414990$15
21Reed Key444690$15
24Austin Botcher474491$13
24Gary Erwin444791$13
24Justin Stinson444791$13
27Aron Johnson415192$10
28Dennis Gates434992
29Josh Bullock494493
29Sean S.454893
31BJ Rodriguez454994
31Dalin Farren484694
31James Lutzi484694
34Erik Gyllenskog474895
34Justin Alvis484795
34Scott Breese494695
38Bill Day514697
38Eric Rodriguez494897
38Larry Jansen484997
38Matt Coll534497
38Seth Wilson455297
43Dennis Stoneman494998
43Jeff Harper504898
45Roy Elliot495099
46Aaron Gates4852100
46Mark Mckay5149100
48Joe P.5151102
49Slick Willie5251103
50Antonio Sunseri5054104
50Danny Dillion5153104
52Andrew Boots6045105
52Dan Hickey5649105
52Rick G.5451105
55Perry Gyllenskog5951110
56Scott Anglin5754111
57David Butcovic5558113
58John Cooper5860118
59Michael T.6160121
Cash Womens
Round 1: Waterloo - Oolretaw Bliss, 20 holes, par 60
Round 2: Waterloo - Oolretaw Bliss, 20 holes, par 60
1Amy Lewis454691$40
2Crystal Wiss504898$30
3Lisa Shell5454108$20
4Brittany Morris5854112$10
4Connie M.5656112$10
6Mercedes Miller5954113
7Amanda Breese5957116
8Gena Ynclan6265127