Seneca Creek Virtual Ice Bowl (Jan 16 - Jan 31)

Sunday, January 31, 2021 at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Disc golf singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorMark Stiles
Assistant Tournament DirectorSam Newman

About this tournament

Unfortunately, we cannot get an event per se approved this winter, but we can run a virtual event. So you get to play your round any time between January 16 and 5:00 pm January 31. In fact, you can split up your round and play each nine hole loop (1-9,10-18,19-27) on different days. Further, if you aren't happy with your score on one (or more) of your nine-hole loops, you can play it again and take your best score on each of the the loops.

We'll compete as one big group, but everyone will be playing the course a little differently:
Gold 970+ Blue (1,2,3, 12,15,16,18, 23) + White tees
Blue < 970 White tees
White < 935 Red tees
Red < 900 Red tees Cali (one extra shot per hole)
Green < 850 Red tees Schizo (two throws on each shot)
Purple < 800 Yellow tees Schizo (two throws on each shot) (if you cannot find the yellow tees, use an approximate location based on the tee sign)

Everyone should play to the shortest basket on each hole except Gold who should play to the longest basket.

If you are not sure of your rating, take your best guess or contact [email redacted] and I'll help you figure a good guess.

Report your scores for each loop to [email redacted] or share them through UDisc to eltiedye. I'll post scores in the comments here and update them as they come in. If you report scores and then do better, we'll take the better scores. Please send a picture of yourself at the course to [email redacted] or post it in the comments, so I can make a composite group photo.

All proceeds will go to the Capital Area Food Bank Any donations on top of entry fees will be matched.

Pay out in each of the six divisions: If there is only one person in a division, it's tee shirt, two people, a long sleeve tee, and three or more, a sweatshirt. Any winner can upgrade one level with a $5 donation to the food bank, and two levels for $10. Anyone donating to the food bank at the $50 level, can get any of these. Enter your shirt size when you register in case you win.

Refund policy

Cedar Farm Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

-DONDonator only
$20.00RPAGold [rating 970+]
$20.00RAHBlue [rating <970]
$20.00RADWhite [rating <935]
$20.00RAERed [rating <900]
$20.00RAFGreen [rating <850]
$20.00RAGPurple [rating <800]