Skill Shot HT Style

Saturday, August 23, 2014 at Hilltop DGC in Anchorage, Alaska
Disc golf singles tournament


Skill Shot HT Style graphic
Director Louie Orozco

About this tournament

What: Dirty Dollar Ace Race (Weather permitting…)
When: Friday 22nd, August, 2014
Where: Hilltop Ski Area Disc Golf Course (using the Short 9)
Time: 5:30 pm signup, 6:15 tee-time (You may show up late. However, you will pay $1 per basket missed).
Format: 1 round of 18
Divisions (1): Free-for-all
Cost: $18 per person (in $1’s please). ($22.50 if you do the optional $0.25 CTP per basket)
Payout: The total dollar amount of the number of players by the number of baskets completed at the time of the Ace.
Misc: The optional CTP is $0.25 per basket. A CTP will be paid when the closest disc lands within 5 feet of the baskets pole. If a CTP is not hit on a basket it will rollover to the next one. However, ONLY those who put in to the CTP the basket that pushed will be allowed to buy into the next basket. This will continue until the pot is reset.

How this will work: Say 20 people come out to play. We all play the course 1-9 twice. On the 1st basket, everyone buys in for $1. We all throw. If there’s an Ace, that person gets the pot. If there’s not, it will rollover until it gets hit. Everyone MUST buy in on each hole (even if an ace is hit).

When: Saturday 23rd, August, 2014
Where: Hilltop Ski Area Disc Golf Course (using the Short 9)
Time: 10:00 am Registration, 10:45 Player’s Meeting, 11:15 Tee-Time
Format: 2 rounds of 18 with approximately an hour break between rounds. There will be a Final 9 for those who qualify.
Divisions (1): Free-for-all
Cost: $20 per person
Payout: Full 100% CASH payout!!!
Misc: This tournament will be open to ONLY the first 45 people to register. Please send me a text or phone call saying you’ll be there. Otherwise you’ll just be chancing it the day of.

How this will work: This tournament will be played similarly to an Ace Race. Think Ace Race with a Bull’s-eye.

Scoring: Each player will tee off from the designated tee area using a disc of their choice. You will score points according to where the discs lands.

7 points for an Ace (5 points + 1 point for being CTP and + 1 point for not having to putt)
3 points for landing within the 10 meter circle (32’ 8” from the basket)
1 point for being the Closest To the Pin (must be within the circle)
1 bonus point to anyone that lands IN the circle AND makes their putt
0 points for landing outside the circle even if no one else made the circle and your disc landed the closest to the circle/basket

Once everyone on the card has tee’d off and those who landed within the circle have attempted their bonus putt, scores shall be tallied by putting the total number of points for that person on the scorecard. Those who did not make the circle MUST pick up and move to the next tee.


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