Road to Am Worlds

PDGA logoSunday, February 25, 2018 at Herr Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


About this tournament

A sanctioned C-tier for under $11? Really?? Yes, really.

With everyone scrambling to earn enough points to qualify for Am Worlds, players need to save some money for the bigger A & B tiers but can still grab a significant number of points at this trophy only, amateur only, bargain basement C-tier.

Additionally, if a non-PDGA player wants to test out the waters of competitive play, this will allow them to do so without breaking the bank.

A small player's pack will be provided, but don't get crazy, you're paying less than $11

Refund policy

Shawn Conroy is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. In the event that you withdraw less than 7 days from the event and we are unable to fill your position from the waitlist, you will only be refunded 25% of your entry fee. This is necessary due to the need to prepurchase player's pack items.


Herr Park
Lancaster, PA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
Round 1: Herr Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Eric Moul5050
2Josh Harmon5353
2T.J. Linton5353
4Beau Dames5454
4Derrick Diffenderfer5454
6Eric Grosh5555
6Josh Heindel5555
6Ramie Millar5555
9Jamie Lepley5656
9John Folk5656
9Jonathan Hawksford5656
9Mark Sonneborn5656
13James Trader5757
14Daniel zechman5858
14Jesse Heindel5858
14Rob Graf5858
14Steve Heckel5858
18Floyd Houdeshell5959
18Justin Johnson5959
18Steve Campbell5959
21Jonathan Altland6060
22Carl Pledger6161
22Chad Martin6161
22Jeffrey B. Strunk6161
22Robert Myers6161
26Brian Shuffelbottom6262
26Brian "Vez" Dombroski6262
26Joe Nunez6262
26Matt Dietz6262
30Andrew Slater6363
30Eric Kline6363
30Geffen Metzger6363
30Travis Brogan6363
34Caleb Campbell6464
34Colten Gundlach6464
34Darren Eck6464
34Nick strobel6464
34TJ Stevenson6464
39Dylan Smith6565
40Derek Stoltenberg6666
40Paul Shiflett6666
42Brian Lusby6767
43Andrew Doupe6868
44William Ege7070
45George Ginter7171
46David Savage7676
Round 1: Herr Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 57
1George Brown6161
2Edgar Boord6363
3Jeff Ross6464
4Cody Hartzell6565
5Nathan Beiler6666
5Will Trippe6666
5james plonk6666
8Steve V. Penton6767
9John Gerzema6868
9Vito Thomas Aiello6868
11Ben Krentler6969
Round 1: Herr Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Tom Price5959
2Taylor Leatherman6060
3Frank Summers6161
4Chad Gundy6363
4David Schauers6363
4John McGinley6363
7Brandon Hoy6565
7Jared Wiglusz6565
9Trenton Barnes6767
10Shawn Conroy6868
11Greg Jacobs6969
12gregory easton7070
13Chris Troy7171
13Jim Leslie7171
13Paul Scarpato7171
16Bill Keppen7272
16Kevin Schuler7272
18Darren Billet7777
19Dustin DeMatteo7979
20Roy Spuhler8383
21John Birkrem8484
22Rob Eichelberger9696
Advanced Women
Round 1: Herr Park - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Angie Jones7171
2Caryn Shearer7575
3Erin Neal8383