Shot in the Dark (Sunday)

Sunday, April 14, 2024 at Missouri S&T experimental mine in Rolla, Missouri
Disc golf singles tournament

Shot in the Dark (Sunday) graphic

About this tournament

Shot in the Dark is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Missouri S&T Disc golf Club. There will be ~9 holes in the mine and ~9 holes around the surrounding property. Everyone will receive a wizard for registration. The wizard is the only disc you will be allowed to use during the tournament. Caddys are welcome. Everyone must wear a hardhat in the mine at ALL TIMES.

Players may choose their start time between 9am - 4pm (max 5/card)

$5 ace pot at registration table: 50/50 - player who aces/Missouri S&T

Refund policy

Missouri S&T Miner Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Current Standings


Corey Hopkins$125.00 for Hole 11 on Main course, Regular tees
1Jesse Fletcher55
2Bradley Sweeney56
3Nick Umholtz57
4Drew Schulte58
4Ethan Keuhn58
4Harry Benhardt58
7Adam Lowe58
7Max Rogman58
7Rom Quintos58
7Timothy Gray58
11Corey Hopkins59
12Ethan Boyer60
13Michael Bentele60
13Michael Telthorst60
13Theron Weeks60
16Alec Reven61
16Jeff Love61
18William Bowman61
18Zac Mayes61
20Alan Bowman62
20Brandon Baker62
20Brandon Rapier62
20John Corley62
24Lloyd Boyer62
25Brent Sweeney63
25Brian Berry63
25Greg Shepherd63
28Makai Matthews63
28Marty Diener63
28Tyler Hopkins63
31John Ludwikowski64
31Kristoffer Merkel64
31Tyler McMahan64
34Amadeus Kaos65
34Eric Turnbough65
34Erin Barner65
37Trevor Kolb65
38Hunter Juengel66
38John Fletcher66
40Justin Ludwikowski66
40Michael Matthews66
40Ron King66
40Skyler Schrum66
40Tyler Dye66
45Brie Curran67
45Fletcher Bone67
45Jake Harden67
48Katie Caragher67
49Andrew Tolan68
50Tom Berger68
51Alex Reeves69
51Bryan Meldrum69
51Charlie Hawes69
54William Zappelli69
55Alaina Weeks70
55Baylee Strange70
55Chance Howard70
55Eric Rogman70
55Erica Reven70
60Jordon Strauser70
61Keely Kinkade71
61Leeann Merkel71
61Maycie Lubbers71
64Dalton Moss72
65Karl Schoenike72
65Kyler Hale72
65Philip Worcester72
65Sam Cacy72
65Sam Weeks72
70Andrew Baker73
70Jesse Pummer73
72Nate Hanscom73
73Matt Toal74
74Alexander Ludwikowski75
74Edwin Robinson75
76Chris Owens76
77Michelle Harden76
77Nate Simon76
77Zach Smith76
77Zach Willis76
81LeeAnn Kinkade77
81Nathan Sarocco77
83Jon Simon78
84Crysti Branham79
85Eli Brandenburg80
86Bailey Schoenike81
87Riley Boyer87
88Melissa Boyer88
89Dani Shackleford89
89Dena Schoenike89
91Logan Meldrum-
91Mason Ivy-
91Reid Williams-
91Shae Baldwin-
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