Smoke On The Water '2'

Sunday, April 20, 2014 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament




About this tournament

Didn't make the reg list for the LSO?....Or just don't want to spend that much money?...Or maybe you somehow stumbled on this page while looking for something to do on Easter...well...No Problem just head down the road to Waterloo Park for some fun in the sun and good times with good people!

This will be a Skills Challenge Event!....$10 Buy In!!...With 100% Payout!!!

Double Elimination 1 on 1 Bracket "Putting Challenge."

Double Elimination 1 on 1 Bracket "Call Your Shot Long Drive Competition."

Double Elimination 1 on 1 Bracket "Up Shot Challenge."

Each player will compete in each bracket until they have claimed victory or acquired 2 losses in each bracket at which time they are completely eliminated.

Each Bracket Will Award Top 3 Finishers With Cash!!

All 3 Brackets/Challenges will run at the same time so it won't take forever.

We will have Hot Dogs / Snacks and Drinks available for purchase throughout the entire day!!....any extra money gained after all is said and done will go to our sponsor for all the hard work, time and money donated to get us the new Tee Pads!

After All Brackets are complete there will be a $1/throw CTP contest for a couple FIRST RUN STAR FOX BATS...INNOVA'S NEW MIDRANGE!...and maybe some more new plastic...depends on how much money y'all

And Of Course What would a 4-20 Easter be without a "Beerster Egg Hunt"
That's Right Its Back!!
....There will be some hidden Specially Marked Bottles of Rolling Rock on a few holes for everyone to find....each is worth $5 of entry fee's to any future Wingers & Flingers Event!!!.....and yes there are more coming soon!

1. This will take a while to complete and not everyone will be playing at once so no whining or rushing your TD
2. No One!!! Under 21 can participate in the Beerster Egg Hunt.
3. Have fun!

To Pre Register:
Use the talk page for this event.
Send me a PM here on the scene.
Or just shoot me a txt.



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Final Results

Round 1: Waterloo - Putt Challenge, 1 holes, par 10
1Brandon Whitney22$15
2Brian Hausotter33$10
3Carl Cleem44$3
4Derek Daniels55
5Sharidan Dillon66
5Travis Pugh66
7Aaron McKinnon77
7Kyle Hite77
Round 1: Waterloo - Putt Challenge, 1 holes, par 10
1Derek Daniels22$15
2Carl Cleem33$10
3Travis Pugh44$3
4Kyle Hite55
5Brian Hausotter66
5Sharidan Dillon66
7Aaron McKinnon77
7Brandon Whitney77
Round 1: Waterloo - Up Shot Challenge, 1 holes, par 10
1Travis Pugh22$15
2Brandon Whitney33$10
3Derek Daniels44$3
4Kyle Hite55
5Brian Hausotter66
5Sharidan Dillon66
7Aaron McKinnon77
7Carl Cleem77