Rochester Real Beer Week Charity Tournament

Sunday, June 16, 2019 at Ellison Park in Rochester, New York
Disc golf singles tournament

Rochester Real Beer Week Charity Tournament graphic

About this tournament

Hey Friends! Time once again for the annual Real Beer Week Charity Disc Golf Tournament. All proceeds benefit Lollypop Farm.

A quick note on Player Divisions
If you don't have a PDGA player rating or don't know wtf we're even talking about, go by these guidelines:
- Blue - "Advanced/Pro"
- White - "Intermediate"
- Red - "Recreational/Beginner"
- Purple - "Women"
We're trying to make this tournament accessible to as many players as possible, both seasoned and new/recreational. As such, divisions are pretty basic. Just cope. Register for whatever feels right.

This year is sponsored by Three Heads Brewing and Sanders Good Boy Biscuits. Player packs include beer and dog treats!

And yes, it is on Father's Day. So bring your dad! Or, if you are a dad yourself, bring your kids and make them caddy! Or invoke your Dad privileges to ditch the kids entirely, whatever floats your boat.

THIS IS A PDGA UNSANCTIONED TOURNAMENT. It's all about having fun, drinking beers, and saving puppies.

- Singles, 2 rounds
- Any ties are broken via safari hole(s), feats of strength, or dance-off depending on tied players' preferences

Players will be competing for beer-related prize packages, which will include any combination of local bar/restaurant gift cards, merch, beer, maybe a trophy if I can find the time to make some.

Refund policy

Phil DiTramontos is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Ellison Park
Rochester, NY   Get Directions