Discathlon 2021

Sunday, April 25, 2021 at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard, Michigan
Disc golf event

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Tournament DirectorRob Dahmen
Asst. Tournament DirectorWill Goeringer

About this tournament

SCDG is opening up another one of their unique team events to the public.
Taking place in the open field west of Hole 1 at Addison Oaks, the Discathlon will test a player's skills over 10 different disciplines:
-Distance: Best of 5 throws: Score = (Throw Distance)-(Distance outside 30' fairway)
---(1) Backhand [504']
---(2) Forehand [424']
---(3) Roller [399']
---(4) Overhand [351']
-Accuracy: Best of 5 throws: Score = Distance to pin
---(5) 100' away [3']
---(6) 175' away [6']
---(7) 250' away [12']
---(8) Scramble position [TBD]
---(9) Distance with 5 attempts per station @ 5' increments [55']
---(10) Percentage Score of 20 attempts from 27' [75%]

Points for each event will be determined based on the classic Olympic Decathlon equations or a modification of them:
-Distance & Putting Points = a(SCORE-b)ˆc
-Accuracy = tan(-(SCORE-a)/b)
c + cd
a/b/c/d each are set numbers unique to each event
*1000 rated performance noted above by [###]

The flex start and open stations will allow competitors to play at their own pace and order starting at 9am and must finish all events by 4pm. Stations can be practiced an unlimited number of times, but once started all 5 throws must be completed at once. With exception for the Accuracy Scramble Position where no practice will be allowed.

There will be 4 divisions. All payouts will be in cash to the top 25% or top 4, which ever is less. Note that as this is a bit of a fundraiser for SCDG, 10% of the entries will be removed from the payout purse.

Pre-Registration is encouraged so we have an idea of turn-out.
Cashless is OK, just note in the comments your Name, Division, and PDGA# if you have it to link on DGS.

Follow Live Scoring via Google Sheets: https://bit.ly/3ggbOgx

Covid-19 requirements: masks will be required at all times while in groupings, especially during check-in. Even if we are outside.

Refund policy

Small City Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Sunday, April 25, 2021
9:00amEvents open for play
4:00pmAll play is concluded
4:15pmAwards Ceremony

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$20.00FPOOpen Women