Seth Burton Memorial

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 30-October 2, 2022 at Seth Burton Memorial in Fairmont, West Virginia
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Seth Burton Memorial graphic
Added cash $10,000
Added merchandise $10,000


Assistant Tournament DirectorPhil Burton
Tournament DirectorJoshua Smith

About this tournament

Welcome to the 12th Annual Seth Burton Memorial
Sponsored by WVU Medicine & Dynamic Discs!
Sept 30 - Oct 2 in Fairmont, WV
PDGA Pro-Am A-Tier Tournament


$10,000 Added Cash to the Pros!!
$10,000 Added Merch to the Ams!!!

Entry Fees

Pro Open/Pro Open Women - $125
All Other Pro's - $105
Advanced - $80
Am Masters - $70
Intermediate - $70
Recreational - $60
Juniors - $50

Am Player packs include;
- 2 Premium Dynamic Disc Event Stamped Discs!
- 1 Limited Edition Orange Crush Disc Golf Pin!
- A Course Map of Orange Crush Disc Golf Towel!!!
- Shoestring Backpack Bag of Stuff w/ extra disc by WVU Medicine!
- Caddy Pages w/ hole notes and rules for both courses
- "Seth Burton Memorial" Rubber Wrist Band
-> Wrist band is your ticket to Saturday Player Party + Amenities!

Pro Player pack includes;
- Bag of goodies from our event sponsors
- Caddy Pages w/ hole notes and rules for both courses
- "Seth Burton Memorial" Rubber Wrist Band
-> Wrist band is your ticket to Saturday Player Party + Amenities!

Pro and Am Payouts to 50% of all divisions

Sponsor Hotels in Fairmont;
-Hampton Inn in Fairmont 304-363-4999
-Fairfield Inn & Suites 304-367-9150

Event is an E.D.G.E. Tournament Charity Partner!


3-days of competition (Fri-Sun) with Tee Times per course

"Pool A" daily schedule; Orange Crush, Orange Crush, SBM

"Pool B" daily schedule; SBM, SBM, Orange Crush

Tee Assignments Set

Round 1 Pool A
-Orange Crush Long Tees to B-Pins (Orange Baskets)
FPO/Other Pros
-Orange Crush Long Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)

Round 2 Pool A
-Orange Crush Long Tees to B-Pins (Orange Baskets)
FPO/Other Pros
-Orange Crush Long Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)

Round 3 Pool A
-Seth Burton Memorial Long Tees to B-Pins (Yellow Baskets)
FPO/Other Pros
-Seth Burton Memorial Long Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)

Round 1 Pool B
-Seth Burton Memorial Long Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)
-Seth Burton Memorial Short Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)
-Seth Burton Memorial Short Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)

Round 2 Pool B
-Seth Burton Memorial Long Tees to B-Pins (Yellow Baskets)
-Seth Burton Memorial Short Tees to B-Pins (Yellow Baskets)
-Seth Burton Memorial Short Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)

Players Party Saturday Night w/ Live Music & Refreshments
All Players get free entry + amenities with provided wristband!
All others pay $5 at the gate for entry

Round 3 Pool B
-Orange Crush Long Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)
-Orange Crush Short Tees to B-Pins (Orange Baskets)
-Orange Crush Short Tees to A-Pins (Red Baskets)

+$1,000 Disc Golf Raffle $5 per ticket drawing Saturday Night!

Raffle items include;

- Discatcher Sport Practice Basket w/extra chains! ($200)
- Latitude 64 Backpack bag ($100)
- Bag full of Premium Plastic Discs ($500)
- E.D.G.E. Bushnell Disc Golf Range Finder! ($150)
- Disc Golf Umbrella & Stool ($75)
This Raffle benefits the E.D.G.E. programs in West Virginia

Raffle #2 for Sunday Gateway Practice Basket w/ Putters!

Raffle items include;

- Gateway Bullseye Portable Disc Golf Basket
- Assortment of 10 Gateway Putters (8 Wizards and 2 Devil Hawks)

Digital Scoring & more TBA

Info & COVID-19 Guidelines Subject to Change, Thank you!

The purpose of the Seth Burton Memorial, Inc. (DBA Fairmont Flyers Disc Golf Club) is to promote the development of disc golf in Marion County, West Virginia through organization, cooperation and competition. Organize and coordinate the efforts of members to increase the quality and quantity of disc golf activities in the area. Provide information on disc golf to educate our members and the community on the enjoyment and benefits of disc golf. The purposes for which SBM, Inc. is formed are exclusively charitable, scientific or educational within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code.”)

Minimum of 4 Players to Make a Division
If less than 4, players may be asked to switch divisions

Refund policy

Fairmont Flyers Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations in accordance to Section 1.03 of the PDGA Competition Manual for Withdraws and Refunds


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Brad Schick576555$1,810
2Trevon Crowe576757$1,203
2Kevin Kiefer596458$1,203
4Mark Fedorenko596757$893
5Tony Reiss646060$750
6Daniel Brooks-wells586364$644
7Cody Bradshaw626856$560
7Nick Schultz676257$560
9Randon Latta656162$464
9Matt Rosier646460$464
11Finlay Buchanan-jacobs606861$405
12Ben Creger626563$370
13Tanner Cuffman636761$333
13Andrew Lamont656858$333
15GT Hancock656661$304
15Justin Rosak636861$304
17Aaron Collins666661$286
18Blake Kelly716657$268
18Mark Saraceno656861$268
20Charles Behrhorst636963$243
20John Willis697155$243
22Steven Wartinbee627064
23Jermaine Barksdale667259
24Justin Whitney656865
25Will Goeringer687457
25Carson Reber706465
27Nate Blake657462
27Eric Dobmeier687162
29Andre Homer706864
30Thomas Sears646871
31Alex Derr786858
31Dustin Pratt677166
31Justin Worrell687363
34Travis Dick707065
35Zach Larsen657471
35Dusty L Walker707070
37Justin Sartin746871
38Randall Gabriel737467
39Todd Mazzie757175
40Sam Court7474999
40Thaddeus Stambaugh7177999
1Frolfer Oz605559$796
2Jonathan Baldwin626250$504
3Tim Reyes616453$368
4Chris Lachendro656158$271
5Thomas Renner726656
6Chris Coddington767364
7Timothy Novicky7172999
7Bernard Ross Pancoast6269999
1Das Loomis605954$696
2Pete Caldwell656054$441
3Dennis Janney666354$280
3Bobby Jones626556$280
5Roger Hayslip637055
6Dave Truitt687061
7Brock Beeney727768
1Ellen Widboom686459$545
2Melynda Apton776860$326
3Danielle Clements738471
1Donna Griest707873$454
2Melissa Martin768165$273
3Sherry Herzog848666
1Zach Harrah576061$260
2Andrew Greenslade526766$173
2Brendan Reed546962$173
2Ryan Szoldatits616064$173
5Brian Grace576465$125
6Brandon Lowery616860$106
7Shane Fallen626664$91
8Dylan Trenum556672$78
9Josh Turner596967$68
10David Lachendro576971$61
10Ben Smith577367$61
12Jon Cottrill587169$57
13Jonny Brand557272
14Paul Bailey587270
14Travis Bevilacqua646868
14Pat Jackson616970
14Jacob Riffle627068
18John Buss616872
18Kaleb Cuda597270
18Justin Sneeringer626970
21Julian Rau617370
22Taylor Gardner657370
23Michal Kopij687173
1David Sileo475956$204
2Scott Jenkins475960$129
3James McBride516558$94
4Ryan Sturm546565$69
5Garett B Mount586563
6Bill Neighbarger546766
7Christian Mount526377
8Mike Riffle606572
1Robert Russell536064$204
2David Givens596160$129
3James Givens516367$94
4Michael Corica596364
5Greg James596370$69
6David Gibson587067
7Harold Young738172
8Noel Duke5869999
1Tom Moeller596456$155
2William Bailey606858$93
3Paul Burkart607162
4Jim Zellers657172
1Eric Morgan486056$184
2Jeff Coull496258$173
3Jeffrey Osborne505862$163
4Andrew Behrens516357$149
4Zack Vestal505863$149
6Bill Rawlinson505963$144
7Sam Wilson516260$135
8Peter DiSalvo496560$125
9Barry Adkins546360$106
9Joel Becher526461$106
9Pasquale Coppola516264$106
12Mark Rogel526561$96
13Hunter Thorpe546560$86
14Patrick Colony556461$50
14Luke Gallagher526662$50
14Bobby Regan566163$50
14Matthew Saffle546858$50
18Michael Clements576460
19Sam Babcock507261
19Joe Parker506568
21Kyle Freberg586462
21Jesse Kummer596758
23Ryan Hazen566466
24Michael DiSalvo586762
25Andrew Moog536372
26Jerrett Pickens636268
27Hoyt Novak567571
28Charles Moog706872
29James Robinson6070131
30Joel Burdette5364888
31Forrest Huebner5265999
1Bryan Schultz545353$193
2Chris Bolyard505160$177
3Cole Richards495658$171
3Austin Wernecke495262$171
5Ethan Lamb545654$164
6Andrew Destocki505363$150
6Brad Simpkins565060$150
8Jason Rogers525560$150
9Stephen Filander555756$136
10Brandon King575755$136
11Jack Lachendro545759$123
12Robin Eng555858$116
12Lucas Schamaun575757$116
14Lucas Hawk545860$109
14Greg Yahle555067$109
16Alex Thomas575660$95
17Adam Casto615759$89
17Ryan McBride625659$89
19Zach Dillon585862$75
19George McIntyre576061$75
21Connor Zajac606158$68
22Ben Berry586161$66
23Charlie Ennis615961
24Jacob Richard575669
25Brad Mocniak585768
26Jared Carpenter615964
26Colten Hague635962
28Charles McClung616559
29Jacob Hendershot596265
30Bob Hoover616859
31Nathan Lomas586071
32Chris Brumwell636166
33Yukako Furusawa596270
34Jeremy Morriston666759
35Austin Butler616568
35Ben Hooper616667
37Caleb Burnosky616668
38Tommy Tomlins656967
39William Struhar687274
40Paul Lucas5662888
41Tyler Goodwill6668999
41Josh Rhine95101999
43Chaz Edwards126999-
43Julian Powell72999-
1Gretchen Corica597468$155
2Caryn Shearer617966$93
3Susan L Guiciardi638173
4Mary Ellen Moeller659272
1Brittany Allison576667$112
2Alyssa Leonard616768$74
3Jane Sileo638179
1Carie Black646772$112
2Chelsea Thompson717365$74
3Rebecca Burton9692102
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