Shady Strokes at Shady Oaks presented by Birdbrain Disc Golf Club

PDGA logoSunday, September 20, 2020 at Shady Oaks Park in Streamwood, Illinois
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Shady Strokes at Shady Oaks presented by Birdbrain Disc Golf Club graphic
Added cash $200

About this tournament

We are back for the 3rd edition of Shady Strokes at Shady Oaks! 2020 has been a crazy year, and we are thrilled to be able to bring you a wonderful PDGA C-tier event at Shady Oaks in Streamwood to kick off the fall!

All Amateurs will receive a Premium Plastic Discraft or Innova Disc (Either Birdbrain 2019 or 2020 stamped) as well as some other swag! This event is trophy only for Amateur divisions. There will be great CTP prizes and giveaways for each division!
Pros will be playing for cash, there is $200 added cash to the pro divisions thanks to Birdbrain Disc Golf club.

This event will utilize tee times to minimize congregation, speed up flow & allow a few more players with less daylight. The first round tee times will be:

7:30am - MA3
7:38am - MA3
7:46am - MA3
7:54am - MA3
8:02am - MA3
8:10am - MA3
8:18am - MA2
8:26am - MA2
8:34am - MA2
8:42am - MA2
8:50am - MA2
8:58am - MA2
9:06am - MA1
9:14am - MA1
9:22am - MA1
9:30am - MA1
9:38am - MA1
9:46am - MP40
10:02am - MPO
10:10am - MPO
10:18am - MPO
10:26am - MPO
10:34am - MPO

Projected 2nd round tee times will be:

11:30am - MA3
11:40pm - MA3
11:50am - MA3
12:00pm - MA3
12:10pm - MA3
12:20pm - MA3
12:30pm - MA2
12:40pm - MA2
12:50pm - MA2
1:00pm - MA2
1:10pm - MA2
1:20pm - MA2
1:30pm - MA1
1:40pm - MA1
1:50pm - MA1
2:00pm - MA1
2:10pm - MA1
2:20pm - MP40
2:30pm - MPO
2:40pm - MPO
2:50pm - MPO
3:00pm - MPO
3:15pm - MPO

We will utilize PDGA digital scoring at this event! One person on your card will take scores on their device and that will be submitted at the end of the round after everyone has verified their score. Use of a paper scorecard is OK and they will be available as well for anyone who wishes to keep a paper copy.

There is no cash CTP or Ace pot option during sign ups, because these are both being SPONSORED! Each division will have a cash CTP worth $1 for every participant in that division ($20 CTP for a 20 person division). These totals will be rounded up to the nearest 5.

The ace pot is being sponsored by Birdbrain Disc Golf Club and will be a $100 bounty! If there are multiple aces hit, the players will split the ace pot equally. If there are no aces hit, the $ will go back to the Birdbrain Disc Golf Club.


Please note there is no practicing on the course when rounds have begun. The field that is used for long 12 is available to warm up in the morning.

Volunteers are needed to help spot & move baskets in between rounds! Please send me a PM or an email if interested! Volunteers will be compensated for their time in players pack items/discs!

Refund policy

100% refund if requested before 9/6/2020. If requested between 9/6/2020 & 9/18/2020, a refund will be honored 100% if your spot is filled by someone on the waitlist. If there is no one on the waitlist to take your spot, a 50% refund will be honored or amateurs can choose the player pack option in lieu of refund. Any refunds requested after 9/18/2020 will not be honored. All waitlist fees are non-refundable.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Thomas Earhart424890$225
2Dan Schlitter454792$150
3Kyle Opfer484896$100
4Danny Beauchamp4854102$65
4John Pallister4854102$65
4Josh Riley5052102$65
7Anthony Noe5056106$21
7Luke Hanewall4759106$21
7Steve Nasiopulos5254106$21
7Sunny You4759106$21
11Niko Voules4861109
12Brandon Damerjian5757114
13Daniel Fairhurst5659115
14Jarret Clark5465119
15William Rockcastle5565120
15Zach Pecorelli5664120
17Thomas Malone5963122
18J. Carlos Marin6064124
19Roderick Plumley6066126
Pro 40+
1Jamey Papanek5263115$100
2Juan Lopez5560115$30
2Sang Park5560115$30
4Christopher DeHaan5862120
1Adrian Negrete4855103
2Clay Beilfuss5055105
2Miguel Duarte4758105
4Gregory Abell5159110
5Bryan Opitz5259111
6Brett Tyler Opitz5263115
7Benjamin Rice5165116
7Daniel Belles5561116
7Michael Noe5759116
10Tyler Kobylarz5859117
11Mike Jost5464118
12Drake Zollers5863121
13Bill Delagarza5568123
13Jordan Kondrath5568123
13Ryan Pilcher5667123
13Vinnie Rivera5568123
17Luigi Noe5768125
18Gregg Hovland6363126
19Chris Shaw6464128
19Frank Buttacavoli6068128
21Kris Palermo62-62
1Timothy Bruchman5060110
2Matt Friello5759116
3Geoff Chappelle5265117
4Mark Zalce5464118
5Matthew Morse5465119
5Pheonix Cheatham5960119
7Kevin Schwartz5863121
8Brad Johnson5666122
9Gabe Irions5964123
10Alex Hahn5767124
10Jeremy Spurgeon5965124
12Jon Carlson6065125
12Noel P Meekma5867125
12Trevor Scott5768125
15Christian Adams5967126
15Jeremy Bower6066126
17Michael Stark6364127
17Rudy Jakobs5869127
19Shawn Pitts6268130
20Thomas Sobotka6566131
21Corinno Torres5775132
22Patrick Stark6373136
23Chase Neiweem6374137
24Mike Warren6475139
1Gordon Roscher5756113
2Patrick Larson5561116
3Bill Shaw5564119
4Conor Anstiss5664120
5Chad Zurek5269121
5Conner Haenszel5764121
7Michael Castiglione6265127
7Peter Dickinson5671127
9Mark Sarti5969128
10Brandon Peterson5970129
10Sean Parazaider6366129
12Bradley Wendt6071131
12Simon Torres6071131
12Zac Maa6269131
15Thomas Hackler6072132
16Jonathan Noska6271133
17Diego Vargas6472136
17Kevin Young6175136
19Ethan Kruse6077137
20Dave Strimas6672138
21Jake Jackson6575140
22David Dale6687153
23Ian Wiegel7985164
24Holden Wiegel7594169