Salad Bowl Open 2022

PDGA logoSaturday, June 25, 2022 at Natividad Creek Park in Salinas, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Salad Bowl Open 2022 graphic

About this tournament

The Nomads DGC welcomes everyone to the inaugural Salad Bowl Open here at The Stadium Disc Golf Course in Salinas, CA. After a long period of working with the city we are excited to bring back the competitive disc golf scene to Salinas. This first year is only going to be a C-tier event with 2 rounds played on a single day. As the course improves over the next year we plan to expand the event to a 2 day B-tier tournament with some added cash to the pot.

Update: 5/25/22
We are proud to announce that this event is sponsored by AGL and we are putting together the player packs as we speak. That being said, due to demand we are increasing the total players to 100, meaning we will have 5 person cards spread out across the 20 hole course. The Layout will change between each round, so expect to make some adjustments for the second round.

We have acquired our first batch of event discs from AGL, but plan to grab some more now that we have increased registration. I have listed the current selection below:
- Alpine Redwoods (x25)
- Alpine Lichen Locusts (x25)
- Woodland Mags (x25)
- Woodland Glow Pondys (x25)
We are looking to add another mold or two to the list, so expect more updates.

There will be an email going out a few days before to explain where to park and check-in, since tournament central will be on the other side of the road from the course.

Refund policy

Nomads Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Joel Hyland5150
2Daniel Rubalcaba5152
3Damien Trunkey5353
4Connor Whiting5057
5Chad Gile5851
6Scott Brown5755
7Mark Swenson5657
8Nick Bradley5660
9Ray Barron Jr6455
10Scott MacDonald6459
11Brian Lewis6267
12Jonathan Klein78999
Open Women
1Bayli Miller6368
2Britta LaBoyteaux6867
3Lynn Bellomi7067
1Jimmy Hunt5253
2Jason Del Mundo5154
3Peter De Gier6053
4Nick Fryou6055
4Samuel Gomez6253
4Adam 'Static' Pelayo5857
4Ronald Powers6055
8Noah Holt5760
8Devin Leonetti5760
8Matt Stalcup6156
11Isaiah Oliver6355
12Mike Antos6059
12Troy Campbell6059
12Steven Thomas5960
15Daniel Godin6160
15Matthew J Mlnarik6061
15Roshan Thomas5764
18Dustin Boyce6161
18Mariano Hernandez5666
20Eddie Sanchez5866
21Christian Anderson5966
22Dominic Herrick6464
23A.J. Wecker6861
24Evan Oliver62999
Amateur 40+
1Chris Isom5757
2Ken Platt6258
3Ryan Carroll6160
3Joshua Clay6457
3Trevor Duckworth6061
6Brad Wirtz6262
7Bobby Bearprints6662
8Jack Marciel6765
8David Marple6765
10Robert Ruiz6470
11Chris Illes7368
11Brian Smith7170
13Jason Harrison64999
1Andrew Montague5658
2Doug O'Dell5759
3Charlie Cohen6256
3Nathan Hensley6355
3Bill Ma6553
6Justin Hoyt6158
6John Valencia6059
8Darrick Truong6159
9Kevan Mathis6160
10Anthony Cecena6162
10Roderick Kast5865
10Aaron Zetzer6162
13Tyler Bruce6461
13Marc Umeno6461
15Alejandro Gomez6561
15Josh Gomez6264
17Henry Garcia6366
18Colton Abraham6862
19Aaron Read6369
20Matthew Mlnarik6968
20Jorge Morales6770
1Evan Robinson5762
2Justin Tidd5861
3Paulie Dommert6060
4Edwin Reyes6458
5Jesus Cuevas6360
5Rogelio Reyes6261
7Rogelio Chavarin6361
7Kevin Rinerson6163
9Jesus M Verduzco6661
10Gregory Pelley6464
11Max Umeno6564
12Josh Jones6665
13Stephen Connell7261
13Del Pikles7063
15Anthony DiFranco7065
15Sergio Suarez7164
17Michael Gabriel6868
18Luciano Rodriguez7467
19Gerardo Echevarria8067
20Victor Farias7576
21CT F.69999
Intermediate Women
1Lisa MacDonald6871
2Angela Fragoso7781
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