Saltwater Crew's Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, June 17, 2023 at Taylor Park in Largo, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

Saltwater Crew's Trilogy Challenge graphic
Added merchandise $300

About this tournament

This is a Flex Start, 1 round, non-sanctioned, 3 disc Trilogy Challenge event. You can ONLY use the 3 discs PROVIDED in the PLAYER PACK! You will Check In at the Saltwater Crew DG Pro Shop to pick up player packs and form cards before heading to the course. The winner of EACH Amateur Division will receive an ADDED Beach Bundle package worth $150, along with the disc trophy and $100 in DD gift certificates. 2nd place in each division will receive $25 in DD Gift Cert.

Beach Bundle Prize Package includes: Full Size, Limited Edition, Personalized UV Beach Umbrella with Trilogy Challenge Champion w/ Name and PDGA #, Choice of RAZE Eyewear sunglasses (from the Pro Shop) w/ floating strap, Aquavault waterproof floating phone case and "Hook Ya" Sunscreen!
Division information is as follows:
This is an Amateur only event.

Mixed Advanced- If you don't play Open, but play Intermediate or Advanced divisions normally, this is the division for you. Men play Longs, Ladies play Shorts EXCEPT holes 9,11. Everyone plays Short pad on 9 and 11.

Mixed Rec- If you normally play Recreational or Novice division this is where you should play. Men play Longs, Ladies play Shorts. EXCEPT 9,11. Everyone plays short pad on 9 and 11. There will also be Short pad Tee location for every hole not just the usual 6.

Refund policy

Saltwater Crew Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Registrant is able to receive full $40 refund up until May 25th 2023 after which registrant will receive player pack in lieu of Cash refund. PayPal Fees and Disc golf scene fees non-refundable.



Final Results

1Dono Simpson48$100
2Matthew Ovsianik50$25
3Brandon Barbre50
4Benjamin Hedstrom53
4Larry Gamboni53
6Damon Clark54
6David Henriott54
6Nick Kain54
6Ryan O'Rear54
6Shawn Baker54
11Chuck Brunke55
11James Culhane55
11Jim Knight55
11Joshua Freed55
11Linh Nguyen55
11Madalynn MadZoo Shepley55
11Ronald Peterman55
18Ivan Fountain56
18Jamie Adams56
18Rich Desgrosiellier56
18Sam Dever56
22Dean Chigaros57
22Eric Peek57
22Jackie Barbre57
25Domenick Fareri58
25Jeff Hoover58
25Joshua Smith58
28Sami Romine59
29Josh Steadman60
30Kurtis Allen0
30Mike Cain0
1Jacob Hudak51$100
2Juwan January52$25
3John Hughes54
3Julian Thuyns54
3Rick Rochette54
6Kyle Eckhoff55
7Bill McSweeney57
7Dayne Sosa57
7Kyle Simcox57
10John Holder58
10Melinda Romine58
12Brandon Lancaster59
12Bruce Halenkamp59
12Chuck Wilson-Brunke59
12David Day Jr.59
16John Thomas60
16Richard Nelson60
16Sean Pagenkopf60
16Steven Mersinger60
20Taylor Derrickson61
21Bill Pritchett62
21Bill Robinson62
21Caden Hjelseth62
21Grant Goodwin62
21Matt Oliver62
26Calvin Hang63
26Melanie Peek63
26Walt Knuezler63
29Chris Rakonczay64
29Craig Stollard64
31Joe Kaminski65
32Michael Dykas66
33Matt Markowski67
34John J Murray71
34John Tul71
36Dana Grogan78
37Jenn MacArthur92
38Jason Abell0
38Shannon Chappell0
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