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PDGA logoSaturday, February 10, 2018 at Sloterpark in Amsterdam, Netherlands
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


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About this tournament

Road to Tyyni - Amsterdam - presented by and Disc Sport Amsterdam

Caddy Book - We will play the AMSterdam Challenge Layout -


I don’t want to go to Tyyni and I know it. Should I still play?
-Yes! This is a cheap C-Tier in Sloterpark! There are lots of divisions and everyone will win a prize!

2. What do you mean everyone gets a prize? Why even show up?
-Well, each division will have a pool of prizes, the person who finishes first in their division will pick a prize first, followed by second, etc.

3. What are some of the prizes?
-L64Custom Discs, AMSterdam Challenge Discs, Tyyni Fundraiser Dyemax Discs, Tyyni Fundraiser Burst Pures, Tyyni MicroFiber Towels, Latitude 64/Dynamic DIscs/Westside Disc stock stamped and special release discs, Yikun Discs, and Arsenal Discs

4. Sooooooo, the grand prize - an entry to Tyyni AND plane tickets to the event...pretty crazy - but what if I don’t want to play Tyyni, or what if I’ve already registered?
-The Grand Prize is completely transferrable. If you’ve already registered, you can give it to someone else or the TD can reimburse you your registration fee and your airfare (up to 120 Euro). If you don’t want to play, you have one week to tell the TD who will take the prize and what dates they would like the plane ticket (same goes for the winner - one week to choose dates for flights, etc.)

5. I’m not so experienced and Sloterpark is a scary course, should I still play?
-Yes, on the scarier holes you will have the option to go directly to a dropzone (for your 3rd shot)

Refund policy

Refunds must be requested by the 3rd of February.