Island Series 2024 #2 - Smith Lake Farm (Black Creek)

Saturday, April 27, 2024 at Smith Lake Farm in Black Creek, British Columbia
Disc golf singles tournament

Island Series 2024 #2 - Smith Lake Farm (Black Creek) graphic


Tournament DirectorBrian Sponselee
Assistant Tournament DirectorClea Adair
Island Series DirectorBen Corno

About this tournament

$55 Pro Entry:

$36 to Payout to 40% of Field
$3 Cumulative Series Payout
$2 to the Island Series Fund
$2 CTP
$2 Ace pot
$10 - Green Fees to Smith Lake Farm

$40 Amateur Entry:

$21 - Cash Payout to 40% of Field
$2 - Cumulative Series Payout
$3 - Island Series Fund
$2 - Ace Pot
$2 - CTP
$10 - Green Fees to Smith Lake Farm

$19 Juniors Entry:

$2 - Cumulative Series Payout
$3 - Island Series Fund
$2 - Ace Pot
$2 - CTP
$10 - Green Fees to Smith Lake Farm


Divisions with less than 4 players may be collapsed.


Other Options:
$25 lunch (1 beer or drink, sausage and salad choice)
$35 Campsites
$400 2 night Tiny House Rental (1 available)

Refund policy

Smith Lake Farm / TD is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
Full refunds up to registration closing date except for transaction fees which are not refundable.
NO REFUNDS after registration closes.
You can switch divisions until registration closes.


Smith Lake Farm
Black Creek, BC   Get Directions

Current Standings


Graham Garlick$76.00 for Hole 17 on Main course, Regular tees
Olli Floyd$76.00 for Hole 18 on Main course, Regular tees
1Matt Dixon5655
2Brian Sponselee5559
2Shane Dixon-Mitchell6153
4Sylvain Verrier5859
5Tony Iammarino5760
6Gryphon Vester6058
7Josh Piche6059
8Nate Jantz6257
9Adam Bowles6160
10Wilford Arao Arao5863
11Steve Crozier6259
12Ben Dixon5964
13Jeff Scanlon100100
1Graham Garlick5554
2Eric Dusch5863
3Barrett Brown6665
4Craig Poulton6766
1Robert Laurie6259
2Rick Collins6459
3David Slater5965
4Mike Graff6563
1Gabrielle Lee6263
1Dylan Wolf Carter6156
2Jake Kedziora6161
3Tyson Gilroy5964
4Tanner Christianson6361
5Dan Bowes6362
6Dayne Hayden6464
6Michael Mctaggart6365
8David Leonhardt6269
9Derek Stephens6567
10Sam Norman7463
11Wille Scott100100
1Markko Floyd6058
2Karl Nykwist5862
3Jason MacGregor6362
4Craig Dishkin6464
5Jeff Baulne6862
6Jeremy Ryan6665
7Darren Scott6567
8Nathanael Schaeffer6965
9Willy Bartel7270
10Alex Coleman7273
11Nathan Redquest7879
12Jason Ovans100100
12Ken Nylen100100
1David Ohnona6666
2Craig Burkitt6568
3Tom Dishlevoy8172
1Olli Floyd5560
2Rino Luchin6453
3Ty Holtan5965
4Jadon Grant6065
5Eric Roy6165
6Jesse Rayson6265
7Tony Luchin6266
8Kirk Logeman6267
9Steven Long6565
10Kyle Yakiwchuk6961
11Ken Randall6864
11Stephen Fraser6567
13Braydon Cochrane6767
13Graem Bradley6470
15Johannes Heitzeberg6671
16Matthew Soder7567
1Sean T7370
2Nick Roddam7272
3Bruno Luchin7373
4Shane Dalager7077
5Bren Shannon7276
6Izik Van Hoof7576
7Zachary Coey8073
8Joe Brady7985
1Sydney Long6869
2Selena Marshall7479
3Jacqueline Poulton7983
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