SADGC 2021 League Signup

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at Shore Acres Park in Saugatuck, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Online registration is open! Our plan is to start league on Tuesday, March 30 with Open House Party. Currently this will be held at the course. Time tbd. This is when old and new players come to pay the fee if haven’t already, pick up their players pack, learn the rules and details for the season, and enjoy everyone’s company for the evening. We are unable to do this safely at a restaurant or bar as of yet. Please understand this is a very fluid situation and we are still in process of making sure league is set up in a way that follows guidelines and is socially responsible. 2021 will be very similar in structure to previous years possibly with a few changes here and there and we will keep you updated on Facebook and DGS as decisions are made.

What: 2021 shore acres disc golf we official kick off
When: End of March through August
Where: online registration is highly encouraged
Who: 2020 returning Shore acres league members
Who else: anybody interested in playing in the league including new members
Cost: $100 for the season

2021 SADGC League Committee Members are Rob Buit, Jason Butch, Ben Barton, Todd Tracy, Stephen Nottingham, Trevor Wander, and Ryan Givens.

We believe league members should observe social distancing best practices. Please keep 6 feet of distance and refrain from touching other people’s discs, bags, etc.

By registering for this league, you will adhere to the following:
PDGA rules will be followed at best of your ability.
You will follow etiquette that includes NO fighting, yelling, berating, passive aggression, or any questionable character action. NONE of this behavior will be tolerated. You are expected to report incidents to a committee member. We will typically follow 3 strikes and you’re out, however we reserve the right to remove anyone for any extreme behavior on the spot. You will lose your entry fee if removed as well. We like friendly competition but leave your bad mouth and bad attitude at home.

Out of Bounds
Hole #1 – Over the fence & on/in the soccer/solar panel field short grass.
Hole #2 – On or over the road & on/in the soccer/solar panel field short grass.
Hole #4 - Past the basket, over the logs separating state park land.
Hole #5 – Over the fence on the left.
Hole #6 – Over the fence on the left.
Hole #7 – MANDO (see below) & on or over the road.
Hole #8 – MANDO (see below) & on or over the road.
Hole #9 – Over the fence left & in the OB collection area behind 10 yellow basket.
Hole #10 – Over the fence & in the OB collection area past the yellow basket.
Hole #11 – Over the fence on the right.
Hole #12 – On or over the road.
Hole #13 – On the road. Under or on pavilion (concrete)
Hole #14 – Within the dried-up lake short of yellow basket & on the road & over the fence behind the black basket.
Hole #15 – On or over the road & over the fence on the right.
Hole #16 – MANDO (see below) All discs must clear the road during your teeshot. Shots that finish on or short of the road proceed to the drop zone with a penalty stroke.
Hole #17 – On the road.
Hole #18 – On or over the road & over the fence on the right & in the parking lot past the wooden posts.

Mandos: Hole #8 and hole #7 will feature Mandos. Your disc must pass to the right of the marked sign. Hole #16 Mando as in past years, your disc must land across the road to be considered in bounds. All missed Mandos proceed to the drop zone with a penalty stroke.

Digital Scoring
Players are encouraged to use the UDisc app found on any app store. Upon completing your group score, please email your score using the app to Jason and Stephen at [email redacted] and [email redacted] This is the preferred method as it will provide simple copy and paste functionality for scorekeeping. Save Stephen’s manual entry time by using this app and emailing the scores!
Lastly, paper scorecards can be used. It is preferred that players take a picture of the score and email to Jason and Stephen.

Incorrect score will be docked 5 points and 2 strokes added to the score during official league play.

You have 2 hours to submit your scores after you have finished your round. Scores submitted after the 2-hour window will incur a 5 point deduction and 2 added strokes to the scorekeeper.

Playing Groups
Each playing group should have no less than 3 players with at least 2 SADGC League members. Groups should not exceed 4 players in an effort to help the flow of play.
Exceptions to this may be made in the case of divisionals as well as the last group to tee on Tuesday’s.

Format and Schedule
League play currently begins at 2:00pm with assisted tee-times to help flow between 4:00and 6pm. All players shall tee off on hole #1.
All rounds except divisional are 18 holes
1 yellow average
1 black average
6 Rounds yellow
Divisional 24 holes yellow
6 Rounds black
Divisional 24 holes black
2 Rounds yellow
2 Rounds black
Open House, Hi-Lo, and Players Party. Depending on government guidelines regarding COVID will depend on location for open house and party. At this time, they’ll be taking place at the course/mansion.

With the understanding that players may not feel comfortable handling CTPs. This is your choice and is fine. We will not change the procedures accompanying this process due to your choice.

Did-not-finish (DNF) procedure
Every league round that a player starts, they should finish.
Exceptions to this rule that will allow for a player to abort their round:
Family or personal reason which involves immediate action off the course
All exceptions should be confirmed and verified by the playing group members and reported to an SADGC committee member
Players reported as Did-not-finish without group confirmed valid exception, or unverified reporting to SADGC committee will result in removal from scoring based awards for end of season payouts.

Each member ace will receive $250 at the end of the season. (If more than the budgeted aces are hit, all aces will be prorated based on number of aces). HiLo aces are only paid out if there is remaining money for it ($100)

Anyone who plays/throws during the round that’s not a member is considered a guest and must pay the $5. This includes any friends or children you may have brought with you. If they aren’t playing as a guest, then please don’t let them throw. It interrupts the pace of paying members.
Guests are $5 in 2021 and will be eligible for CTPs/LPs and $50 ace prize only.

We are open to all ages, genders, etc. we don’t discriminate against anyone. However this is an adult league and many of the members have kids and come to league to get free time away from their kids. If you’re going to bring children with you, arrange to play on a card that you’ve arranged ahead of time with permission from all of those with you. If that child will be playing, the $5 fee is required.

As in past years, players will accumulate points throughout the season based on how they perform against their handicap.
Due to the lack of preseason, points will not be awarded until week #3 in which points and achievements will be retroactively applied.

For information on how your handicap is computed, please contact Jason Butch

For 2021, all players will be placed into divisions to provide an avenue for achievements and awards. Divisions will be based on the handicap and scoring breakdowns and will be locked in after week 7.
Division 1 < 3
Division 2: 3 – 5.9
Division 3: 6 – 8.9 These are subject to change
Division 4: 9 – 14
Division 5: > 14

Sandbagging/Anti-bagging rules – players may be moved at the discretion of the committee to avoid unfair play in the situation that a player far exceeds or fails to achieve competitive status within a division.

Scoring Awards:
A player must have a minimum of 6 rounds in the 18 hole yellow pin configuration and 6 rounds in the 18 hole black pin configuration to qualify for year-end scoring awards.
Awards will be given based on overall scoring as well as division-based scoring.

Point based awards
Awards will be given based on overall points as well as division-based points.

PDGA League
This will be divided into two 10 week league sessions for PDGA sanctioning. All of the rounds will count toward this. Cost is $30 for both sessions

Refund policy

Shore Acres Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



The schedule has not been posted yet.

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

1 disc, 1 hoodie, 1 koozie, 1 neck gaiter