Salt Lake City Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, July 11, 2020 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

Salt Lake City Trilogy Challenge graphic


Tournament DirectorAndrew H

About this tournament

Come out to Roots on 7/11 and have a blast with a Trilogy Challenge! This is a great chance to get your hands on 3 amazing discs that are great for beginners, for one low price! Singles round, prizes for top finishers in each division. Due to the current conditions, we will be practicing safety first! Flex start and set your own cards. Keep social distancing in mind. If you feel you need more protection, please wear a mask during your round, and use/touch only your own discs. If you don't have a card of 4 (max 4 people per card), simply show up and there will be people to make a card with.

Division info

Beginner: New to disc golf, new to tournaments.

Advanced: everyone else

Refund policy

Andrew Hincks is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Roots DGC
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Final Results


Hole 3 on Main course, Regular tees
1Nick Lopez4646
2Carter Hatch4747
3John Caldwell4747
4Parker Eldredge5151
5Kevin Pina5151
6Adrian Toledo5151
7Brady Pearson5151
8Christopher Melhado5252
8Dan Valletta5252
10Casey Mason5252
10Mike Riches5252
12Jermaine Kelly5353
12Josh Longoria5353
14Caleb Chadwick5353
15Brayden Woodworth5454
15Skyler Hafen5454
17Rudy Wolfsfeld5454
18Chris Caldwell5454
18Tyler Reid5454
20Justin Hansen5454
21Chad Rose5555
21Kieran Buhler5555
23Justin Rowley5555
23Taylor Banks5555
25Matt Cable5555
25Spencer Cable5555
27Brad Chadwick5555
28Kris S5555
29David Turner5555
30Brian Barrow5656
31Dylan Mcillece5656
32Benjamin Montoya5656
32Chris Kaboom Norman5656
32Matthew Colemere5656
32Nathan Paxman5656
36Brady Wartena5656
37Peter Messina5656
38Daniel Messina5757
39Brenden Redd5757
39David Stutz5757
39Leland Hawkes5757
42Brian Mcillece5858
43James Hafen5858
44Brannon Beddes5959
44Marcus Martinez5959
46Tom Sharrock5959
47Sean Carroll5959
48Cody West5959
48James Wessling5959
50Enrique DeJesus6060
51Dallas Clements6060
51Jeremy Edwards6060
53Travis Holmquist6060
54James “Smitty” Smith6060
55Toramir Peters6161
56Austin Nielsen6161
57Vail Paxman6262
58Jeremy Axtell6262
59David Mariani6363
59Nicholas Belnap6363
61Mike Gallegos6363
62Shawn Mcillece6464
63Chris Loveless6464
63Chris Sandberg6464
63Spencer Collins6464
66Darin Cable6464
66Will Hjorth6464
68Riley Thurgood6565
69Bowdy Evans6565
70Kody Beddes6666
70Todd Vining6666
72Chancey Trentman6666
73Joe Allen6767
74Collin Labrum6969
75Randy Jenkins7171
76Stephen Shackelford-0
1Winston Hollingshead4848
2Eric Bowen5050
3Taylor Heidenreich5050
4Eric Simpson5353
5Dallas Harris5454
5Mckay Finlayson5454
7Sterling Jones5454
8Pinhead Larry5555
9Brinindune Taylor5555
10Benjamin Housley5656
11Jordan Fletcher5757
12Josh Azera5757
12Joshua Schroader5757
14Bridger Freestone5858
14Jordan Boyce5858
16Brennon Oglesby5858
16Nathan Ritter5858
18Cole Knudsen5959
19Bennett Brinton5959
20Kris Humphreys6060
21Benjamin Lemon6161
21Gerrad Lemon6161
23Brayden Murphy6262
24Andrew Pollock6363
24Jared Day6363
24Joe Garlington6363
27Charles Jensen6464
28Cole Paxman6666
29Jason Day6969
30Jeffrey Howard7171
31Clyde Ratliff7575
32Keanan Paxman7777
33Allen Doty-0
33Andy Pyper-0
33Conner Johnson-0
33Connor Burgan-0
33David Shackelford-0
33Duncan Schofield-0
33Emily McDonald-0
33Jamie Smith-0
33Jason McDonald-0
33Joe Henry-0
33Megan Christensen-0
33Megan Starling-0
33Patrik Vaughn-0
33Preston Mcillece-0
33Steve Pollock-0
33Taylor Sharrock-0
33Thomas Rolfe-0
33Timothy Pollock-0
Fabulous Ladies
1Krysta Housley6262
2Sara Widboom6464
3Malia Newcomb6666
4Lisa Aun6666
5Krysti Mason6767
6Nilobol Aiamprom6969
7Alyssa Butler7070
8Jessie Paxman7474
9Jenna Anderson-0