"Sidearm" Shahin Showdown - Thomas Shahin Memorial

Sunday, September 10, 2017 at Holly Woods in Holly, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

"Sidearm" Shahin Showdown  - Thomas Shahin Memorial graphic

About this tournament

online registration has closed, please comment and i will add you.

Please be considerate to casual golfers, the days event wont be on a closed course.

Flex start BYOP fundraiser to help support Thomas family with his sudden passing.
Please be patient as we are putting together all the details. There are lots of people offering help and donating material.

BYOP - Bring your own partner. $40 per team.
You will be grouped by the rating of the highest rated player on your team. If you are not rated and unsure what group you should be in please message the Tournament directer.



24 Holes from the short tees.
Playing 1-11 A-F 12-18
OB - water, Long on hole 14
Island Hole 10 - 30' circle with drop zone

Best Disc Doubles Rules
-Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the team chooses which of the resulting lies to continue play from, until the hole is completed.

-A team may take a reasonable amount of time to pick which lie they want before the 30-second play clock starts.

-A lie that is picked up without being marked is gone forever; the team must throw from the other lie. If the second lie is picked up, it must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.

-If the first player throws from the wrong lie, the second player must throw from that lie.

-In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone, throwing one shot at each lie (essentially playing singles, no cali).

Sign in begins at 8:15am and will run till 11:00am
- Cards will go out in 10min increments. Starting on hole 1
last card teeing off at 11am
Auctions will run from 8:15am to 2:30pm

$5 from each team buy in will go to the ace pool
if an ace is not hit then we will have a throw off at the end.
if no ace is hit during the throw off then it will be split up 50/50.
50% to Tommys family 50% to the CTP

Side Games

Detroit Disc Co. will be on site

Refund policy

Disc NutZ DGL is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

Jeff Hepler
White [rating <935]
Round 1: Holly Woods - Main course 24 shorts, 24 holes, par 141
1Lyle Downing
Samantha Roberts
5858 (-83)
2Bob Barker
Phill Dilone
6060 (-81)
3Cory Gray
Joey Kesling
6161 (-80)
4Brandon Anderson
Jason Rogers
6161 (-80)
5Chad Fleugge
Ryan Gildner
6262 (-79)
6DJ Hunt
Jarrid Hunt
6464 (-77)
7Drew Asel
Matt Clark
6565 (-76)
8Andrew Savage
Nick Ziemer
6666 (-75)
9Grant Spencer
Ryan Shoner
6767 (-74)
10Benjamin Hunt
Mario ramirez
7272 (-69)
Red [rating <900]
Round 1: Holly Woods - Main course 24 shorts, 24 holes, par 141
1Austin Robishaw
Phil Smith
6161 (-80)
1James Squires
Nick McPhee
6161 (-80)
3Josh Fenelon
Matt Boeck
6666 (-75)
3Lance Dehnbostel
Mikey Janas
6666 (-75)
6969 (-72)
5Justin "the hustler" Mondoux
Patrick "The Bagger" Corey
6969 (-72)
7Brandon Moak
Chris Smith
7070 (-71)
7Chris Rabideau
John Paul
7070 (-71)
7James Gaves
Mike Tuthill
7070 (-71)
10Norm Raby
Tony Jewett
7373 (-68)
11Amy Schlosser
Mike Adams
7575 (-66)
Green [rating <850]
Round 1: Holly Woods - Main course 24 shorts, 24 holes, par 141
1Shawn Gregory
Travis Elkins
6464 (-77)
2Dan Zess
Stevey Collins
6565 (-76)
3Aaron Franklin
Ryan VanWyck
6666 (-75)
4Austin Rinderspacher
Cameron Rinderspacher
6767 (-74)
5Kevin Passmore
Nico Vong
6868 (-73)
6John Sammons
Kevin Cagle
6969 (-72)
7Andrew Stepke
7070 (-71)
8Evan Lewis
Jimmy Roberts
7070 (-71)
9Jeremy Wilkinson
Tony Turner
7171 (-70)
9Julian Deluca
Travis Mackie
7171 (-70)
9Nick Richman
Sam Richman
7171 (-70)
12Nick Sennett
Sara Johnson
7272 (-69)
13Jackson Carmoney
Logan Murphy
7373 (-68)
14Patrick Michael
Phillip Turner
7474 (-67)
Purple [rating <800]
Round 1: Holly Woods - Main course 24 shorts, 24 holes, par 141
1Jeff Cole
Matt Wright
7171 (-70)
2Jammie Prophet
Kevin Washburn
7676 (-65)
3Heidi Matheson
Kelly Twarowski
8181 (-60)
3Joshua Flewelling
Linda Allen
8181 (-60)
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