Shore Acres Ice Bowl V - Leap Year Edition

Saturday, February 29, 2020 at Shore Acres Park in Saugatuck, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

Shore Acres Ice Bowl V - Leap Year Edition graphic

About this tournament

Post Event Info:
500 lbs of food
$1,674 dollars raised
5th annual Shore Acres Ice Bowl is here!!!!

Bring your own partner doubles
1 round of 24 holes
$60 per team

This will be your first chance to preview 4 new pin positions for the Black Course!. We will play the "Red" course which is the collection of easiest pin locations as determined by league course statistics. Here is a description of the layout, all pin locations are yellow unless otherwise noted below:

3 - New
4 - Black
5 - Black
7 - New
8 - New
9 - New
13 - Black

1 disc player pack for each Am player
$20 from your team entry fee goes straight to Christian Neighbors of Douglas to support our fundraising goals

Mulligans available for purchase
Lunch available for purchase
50/50 CTPs
Aces win raffle tickets
Trophy Discs for winners of the 3 biggest divisions
Post Round Raffle

There will be 4 main divisions:

Am Masters
Am 1
Am 3

This is food and fundraiser event and our goal is to set the bar even higher than our previous Ice Bowls. Together it is our hope that we raise a combined 2,000 lbs/$ for our charity. It is requested that all participants bring at least 1 canned good in the spirit of the event, although raffle ticket purchases enable our charity to stretch their dollars even further. And hey, if you want to just donate cash to help the hungry, I'm pretty sure everyone will love that!

Payouts: Pro - Cash; Ams - Plastic and raffle tickets

Christian Neighbors will be on site before Player's meeting and will work with tournament staff to collect food donations.

As an additional fundraising effort, mulligans will be available for purchase for $2 each. Maximum of 5 mulligans for the day can be purchased prior to start of event. All proceeds will go directly to Christian Neighbors. Use this opportunity to shoot some smoking hot rounds on a leap year day!!!

$5 - 50/50 Proceeds will be split between winner and Christian Neighbors

There are a ton of great raffle items that you will want to win! All raffle proceeds will go to Christian Neighbors.

Raffle will be conducted as a silent raffle which allows you to allocate your tickets towards the items of your choice.

1 Canned good = 1 raffle ticket.
Additional raffle tickets can be purchased as well

$1 = 1 ticket
$5 = 6 tickets
$20 = 25 tickets

Current Raffle Items - Over $1,000 value (List will grow as we get closer to tournament day):
2020 Shore Acres DGC League Membership ($100 value)
2020 Shore Acres Open Entry - AM ONLY ($50 value)
Dinner with Dan (priceless)
2020 Ice Bowl Premium Disc lot ($80 value)
$20 DGU Store Gift Card
Mystery discs pack - Zach Vaughn ($60 value)
Big Lake Brewing (TBD)
Saugatuck Brewing Co - Shwag bag, ($140 value)
4 Specialty Discs - Dennis DeBoer ($80 value)
BlueGill prize pack - Joe Gill ($60 value)
Nelesen Pack - Marc Nelesen ($40 value)
Cookies! - ($20 value)
Jory Disc Packs!! - ($200+ value!)
Mildy used Mini Zuca cart ($100+ value)

Thanks to our raffle donors!!
Shore Acres Disc Golf Club
Joe Gill
Big Lake Brewing
Saugatuck Brewing Co.
Dan Kuipers
Zach Vaughn
Dennis DeBoer
Marc Nelesen
Ashley Vaughn
Jory Koopman
Great Lakes Disc

Refund policy

Shore Acres Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Shore Acres Park - Main course Red Pin Demo (Temp), 24 holes, par 72
1Reid Frescura
Travis Prueter
5353 (-19)$140
2Jory Koopman
Trevor Wander
5555 (-17)$100
3Anthony Lewis
Ryan Brophy
5858 (-14)$40
3Chris Kaiser
Zachary Vaughn
5858 (-14)$40
5Kyle Eno
Sam Mrdeza
5858 (-14)$40
6Jeff Kuehle
Sam Smigiel
6060 (-12)
7Brian Urbane
Jacob Gumowski
6363 (-9)
7Jeff Dabkowski
Mike Dabkowski
6363 (-9)
9Jake Messner
Lindsey Messner
6464 (-8)
Round 1: Shore Acres Park - Main course Red Pin Demo (Temp), 24 holes, par 72
1David Kleiman
Ryan Kenny
5959 (-13)
2Brennan Pietrowski
Jack Dickman
6060 (-12)
3Andrew Nguyen
Damon Notboom
6363 (-9)
3Logan Bush
Tucker Wilson
6363 (-9)
5Brian Kent
Travis Dixon
6464 (-8)
5Carl Bouman
Timothy Hole Jr
6464 (-8)
5Jason Butch
Shane Robinson
6464 (-8)
8Chad Monteith
Will Vanlangevelde
6565 (-7)
9Dan Gale
Josh Miller
6767 (-5)
10Jason Rdz
Ron Sampson
6868 (-4)
11Benny B
Bobby J
6969 (-3)
Amateur 40+
Round 1: Shore Acres Park - Main course Red Pin Demo (Temp), 24 holes, par 72
1Chris Lubbers
Nate DeWard
7171 (-1)
Round 1: Shore Acres Park - Main course Red Pin Demo (Temp), 24 holes, par 72
1Matthew Johnson
Michael Wiseley
6363 (-9)
2Chase Hagen
Colt Heneveld
6565 (-7)
3Keegan Smith
Lance Kelly
6666 (-6)
4Chad Ingram
Craig Matheson
6767 (-5)
5Brian Koetje
Dustin Strowenjans
6969 (-3)
6Chase Covell
Jake Szymanski
7070 (-2)
6Curtis Perry
Mike Stoddard
7070 (-2)
8Branden Pearson
Tyler Sander
7171 (-1)
8Brian Hill
Nicholas Schmitz
7171 (-1)
8Chris Cook
John Guillean
7171 (-1)
11Bob Morrison
Brandon Wilson
7272 (E)
11Mike DeWitt
Ryan Garvelink
7272 (E)
13Anthony Beebe
Steele Boonstra
7474 (+2)
13Drew Rudich
Tyler Wright
7474 (+2)
15Brad Evans
Dylan Sonnevil
7676 (+4)
16Adam McLeod
Mike Rota
7878 (+6)