The Shenanigans Open 2: Return of the Shenanigans

Saturday, October 14, 2023 at Marj Edey Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Disc golf singles tournament

The Shenanigans Open 2: Return of the Shenanigans graphic


Tournament DirectorGlenn Larmour
Assistant to the Tournament DirectorGraham Sereda
Assistant to the Tournament DirectorMark Eldridge
Assistant to the Tournament DirectorChristopher Gottzmann

About this tournament

Welcome to The Shenanigans Open 2: Return of the Shenanigans!

We will be playing at Marj Edey Park. The check in table will be next to the large parking lot in the middle of the park.

The first round will be using normal PDGA rules so that all players can learn the course. The second round will be full of shenanigans - each hole will have a rule that must be followed. What sorts of rules? You'll find out the day of the tournament!

Below is the schedule:

8:30 - Player check in
9:00 - Player meeting
9:30 - Start of round 1

1 hour break for lunch - starting once the last group has reported their scores

Approximately 1:15 - Start of round 2

At the Shenanigans Open, we value having a good time over playing to win. Therefore, the majority of prizes will be done as a random draw, rather than being based on performance. Hopefully this means everyone will focus on having a good time and will be able to ignore the scores!

Refund policy

Larmour, Eldridge, Gottzmann, Sereda and Associates is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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