Simon & Parfunkel Doubles

Sunday, December 17, 2023 at Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort in Stanwood, Washington
Disc golf doubles tournament

Simon & Parfunkel Doubles graphic

About this tournament

Join us for Simon and Parfunkel, a non-PDGA-sanctioned Bring Your Own Partner, Best Shot, Doubles Tournament on Sunday, December 17th.

All teams will play 1 round on the Red Course, teams will choose their tee time when registering with spots available between 9am - 12pm.

Registration (as a team) through is required.



Entry fee of $50 per team ($25/player) includes:

- Day Passes: $20 ($10/player) - 2 discounted day passes for Sunday Dec. 17th
- Payouts: $30 ($15/player) - paid via scrip/Pro Shop Store Credit. Top 45% of each division will receive payouts.

Optional CTP buy in = $3/player
Optional Ace Pot = $2/player



Registrations are done as a team. One teammate must register both teammates at once and choose the same tee time and same division. Tee times and cards of 2 teams/4 players can include a mix of divisions. Tee times are available every 10 minutes between 9am - 12pm and are chosen during registration.



We have purposefully limited the number of divisions available in an effort to offer larger payouts. The highest rated player on each team must qualify for the division the team is competing in. Lower rated players can always play in higher divisions. If you don't have a PDGA rating, contact us for help picking which division would best suit your skill level.

Divisions Available:
WOM Women's
ADV Advanced - PDGA Rating 900+
INT1 Intermediate 1 - PDGA Rating 840-899
INT2 Intermediate 2 - PDGA Rating 839 & Below



All divisions will play 1 round on the Red Course (normal tees).



Individuals that are part of teams with the lowest scores in their division will receive payouts in the form of scrip/credit loaded onto gift cards for the Pro Shop. We will payout the top 50% of each division. Payout details will be shared through our Facebook page and posted in the clubhouse following the event.



Current Tournament Ace Pot is over $299 and will be added to based on buy-ins from this event. If the Ace Pot is not hit during this event, it will roll over to our next tournament with DGR staff as the TD. You must buy-in to the Ace Pot for this event to receive the Ace Pot payout for this event.



Players should check-in in the clubhouse at least 15 minutes before their scheduled tee time to make sure UDisc scoring is set up properly.



Scoring will be handled using the UDisc. Find the event on UDisc (link will be provided here once available).

EVERY PLAYER MUST CHECK IN TO THE EVENT ON UDISC. If you don't have a UDisc account, a player profile can be created for you by your teammate or someone else on your card. At least 1 player per card must keep score using the UDisc League feature. We recommend that another player keep a backup scorecard also using UDisc, or paper scorecard.

To start a scorecard for this event, follow these steps:
1. Open UDisc and go to the Events tab
2. Locate and click on the Kayak Point DGR - Simon & Parkfunkel Dubs event in the list of events (it may show up at the top of the list based on your location)
3. Click the orange "Check In" button to check in
4. Select your division (must match the division you signed up under)
5. Now click the Start Scorecard button and proceed to add players who are on your card from the Player list. This should include you, your partner and both partners of the other team.
6. Once you have selected all 4 players on your card, confirm to start the scorecard
7. On the next screen, drag players up and down to create the appropriate teams, then confirm to start keeping score on Hole 1.
8. Keep score by entering the total strokes for your team and the other team on each hole
9. After completing the last hole, double check scores, save, and submit the scorecard to make it final.



Golf carts will not be available to players during tournament rounds, though they will be available for rent to spectators or for rounds before or after tournament rounds.



A waitlist has been enabled for this event. No fee will be collected to add your team to the waitlist. When a spot opens up, the next team on the waitlist will be promoted to the registered list and will be notified by email. Players who are promoted off the waitlist will have 48 hours to confirm the tee times works for them and make payment in full.


Thanks to the following sponsors who are generously supporting this event!

Annual Pass holders receive early bird registration opportunities for all DGR tournaments as annual event sponsors.
- Jarod Paul
- Frank Thomson
- Mike Ensor
- Eric Sandbo
- Rob Christiansen
- Michael Norton
- Jeffrey Owen
- Chris Seitz
- Marty Stainbrook
- Tim Lowe
- Mike Strand
- Charlie Couch
- Eli Evans
- Scott Blue
- Alex Couch
- Eddie Wren
- Kiernan Hite
- Josh Bohling
- Mike Vandaveer
- William Ellis
- Daniel Moore
- Rob Christiansen
- Cynthia Christiansen
- Chris Maple
- Michael Mahmoodi

Refund policy

Disc Golf Resort LLC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Per PDGA Guidelines: Players who officially request to withdraw from the event within 14 days of the start of the event and prior to the event’s published closure of registration will receive a 100% monetary refund minus up to a $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled by a player who is on the waitlist at the time of the withdrawal request. If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 25% monetary refund OR just the player’s pack they would have received if they had attended (minus any costs for shipping).

Final Results

Advanced 900+
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Red course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 65
1Ashton Good
Carter Ahrens
4646 (-19)$136
2Adam Alexander
Zachery Laycock
4949 (-16)$84
2Brandon Hubbard
Joel Gleghorn III
4949 (-16)$84
2Christian Foster
4949 (-16)$84
2Jason Einfeld
Kinnon McPeak
4949 (-16)$84
6Alex Couch
Charlie Couch
5151 (-14)$50
6Gerritt Nelson
Steven Verver
5151 (-14)$50
8Aaron Young
Jack Stewart
5252 (-13)$26
8Brian Powell
Nick Greco
5252 (-13)$26
8Dan Burke
Eddie Wren
5252 (-13)$26
8Daniel Sisson
Ross Kagna
5252 (-13)$26
8Garett Gracey
Thomas Gracey
5252 (-13)$26
8Greg Steindorf
Mason Wallace
5252 (-13)$26
14Corey Gerberdolan
Ella Hansen
5353 (-12)
14Domanic Emmons
Zack Johns
5353 (-12)
14Dustin Hendricks
Zack Bolstad
5353 (-12)
17Carwyn Corcoran-Sipe
Kegan Corcoran-Sipe
5454 (-11)
17Drew Oetgen
Dylan Albrecht
5454 (-11)
19Ben Whipple
Brian Grina
5555 (-10)
19Erik Robbin
Mario “Tequila Wolf” Sarinana
5555 (-10)
19Michael Pentland
Nolan T Mantey
5555 (-10)
22Ethan Brooks
Greg Brooks
5757 (-8)
23Chris Scheibe
Miles Scheibe
5959 (-6)
23Juan Flores
Matt Nerland
5959 (-6)
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Red course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 65
1Liilia Namsing
Tauno Tagel
5050 (-15)$76
2Corrie Bash
George Bash
5858 (-7)$44
3Cory Kaldestad
Sarah Kaldestad
5959 (-6)
4Sadye Young
Scott A Young
6565 (E)
Intermediate 1 840-899
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Red course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 65
1Ken Perkins
Ryan Kristoffersen
5353 (-12)$108
2Jeff Rich
Owen Rich
5454 (-11)$78
3Cameron Sphung
Christian Hernandez
5555 (-10)$56
3Spencer Griss
Will Munson
5555 (-10)$56
5Aaron Rogers
Joshua Morgan
5656 (-9)$34
5Adam Croft
Brian Douglas
5656 (-9)$34
7Adam Hudson
Kane Remmereid
5757 (-8)$24
8Chris Maple
Jon Lothrop
5858 (-7)
8Max White
Ryan Smerud
5858 (-7)
10Brodie Whitcomb
Dennis Wiebe
6060 (-5)
11Kyle Bartlett
Levi Harper
6161 (-4)
12Britton Sanders
Chase Woolsey
6262 (-3)
13Bryan Frost
Wayne Fuller
6363 (-2)
Intermediate 2 839 & Below
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Red course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 65
1Matt Horne
Tyler Bryan
5656 (-9)$86
2Dreydon Hendricks
Justin Myser
5858 (-7)$54
Theodore Everson
6161 (-4)$40
4Collin Davis
Klayton Leingang
6262 (-3)
5Chason France
Stephen Portsmouth
6464 (-1)
6Ryan McNamara
Trevor McNamara
6666 (+1)
Round 1: Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort - Red course Regular tees, 18 holes, par 65
1Jennifer Rice
Pek In
6262 (-3)$56
2Breanne Mattson
Goose Lyne
7171 (+6)$18
2Carissa Erickson
Valerie Schorr
7171 (+6)$18
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